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Doll Collector

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"I'm bored... What should we do Taehyung?" JungKook whined as he rolled around his soft mattress that he is at the moment sharing with his best friend who haven't taken his eyes off a magazine.

It irritates JungKook when people don't pay attention to him while he give them his precious own. If Taehyung isn't his best friend he had long been thrown out of the country. Like literally deported and banned from korea even when he's a Korean citizen. That's how powerful JungKook's family is. So Taehyung must be thankful and shouldn't take it for granted.

"I don't know. Let's make out? It's your call to think of something fun. " Taehyung's nonchalance made Jungkook want to know what's so fun about the magazine so he squirmed his way to a peek, totally ignoring Taehyung's inappropriate sexual suggestion. The first thing he saw made him halt breathing for a few seconds.

"Wow! He's pretty!! " Jungkook's face lit up after he got his composure back. The younger 's delight brought horror to Taehyung.

"No! No! He's not pretty! Not at all. No you don't like him, please tell me he's not your type. Oh please.. " he was seriously pleading even with his over the top reaction

Jungkook grin widely as he took his phone

"Namjoon hyung could you please pick something up for me" Jungkook pleaded through the line in a sickly sweet tone and an angelic smile.

It made Taehyung shiver because in contrast with that smile is the devilish younger's intention.

Not later that afternoon Kim SeokJin, an amateur model, found himself in a mansion-like vicinity. He's curious to say the least. His manager said it's work so he's wondering if they are going to shoot here. They must have great budget to rent a place this big for a simple shoot. With only him as the model. Though the lack of staffs and stuffs makes him a bit suspicious. Before his mind wonder any further to dark conclusions, two males, boys, came walking towards him. One looked like that idol from a famous group. He couldn't tell if it's BaekHyun of EXO or Daehyun of BAP. Either didn't matter when his eyes set on the other one. He looked.. he looked pretty? Or manly? He can't decide all he could think about is that the kid is pure perfection. From his eyes, nose, lips. His body. His smile is exceptionally beautiful especially because it's directed to him. The one smiling brightly at him stopped just a few inches away from him and stared him in the face with still that blinding beam. His eyes crinkle in a way that it becomes infectious. The boy's lips curve in a pretty way that Jin for a moment wanted to touch them. In seconds the boy in front of him made jin's heart to pound hard and fast. He's ashamed to say he's flustered and he could already feel the heat rising on his cheeks.

"You look prettier up close" the young one said as he laid a hand against Jin's cheek.

SeokJin wants to pull away knowing that the other would surely feel his blush.

"You know me?" he asked instead of stumbling his way into an awkward pick up line.

He knew he'd be awkward, he's born that way. The boy smiled again, losing his eyes in his wide beam.

"I oath to. After all i just bought you" the cute boy proclaimed happily.



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"You know me?" he asked instead of stumbling his way into an awkward pick up line.

He knew he'd be awkward, he's born that way. The boy smiled again, losing his eyes in his wide beam.

"I oath to. After all i just bought you" the cute boy proclaimed happily.

A few hours after their meeting Jin was suddenly in the young man's room. The young man who he now knows as Jeon Jungkook, the only son of the richest and most influential man in asia. NamJoon, JungKook's personal butler, has been explaining about the situation for about an hour but SeokJin's mind seems to be rejecting the idea. He keeps shaking his head, stealing glances at the boy who is excitedly making the bed creak, while keeping his jaw from dropping in disbelief.

"He wants me to be his what? " Jin asked indignantly

Namjoon sighed because he answered the same question for the Nth time now.

"His 'doll' That's what he calls them"

"You can't buy a person "

"Apparently if you have as much money as he does, you could" Namjoon shrugged because on his years of service to JungKook, he'd seen lots of them come and go.

Whenever the younger spots someone he likes, he'll send Namjoon to deal with the price. He's used to them. Jin abruptly stood up, dragging the chair soundly backwards.

"I'm going home. This is crazy."

"Don't make things hard for yourself. Young master would do everything to get what he wants. And believe me you would not want to see what he could do. "

It hasn't been a day and Jin doesn't want to see more of what Jungkook could do. He's in his friends ' apartment having lost his a moment ago right after his agency told him to 'just accept the offer'. They say though they don't want to lose him, they can't lose all investors for him.

Jin faceplants himself on Hoseok and Yoongi's dinner table as he gives every misfortune of the day a thought. He can't stay here for long though. he knows he's welcome but he also knew his friends are barely making it through. The two are both trainees in a new entertainment company, they both work as dish washers in a ramyun shop for their daily needs. He doesn't want to be a burden. He sighed loudly, not intending to be noticed but just to let out a bit of his frustration.

"Are you okay? " a hand landed comfortingly on his shoulder as he heard Hoseok inquire carefully.

"Yeah yeah, maybe i should walk this off for a bit. " walking clears SeokJin's mind and his friends knew this so Hoseok just smiled at him and nod in agreement.

SeokJin stood up and almost jogged his way down the stairs. As soon as he set foot to the pavement in front of the apartment he saw the guy in black suit he talked to earlier. The one with bleached yellow hair who have so much gangster air that he almost doesn't fit the formal clothing. He smirked at Jin making the model to gulp.

"Young master wants to see you"

"I'm not going with you anywhere" SeokJin said as firm as he could. Good thing his face is usually blank. He have it good in hiding his nervousness.

The car window rolled down and revealed JungKook with his ever bright smile. Seriously, how could that pretty face with radiant smile do ruthless things. No one would believe if Jin ever so try to tell someone that the kid is making his life hell in a span of ten hours. Then the angelic face spoke

"If you don't get in the car now your friends are going to lose everything they have as you have lost yours." The younger had the sweetest tone. How in hell could he manage such irony? Jin would never figure out. With his throat dry with the thought of making his friends as homeless as he is now, he forced his feet towards the car.

Jungkook excitedly made space for his companion. Looking at Jin beside him got his imagination wired. He has tons of ideas of what he'd do to Jin. Stripping him naked is first in the list. But maybe not. Jin has the frailty of a princess, so no. Jin would be his princess. He wouldn't want to scare his princess at first night of course. A hug maybe, or a kiss would do. That'll be sweet wouldn't it? Thoughts keep flowing as he watch Jin who is uncomfortable under his scrutiny.

"Stop staring" Jin muttered

"I can stare all I want because you are mine now" JungKook said matter-of-factly

"No I'm not" the older negates.

This received a frown from the other. JungKook can't understand the model's reluctance. His offer is pretty good. All the luxury one could want Jin just needs to stay beside him. Is that so hard?

"Haven't I established what I could do? Isn't losing your job and house enough? Do you still want me to involve more people here? Because honestly I want to stop this here. If you'd just agree now things won't get messier. I would give you a lot more than you have lost too. "

"Why would I want to be a rich kid's toy?" Jin reasoned

"I won't make you feel that way. I would treat you like my princess " JungKook beamed trying to shine the light to Jin's understanding.

"Do you think that made me feel better? I'm a man" Jin folded his arms across his chest, frowning towards nothing, he wasn't even looking at the younger. The reason why he didn't see how the boy's expression turned dark. His tone turned cold as he asked with frightening resolved

"Is it a yes or a no? You need to tell me now. I won't wait for another day or even another hour at that." The authority in the younger's tone almost made him flinch.

JungKook handed an iPad to him where he saw photos of his friends in profile like documents with the logo of the entertainment company on top. The younger leaned closer and murmured in a dangerously low voice

"Do you know that it's easier to make things disappear than to make them appear? But in seconds I could do both." The younger tap the screen and the trash can appeared

"Now you could tell me your answer." For the first time that hour, the model met the boy's eyes, trying to find any hesitance .

"Don't try me. You know by now I won't bluff"

Not even a whole day passed and JungKook could pat himself on the shoulder in pride for once again getting what he wants. He is now walking Jin through the hallways to lead his princess to his room.

"This would be your room and the one down this hall is mine. You could knock anytime you need something or dial 3 on the phone by the bedside to call for NamJoon hyung. "

Jin didn't even turn his head to the younger. The older's dismissal of his presence made a pinching pain in the younger's chest that pulled his smile down to a twitching curve. JungKook lowered his head as he bid his good night.

Jin watched the kicked puppy walk away. He wanted to stop him and apologize but he reminds himself who JungKook is and what he has just done. He's no one to be sorry for.

He entered the room and stopped dead on his first step as he saw the elegance he never imagined he'll be sleeping in. It's no joke a princess' room. All pink with a queen size bed decorated with those lace-y curtains. It's all too girl but SeokJin's weakness for pink and princesses was struck on the spot so no complaints passed his mind as he padded towards the bed and laid his aching back. It's soft and smells real nice. JungKook wasn't joking when he said he'll be treated like a princess. He took his phone out, it's quite late his friends might be worrying. True to his thoughts he has already gotten multiple text from the two and a few missed calls. He texted them back where he is and how he got there, but of course skipping the part where he was threatened about his friends. He just said he wanted to get his house and career back. He doesn't want the other two to think that they're at fault. He immediately received a reply from yoongi

From: Suga

Well maybe you could take advantage. Get enough money for you and Eunji, run away and get married. Just don't let him take you to bed. Virginity is important.

To: Suga

Shut up. He's a kid. Nothing like that would happen. I won't be interested. Eunji, now that gave me a thought. Thanks. Now I could just think of her and maybe do this right.

SeokJin smiled reading his text. Eunji, his first love. He promised himself to have a stable job and go back to his hometown to finally confessed to EunJi and maybe she feels the same and it'll be a happily ever after. It was a far off dream but anyone could have their fairy-tale. Or at least deserve some inspiration to keep them going.

Lying down, lights off, jin inevitably noticed the glow-in-the-dark stars and moon stuck on the ceiling, right above him. Again, it's childish but Jin felt himself smile before he could stop it as he imagines JungKook reaching out to stick the stars one by one. Maybe peeling some off and sticking them again to a better position. But then he frowned because it's much more of a possibility that the kid just ordered one of the maids. He's a spoiled brat after all. A shallow, spoiled, bastard who wanted him after seeing him on a magazine. A shallow kid who only likes someone for their looks would never be that thoughtful. Jin closed his eyes with these bitter thoughts but deciding to make good use of the situation the next day, when he is well rested and in a better mood to fake some smile or something.

Jin woke up to soft grunting and warmth squirming against him. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around 'it'. But then he felt warm flesh under his touch and he decided to open his eyes. He looked down, against his chest is disheveled raven hair..the one against him moved again with soft sounds like... well Jin doesn't want to think about it but they sounds like... moans... slowly his mind starts running and reality is dawning. He froze, eyes wide staring to the one in his arms. Did he just woke up cuddling Jeon JungKook? A Naked Jeon JungKook?


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SeokJin has been scrubbing himself down for about an hour not because he's suddenly a germophobe but because the younger might still be in his room. He just can't see JungKook in that state again. he reminisced how he ended up locking himself in the bathroom.

He awaken with Jeon Jungkook 's bare chest pressed against him as the young lad had his arms securing Jin in his position. SeokJin tried to squirm away gently but in the end he had awaken the kitten. Jin watched as JungKook cutely rubbed his eyes. It was slow torture for Jin. He doesn't want to admit but damn, JungKook is really cute when he seems innocent. He could feel blood running hot to his cheeks again so he immediately stood up and dashed to the bathroom. It's stupid to get breathless just because of that but he did!

SeokJin was successful in not seeing JungKook in his bed. He just found a sticky note on the mirror telling him to go downstairs for breakfast. Jin stared at the mirror and shot himself a determined look he decided to go with Suga's advice. He would act good for his future, money and Eunji.


"Taehyung! Give it back!"

"Noooo... until you call me hyung! "

"I always do! Tae-hyung! See?"

"Call me V, V hyung so i would know"

"No way, just give it back"

Came the banter that greeted Jin as he was at the foot of the stairs. He followed the loud voices that fill the house. He stumbled upon a scene he can't comment on. The boy with blond hair who looked like some celebrity yesterday, straddled JungKook on the sofa. He is sitting on JungKook's stomach, hands raised holding a phone. JungKook below him try hard to reach up but the other won't budge from his position. The unnamed boy smiles widely. Blissful, opposite from the glaring blond he was when they met. There is something behind the smile, Jin is pretty sure it's some kind of fondness but more. Before he could pinpoint anything he met eyes with the blond boy and the smile dropped harshly. Jin could be certain that this one hates him for some reason.

JungKook sees opportunity when TaeHyung took his eyes off him. He snakes his hands to TaeHyung's sides, underneath the shirt. TaeHyung still seemed distracted so he started his attack. He tickled his best friend till the other flinched and jumped off so suddenly that he stumbled on the floor. Unbelievably the phone is unharmed despite of TaeHyung's seemingly painful fall. Before he laughs at his best friend he swiftly snatched the phone away. The phone contains his precious pictures of sleeping Jin he sneakily took early that morning before he slept beside his princess .

When he was ready to celebrate he caught sight of his new priced possession. In contrary of TaeHyung's scowl is JungKook's beam.

"Let's eat breakfast!" JungKook showed intention of walking towards Jin but TaeHyung was fast to grabbing his best friend's wrist and dragging him away muttering

"I've been asking for breakfast since an hour or so ago but you wouldn't even consider. Now he just walked in and you are like... oh yeah no one must get hungry, let's eat.. just what the hell. How could you do this?..." TaeHyung continued ranting not so quietly. JungKook just laughed shaking his head but not TaeHyung's hands. Jin watched and felt a knot in his stomach. It was nothing much but quite irritating. He just got out of his bubble when NamJoon tapped his shoulder and led him to the table.

TaeHyung sat beside JungKook and when he saw Jin he looked like he would defend his chair in front of anything. NamJoon sat opposite TaeHyung while he gestured for SeokJin to take the seat in front of JungKook. The eyeliner-rich boy's fiery glare lingered at Jin then to NamJoon.

"I get it that you eat with your doll but your butler? Every time? How could you endure?"

"He eats with you every time. What's the difference?" NamJoon bit back with a smirk which made the other to grit his teeth


Jin was at lost and a bit taken a back. Luckily, JungKook noticed and immediately tried to grab the older's attention

"Meal is always fun with this two"

"TaeHyung, would you like to go shop with us later? It'll be fun"

"Uh, I'd like to but...err..Jimin invited me for something.. "

"Jimin? Invited you and not me?"

"Actually he did invite you but then I said you'll be busy then he asked me to sub. You can thank me later"


"So Jin, it'll be just you and I then. How exciting! "

"How old are you?"

"17, waeyo?"

"You should call me hyung "

"Haha! This ones funny, jungkook won't even call me..."

"OK, Jin hyung!"

"What? What the hell? You call your butler hyung now your doll, but me? You won't budge? This is total discrimination! This is unacceptable! Jeon JungKook! Explain you brat!"

"Hahaha! You really are so funny TaeHyung. Don't worry one day I'll call you V"

"Hyung! Call me hyung!"

Jin watched as Taehyung pinched JungKook 's cheeks while yet again complaining. JungKook is laughing like a child. They seem so normal that way, friends laughing at each other. Light atmosphere surrounds the breakfast table. But underneath the mundane scene is the truth. Jeon JungKook, rich spoiled heir who is also called the 'Doll Collector' no one knew why, maybe until they become one of the younger's dolls. Of course they would cover that up. In general understanding, JungKook is the personification of money and power. His bestfriend, Kim TaeHyung, the person who put the V, in VIP, thus the nickname V... not as rich as JungKook but is the master of connections. He could get access to anything, anyone, anytime. Jin is suddenly afraid thinking how the future would be once this two join hands in taking over their family business. They'd be invincible.


That afternoon JungKook brought him to the mall and Jin noticed that every store they enter suddenly becomes deserted. He was to ask but suddenly the younger is dragging him from one aisle to another. JungKook keep fussing over him and picking clothes for him like a mom. Throwing in lots of compliments like a boyfriend and dropping suggestions like a bestfriend. If Jin would just forget about their awful start maybe he'd like JungKook a lot....


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That afternoon JungKook brought him to the mall and Jin noticed that every  store they enter suddenly becomes deserted. He was to ask but suddenly the younger is dragging him from one aisle to another. JungKook keep fussing over him and picking clothes for him like a mom. Throwing in lots of compliments like a boyfriend and dropping suggestions like a bestfriend. If Jin would just forget about their awful start maybe he'd like JungKook a lot......

......because the younger isn't hard to like. He always smiles, he's cute, he is friendly, lively and talkative. He literally talks to everyone with that smile and looks really enthusiastic with everyone's words. If he just talked him out instead of offering him money. If he just came up to Jin with that bright smile and asked him out instead of threatening him. Maybe if it happened differently they wouldn't be standing in much  distance.

While Jin gets lost in these thoughts JungKook noticed the older's change in expression. His eyes looks lost, his eyebrows are a bit furrowed and his lips are in an incredible pout. It's cute but JungKook knows it's a troubled man's look. He gazed at the floor and smiled sullenly

"Are you starting to get annoyed at me? Sorry. I'll leave you to look around by yourself then. Just tell me when you're done."

Jin was snapped out of his reverie but it was too late for him to stop the younger from walking away.

Watching JungKook 's slumped back once more made Jin feel sadness himself. From the first time he laid eyes on the younger he had a soft spot for him. He won't forget how rude JungKook was, how he was treated lowly, how his life was toyed like it's not worth much,  but maybe he could forgive. Or at least give JungKook a chance to prove not everything is about the first impression. That he is somewhat much better. JungKook is still young anyway, he could still be straighten out. He just needs help and guidance. Yes, if Jin looks at things this way he could proceed in his plans with more ease. He started picking clothes for himself. He glanced up to where JungKook is and got an idea. Jin grabbed a few, not really looking and walked towards the younger.

"Which is better?" He suddenly asked. JungKook 's head snapped, his eyes wide is shock. But not a few more seconds  delay his bright smile bloomed again.

"Neither is your color. I saw something there..." JungKook excitedly pulled him by the wrist. Jin likes that too, he likes how easy JungKook could be cheered up. Because he likes seeing him smile for some reason.

At some point Jin found himself secretly smiling as he watch the younger. He thought he could go through the day now in peace but...

"We should try this on!" JungKook started pulling him to the fitting rooms

"Are those couple shirts?"

"Nope, they are matching shirts" the younger playfully tried an excuse but his excitement gave him a way. Jin let out a sigh, just going with the flow until they were inside the fitting room. The two of them, sharing a constricting space.

"What are you doing?" Jin asked wanting to avert his gaze any where but with three sides of the wall covered in mirror and JungKook against the door, he doesn't have any escape to the other's expose body.

"Take your shirt off I want to see how we look in  these" JungKook happily said as he prolonged his nakedness by not figuring out the outfit. Jin  isn't sure if the younger is doing it on purpose but he starts to feel that familiar heat that the younger has been giving him in the past 36hours or so of their acquaintance. Seeing that Jin stand frozen, eyes trained on the floor, JungKook put the shirt aside, heedless that he is still half naked, reached out to lift the hem of the older's shirt. He is determined to see the two of them in couple shirts.

"Hey!" Jin yelp as he try to stop the other. JungKook is quite strong and the older is worried that his shirt would be torn instead. SeokJin suddenly wrapped his arms around the younger 's neck and pulled him in a hug, successfully making JungKook let go of the shirt. And for a few he was rendered speechless and motionless. Jin didn't let go afraid the other would try getting him out of his shirt again.

"Jin hyung " JungKook softly whispered against SeokJin 's neck. The older shivered from the other's warm breath. JungKook secured his arms around Jin's waist once he felt the other's hold loosen. SeokJin wants to push the other away but with how tight he was held it was out of the options. His already heated cheeks turned redder with the younger's bare body pressed against him. He tried to suppress whimpers as the younger nuzzle teasingly on the crook of his neck.

"S-stop " he hardly let out, his heart is racing and he could feel a different build up of heat on his neither region as JungKook started pressing their lower bodies. Jin feels betrayed by his hormones as an involuntary moan escaped him. JungKook pushed him against the mirror and started sneaking his hands inside the older 's shirt. Fingertips ghosting against his sensitive skin made Jin to let out a suppose growl which sounded more like a mewl

"Gosh, you're so hot" JungKook mumbled, loving the sounds the other emit...

"Jungkookie! Are you inside? Kookie! " someone suddenly started calling out and knocking on the fitting room door. It totally killed the momentum and JungKook pulled away with innocence and surprise in his eyes. Innocence that doesn't fit anything that happened and would have happened if not for the disturbance.

"Jimin? " the younger muttered mindlessly as he turned for the door, leaving Jin as if nothing happened. The moment he unlocked the door someone lurched at him suffocating him in a tight hug by a shorter male. JungKook was still shirtless but no one seemed to notice as they casually continued conversing.

"Jimin? Thought you were with..."

"He was but he sniffed out  where you were so...."

"You make me sound like a dog"  Jimin and V started bantering while JungKook laughed at them and Jin  watched. JungKook turned back to Jin, he smiled picking his shirt and saying

"Try them on, we'll just be out here"

And that's when their alone time ended. SeokJin thought he'll finally breathe but with V glaring and their new acquaintance, JiMin, eyeing him every now and then he was just put in a more tense environment. Jin wanted to distance noticing how the two wanted to guard the younger. But of course the collector won't leave his new doll around. JungKook  would grab his wrist whenever he got the chance and drag him away. They were suppose to be dead tired when they got home but JungKook seemed to have enough energy left as he persuade Jin to arrange the older's new clothes to his walk in closet.

"Thank you" JungKook muttered as he turned towards the older after musing over how they did. It took Jin  by surprise

"I should be thanking you, you bought me lot of things" he uttered the obvious. JungKook tilt his head as he smiled warmly

"Well, you made me happy. Thank you" the younger said gently and wrapped his arms around Jin who could only let him. The hug wasn't rush, it's the affection that surprised SeokJin. Jin felt familiar warm  tickles on his neck as the younger squeeze him tighter, face once again buried on the older's neck. SeokJin's breathing almost hitch as he thought

'Is this going to be one of those 'let's pick up where we left off ' kind of scene?' He is nervous but at the same time he could feel excitement that he won't admit to. He shouldn't  feel those kind of jitters. Before he could shake off the thought,  JungKook pulled away, smiling

"Well, we need to sleep now. Till tomorrow, my princess"

The younger skipped away leaving Jin a tad bit disappointed, disappointment that is, once again, not welcome. Two days with Jeon JungKook with merely hugging tightly and a bit grinding and Jin is having mix feelings. How could he last without falling and failing? Jin went to the bathroom to prepare for sleep. He stopped in front of the mirror to stare at himself intently, then he started talking to his reflection

"Kim SeokJin, focus. Jeon JungKook is a pro in this, you can't get him under your skin. You can't be swayed, you can't...  just don't believe that he would...arrgh!  I do look awkward! Gosh why am I so awkward? " Jin whined in the middle of his self advise. Ignoring how weird he just became, he shook his head and stride to settle and sleep.



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Chapter 4:

SeokJin was shook awake by warm hands, melodious voice and something or rather someone weighing down on his hips. Jin had to squint his sleepy eyes to see a beaming JungKook.

"Good morning!" the younger giddily greeted, squirming in excitement of seeing his princess awake. SeokJin just realized where exactly the other sat. He gripped the younger's hips to halt him from moving. He grunts under his breath

"Ugh... don't move too much"

JungKook's smile widen as he realized

"Oh sorry, did I excite the little one?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. It's too early for Jin to blush so he just bit his lower lip in embarrassment and looked away.

"Well,I just came by to say goodbye, see you later" the younger moved lightning fast in pecking at Jin 's forehead and then dashing out of the room. SeokJin looked down to the place the younger left and he groaned

"Ahhh, nice, now I have a boner. Thank you JungKook in uniform.argh..." a thought hit him while he whines

JungKook in uniform.

'How old are you?'

'17, waeyo?'

"Oh my God. I'm going to prison. Shit! Wait,why would I? I won't do anything with him. What am I thinking?" Jin soundly reasoned to himself as he smack his forehead.

Jin reluctantly got out of bed to take care of his 'little problem'. Done with his morning routine, things haven't sunk well yet till he had gone downstairs where what welcomed him was deafening silence. There are no obnoxious laughter of teenage boys messing around or even a loud good morning. It's a big living room and it seems a little bit bigger now that he's alone. But then NamJoon came up to him and got him breakfast. While eating, Jin decided that it's safe to ask the butler a few questions.

"So JungKook go to school?"

"Of course, he is just 17. He have to. And he likes it. He's pretty good at it too."

"Then what should I do?"

"Oh, yeah pointers. Well, wait for him. When he gets home he can't play until after dinner. So just go to his room after dinner. Be ready beforehand"

'Can't play?' Jin wanted to ask but preferred another question


"Yeah, shower or something. Your routine before going to bed."

"I'm not sleeping with him" SeokJin's eyebrows furrowed, NamJoon's words didn't came out nice to his ears

"What do you expect would he need you for? Play Jenga with? Of course he'll want to sleep with you. We'll pay more every time he- " NamJoon was cut off in his Stoic speech

"I'm not a whore" Hinting on it is bad, pointing it out is rather rude and degrading and it gets fast to Jin's nerves.

"Let's say you are not, but he bought you which means now you are a merchandise for him to use any way he wants" the butler was still. Armed with years of dealing with his master's toys made him lose interest in arguments

Jin slammed his hands on the table as he stood up fuming.

"I had no choice that's why I'm here but you can't just insult me like this" SeokJin run to his room, locking it before he dived down his bed. He buried his face on the soft pillow. He bit his lower lip trying to suppress anything embarrassing such as tears. He feels humiliated and he wanted to punch NamJoon, but the better, nicer part of him tells him to just go. He just woke up so he can't sleep again, he can't go out again after what happened. He decided to fiddle with his phone. He found a text message from an unknown number but once he read it he knew who it is



From: unknown

'Eat your breakfast princess'


From: unknown

'Are you asleep?'



From: unknown

If you are reading this then you're probably awake. Text me when you read this so I could greet you good morning. xx



SeokJin doesn't know what to feel. His mood is too foul to feel anything else but frustration. After reading and sending replies to HoSeok and YoonGi's messages he put his phone under his pillow and tried closing his eyes.

He was awaken a few hours later with a mildly haste rapping on the door and JungKook's voice calling him.

"Princess are you awake?Jin hyung? SeokJin hyung? I'm coming in, okay?"

Having no response from the older made JungKook to warily charge inside with the help of his Butler since he held a tray of food in his hands. He saw Jin's back turned on him as the older lay by his side. JungKook nod for NamJoon to close the door and leave them be. The younger put the tray on the side table before crawling over to SeokJin and wake him with gentle shake.

"Princess, you need to eat before you sleep."

SeokJin stirred just to show he wasn't asleep and inquired

"Shouldn't you be in school?" Jin wasn't sure how long he has been asleep after his rather irritating morning but he is quite sure it's not that long. 3-4 hour tops maybe

"I was. But I was told you didn't eat lunch and you barely touched your breakfast so I was worried." Jin sat up but still gives his back to the younger

"Worried? Worried that I won't have energy for your playtime?" Jin snorted bitterly


"What do you really want from me?"


SeokJin turned and saw JungKook lying on the bed with his arms propping the back of his head. The younger's smile is different than his usual. It was sullen, instead of glowing it seemed to cloud his face with sadness

"Do you like the stars on the ceiling?"

"No I don't and you didn't answer me" Jin said sternly though he truly loved those plastic stars

"I want you to stay. I want to take care of you, spoil you. I just want you beside me. Though I won't deny that I want to hug you, kiss you, touch you and maybe make love with you. That's why I want to make you love me. I don't know why, and this would sound real bad but, I just want you"

Jin was taken a back by the younger's honesty but then he remember how Young JungKook is, how he was raised, who he was raised to be. It's just his hormone talking. Even with his reasoning he couldn't stop the flutter he felt after the confession.

"Won't you stay? Or at least let me try?" JungKook almost stuttered asking as he closed his eyes.



Chapter Text

*knock, knock, knock*

"Come in" JungKook suddenly felt drain he didn't even bother coming to the door. He just continued staring at the ceiling as he lay immobile in his bed. His ceiling is too boring, now he wish he put some of those stars in his room. How could Jin not like those?  They're cute, and glowing! JungKook's face scrunch up as he thought of this. He was deep in thought to noticed who entered the room. That was until his visitor cleared his throat

"Umhh, so...." SeokJin toed the red carpet, eyes focus on the floor

The voice made the younger to bolt upright. His bright beam involuntary bloomed. Jin has such aesthetic effect on him.

"Jin hyung "

"Is it a bad time?" SeokJin asked with a little hope that the other wasn't in the mood but that grin from the younger tells him, he could dream on.

"Aniya" JungKook laid back down on  his bed and pat the space beside him in excitement.

"I won't have sex with you " Jin immediately said before anything else because no he won't go there

"Okay, if that's what you want " JungKook too happily answered. SeokJin cautiously filled the empty space on the younger's  bed and he almost flinched when JungKook turned the lights off with his phone. The sudden darkness which introduced the beam of moonlight through the white curtains overwhelmed the older's sight. warm breath tickled his ear as the younger spoke too closely

"Can I hug you?"

"No funny business?"

"Just cuddle"


Jin felt the other's excitement once his arms snakes to wrap around his torso. SeokJin was in a bit of internal panic for a little while but once he heard the quiet, even breath that signals the other's slumber he started to calm.....


"Then we slept. That's it. We just did slept in one bed, cuddling at best"

'You sure he didn't molest you in your sleep?'

"I don't think he'll do that"

'Oh, so you know him that well now?'

"I would have woken up or at least felt something if he did anything to me"

'You are a heavy sleeper. I could bet he would have had his way with you three times in one night and you wouldn't even have twitched'

"YoonGi! "

'Fine but if you get pregnant don't come crying to us whining about not knowing how it happened'

"Damn it YoonGi I'm a man"

'Got ya! So it's possible that he could have done something to you without you knowing'

"Arghh! This is not what this call is about!"

'Then what?'

"I'm bored as hell. There is nothing to do. They have maids for everything. Nothing is a mess. All I do is eat, take a bath, wait for him and sleep."

'Then tell him. Didn't he say you'll be his princess? Then he'll do anything for you'

"You think so?"

'I know so..tsk ,  I'm too swag for this conversation I don't know why I'm taking it and not J-Hope.' YoonGi whined at the other end of the line, followed by inaudible grumbling at the background probably the aforementioned name.

'Tshh you've been eating for an hour now Hobie stop with the excuses' YoonGi hissed most probably directed to his roommate. Jin knew they'd start with the argument so he decided to say goodbye as early as that moment.


Once 5 o'clock strikes Jin started preparing to face JungKook who'll be home anytime. He rooted himself at the couch, looking up every now and then. NamJoon is out to pick JungKook up from school, the house never felt so empty. Jin still have a lot of getting used to to learn with  just a week of stay. He heard the door and the greetings of 'welcome home master' at the fifth time of sweeping the room with his gaze. Once he saw the younger he involuntarily called out

"JungKook! " it was quite unnecessary and it stunned him too as it did to the younger. JungKook's eyes are wide and twinkling. It's the same look he gives when he is to engulfed the other in his embrace. But seconds flew with their distance not closing in. JungKook turned to NamJoon with pleading wide eyes and once his Butler nod the young one catapulted towards Jin and got them stumbling on the couch. JungKook was giggling against his neck, another thing that doesn't bother him anymore


"You called my name" JungKook exclaimed

"Is it really the first time?"

"Yes! Can I kiss you? On the cheeks?"

"Ah... okay.." SeokJin thinks that isn't a big issue. It's just the cheeks. But once the pair of plump lips lay against his cheeks he regretted it, because suddenly he felt the urge to feel those soft flesh against his own. He bit his own lips to reprimand his inner self into thinking filthy.

"But we can't talk yet, I have a project to finish." The younger pouts. He wants to take advantage of this time when Jin himself initiate contact

"If you need help, maybe I could lend a hand "

Smiling JungKook is lovely but the younger's focused, serious face  is weirdly attractive too, SeokJin discovered that and made him smile. Jin was left with cutting and filing things. The older watch him work without knowing that the younger is being extra keen in his school work because of his presence. JungKook put his pencil down and lied down, hands up, all his limbs stretched out.

"That's the last one" he said beaming at the ceiling

"Should I get you something? " Jin stood up but JungKook stopped him

"Let the maids do that"

Unusual length of silence followed so the younger sat up to look. SeokJin's eyebrows are furrowed and he have that cute pout on


"What should I do then?"

The younger stood up to take the other's hands in his.

"Be here, be with me" JungKook smiled

"I...  I understand what you say but it gets a little boring when..  you know when it's just me" Jin didn't know how to pull his hands away without offending the other. It's not that he didn't like it, he just doesn't want the kid to get the wrong idea

"Oh, do you want to attend uni? You just need a year to graduate right?"

"How did you--" the younger grinned and Jin could only sigh. Of course he knows, he is Jeon JungKook what would he not know?

"I don't want you to pay for my studies too. I want to finish school using my own money"

"You could, didn't NamJoon hyung told you how much I'll give you in a month? A month's pay worth  a year in uni.. "

Oh, his payment. Suddenly he was yanked back to reality. Of course it's all a game to the younger and he is just his little pretty princess doll to dress up and treat to fancy tea parties. He is a princess to JungKook, but in the end he is still just a toy. He gets money from simply  staying in the luxurious house, he should feel lucky on how easy money gets to his pocket but the hollow pain in his chest won't let him enjoy. He looked down and refrained any sound of disappointment. Instead, he nods and let out a hum of agreement. JungKook didn't noticed the change on the other's mood. He just wrapped his arms around Jin and rest his chin on the older's shoulder

"We'll take you to any University you want on Monday. And if you want to do something just ask the maids, they'll follow you. You took culinary right? If you want to use the kitchen that would be fine too"

"Thanks" SeokJin muttered soulless

Familiar plump flesh touched his neck wetly. He needed to confirm so he let a few seconds to pass before pulling away

"Sorry, I just..." JungKook bowed, eyes trained on the floor

"I.. it's...  it's okay.. just don't leave hickeys" Jin muttered,  lowering his head in shame. He just gave permission for the younger to kiss his neck. Then he repeat in his mind 'he pays to have his fun with you Kim SeokJin, must give him his money's worth or else your fucking lower than a whore. You'll simply be a gold digger with no gratitude'

JungKook slowly reattached  his lips to the crook of the older's neck to start kissing him sensually again. He showered the exposed flesh with kisses, careful not to start sucking or biting but he did lap at the luscious skin. He was replied with carefully suppressed moans and he likes it. Though Jin won't admit at least his body's involuntary reaction tells JungKook the other is enjoying his ministrations.  It just made him motivated.



To: SuGa


He's sending me to uni. I let him kiss me, on the neck, countless times. Should i give him more? He pays a decent amount. Gosh i feel filthy. I hate him. But I need his money



From: SuGa

Idk what to tell you. I don't want to tell you what to do. Just remember if you want to run away we are always here for you. We'll protect you from him with everything we have, you know that. Just tell us, we will take you away from him.



Chapter Text

Exactly a week after their first meeting, Jin found JungKook frantic at the table with extravagant meal ready

"What will happen today?"

"V and Jimin are coming over for lunch. They'd go here straight from the airport."

"Oh, okay" Jin bit his lips fidgeting, not knowing what to do. His gaze snapped up when someone held his hands up.

" I don't want you to  get bored on a Saturday. If you want to go out I'll cancel this and tell them we could eat out  next week" JungKook was beaming at him in understanding

"No, you don't have to. I could just help around. Maybe this could be good. I don't think your friends like me. Not.. not that it matters. I mean I just don't like anyone hating me or something. It's just...." soft laughter cut off Jin's nervous ranting. The younger's glowing jolly face made that funny flutter inside SeokJin again. This time he chose to just smile, feeling light witnessing the other's simple happiness. JungKook halt laughing, his brows arched in surprise.

"What?" Jin inquired once he noticed

"You smiled at me"

"Ah... yeah.. I guess why?" The older asked not getting where it's going. Suddenly Jin was pulled by the waist and JungKook's face nuzzle the older's chest

"You are so pretty when you smile"

SeokJin didn't really have the reason for what he did next but he deemed it fitting as he caressed the younger's hair in an awkwardly affectionate way.

"Stop acting like a married couple" the two immediately pulled away and found TaeHyung looking at them with a pout of distaste. Jimin beside him interjected

"Hey don't speak about marriage lightly"

"What? If there is someone who's most likely to marry kookie, you are at the bottom of the list"

"As if you have a chance, alien"

"At least I won't give him short person gene!"

"How about OCD, eyeliner"

"Yah! Shut up!"

"Gonna tell your mom?"

"No, but I'll tell BaekHyun hyung you are dissing him"

"Isn't that the same?"

Their banter ended there with a scoff from the youngest in the room. JungKook invited them to the living room while the food prep is being completed. JungKook excused himself to supervise at the kitchen, Jimin followed suit, leaving TaeHyung and SeokJin in an uncomfortable silence. Jin is itching to follow JungKook at the kitchen but remember Jimin is already with him and it would be really rude to leave the other alone

"You look nice" TaeHyung complimented but with a smirk too naughty to be nice

"Thanks".Jin answered unsure

"How much did he spent on you to make you look expensive? How far did the two of you go the first night to make him shop for you right after? You must have been real good. He usually buy things for his doll after a week of fucking them till they're limp. You look fine to me. You must be used to it. What? Did you start young?"


"Act innocent all you want. I just suggest to not warm up to him so fast or else he'll lose interest just as fast. We don't want that do we? You might not get enough money." 


"Are you mad? Wanna hit me? Or are you going to tell JungKook? I dare you to try. I'll bet he'll only laugh it off and play it cool. He won't throw his best friend away for a cheap plaything" TaeHyung was the first to stand up and leave the room. Jin clenched his fist as he bit his lower lip. He knew TaeHyung hated him but to receive such direct insult and accusation is just too much. he went straight to his room. He knew it's quite childish and getting frequent but he doesn't know how else to restrain himself without his stress walk. So now he prefers stuffing his face with soft princess pillows and wallowing in self pity as he thinks over how the rich bastards step over his whole being like he is trash. The whole experience has been degrading since he was bought, to be reminded of it every now and then is torment.

"His name is Jin, right?" JiMin asked as he look over the plate JungKook is trying to finish

"Nae " the younger happily acknowledged

"I don't like him. He acts too nice. He'll be easier to hate if he is bitchy"

JungKook let out a sigh

"Hyung, try to get to know him. He is really loveable"

"Loveable? Love? Come on. Don't do this to yourself again. You know that he doesn't love you. He'll only leave you once he gets his money. I love you. We could be together, you know that" JiMin pleads grasping the younger's wrist

"You know the answer" JungKook pulled his hand away from his hyung shaking his head

"Why can't you believe that someone would love me? Am I that bad?" The younger asked with furrowed brows and a sullen frown

"No, but we know them. They only think of what they'll get they never try to get to know you. They don't take time to see your heart. Me, TaeHyung, NamJoon, we are the only people who truly knows and truly cares. We are just trying to protect you"

"We don't want this to turn into another TaeJoon incident" V suddenly appeared by the kitchen door.

Upon hearing the name, JungKook 's expression darkened. He slammed his hands at the wooden table with his head low

"I don't need you to protect me. I need you for support. I'm not like I was years ago. And Jin isn't TaeJoon" JiMin and V only gulped as they stare in distance at the youngest. They said the wrong name, it's obvious JungKook isn't over it yet. They worry not only for their friend but also for Jin because they know JungKook, they knew what happened and they knew what it did to him.

They proceeded with the meal, but it was too silent for the kind of friendship the three have. V  said some excuse for Jin's sudden absence but it fell on deaf ears because JungKook knew what TaeHyung did.

The silence is too much for TaeHyung so he immediately persuaded JiMin to leave after eating. JungKook only watched them walk out of the house.

Getting reminded about TaeJoon made JungKook's temper to flare up. He needs to see his princess, he needs to talk to Jin. Kim SeokJin makes him forget just by being there, looking at him, smiling at him. He sneakily went inside and sat at the older's bedside. JungKook caressed the older's arms sensually

"Hyung are you okay?"

SeokJin sat upright, his fiery eyes bore at the younger's shock wide ones

"What would it take for you to leave me? When would you let me go? Once you get your way with me? Once you used me? My body? Then damn it!" SeokJin pulled his shirt off in fury. He threw it somewhere on the floor and grabbed the younger by the front shirt

"Then fuck me if that's all it takes! Do it and get over it!" Jin started unbuttoning the younger's shirt but his shaky hands didn't allow him to accomplish anything. JungKook took the older's hands off his clothing. He searched Jin's unfocused gaze with wary

"Hyung, what are you saying?" Jin's eyes were brimming with unshed tears, he grits his teeth in frustration. He is mad at NamJoon and TaeHyung for insulting him. He is mad at JiMin for his judging stares. He hates JungKook because of playing him. He hates JungKook because he treats him good, better than anyone ever did. He hates JungKook because even though the younger doesn't lock him in the house he still somehow makes him stay. He hates JungKook because he makes him get used to, even crave for, the affection. And SeokJin hates himself because he can't stop himself from falling. He hates it because he is starting to like it.

Jin was staring at his own lap, not wanting to meet gaze. His hands grasp the sheets tight as he try to control his tone

"How long does it take you to usually get tired of someone? How long before you decide to throw me away like a rag doll? What does it take? Are you waiting for me to have some kind of emotional attachment to you first? Would that make it more fun? Knowing that it'd would totally crush me? Is that how you play your game? You make your toys affectionate then you break and toss them away?" he kept his head down so he didn't see JungKook but he could imagine the stunned look and verging tears as he hear the shaky answer

"I... I don't do that. I won't. I'm always... they always... they are the ones who leave me behind. They are always the ones who make me love them and then shatter my heart with goodbyes. You don't know, please don't say it like you do. You hurt me. And I still love you, which makes it more painful" JungKook ran out of the door before the older could look. Jin only caught the door slammed close.


Chapter Text

For the Nth time since he met SeokJin, JungKook found himself staring at the ceiling again. Endless, untainted, white ceiling. Once in a while he gets bored with the blank canvass overhead but every time he is reminded why he kept it that way. Looking at it draw him to empty thoughts. When memories haunts him, the boring white ceiling becomes his minds haven. His playful mind would stop reminiscing and just process how unblemished it is. It was pathetic, his way of tending to his pains but it's all he could do. He only have himself.

"Dinner?" his Butler asked, JungKook isn't surprised anymore that he didn't noticed him enter the room

"I'm fine. Did he eat?" the younger inquired with lethargy that he plan to keep for the night


"Did he asked?"


"What did you say?"

"As I was instructed"


There was a pause before the younger heard the other sigh, meaning his NamJoon hyung would drop formalities and nonchalance

"This past week you were happy. You know, the before-TaeJoon kind of happy"

"Have you served me for that long already?" JungKook tried to distract

"You said Jin isn't TaeJoon and I believe that"

"Jin is more like me. But his questions, they reminded me of how TaeJoon accused me, how he left me. I'm just hurt, I can't help it"

"Try, if not him then give yourself a chance"

"I tried countless times, you've seen where it got me" JungKook rolled to lie with his head buried in his pillows. NamJoon sighed knowing the younger won't really be listening from that moment on

"I told him he is free to leave whenever he please. I told him of the one week agreement and gave him his bank book as you ordered earlier"

"Arasseo, let's just see then"


JungKook didn't want to look like he had high hopes but he couldn't help but check on SeokJin first thing in the morning. He opened the door slowly, minding that the other could still be asleep. But once he got glimpse of the made bed everything dropped, even the corners of his lips. He stared at the empty bed for a little while with genuine longing before he pursed his lips in a tight line

"He left early this morning" NamJoon informed

"He must hate me so much to not even say a goodbye"

"Do you want me to track him down?"

"No, we're leaving. I'm gonna pay Sehun hyung a visit"


"Let's go" the authority in the younger's voice cut off any protest. NamJoon only nodded and headed to the car

Visiting Oh Sehun was never a great idea for JungKook, especially early in the morning. Sehun is a caring hyung for JungKook but his ways of helping the younger cope was never favorable for NamJoon.

They drove miles to reach Sehun's condominium. He got the pent house reserved for him even before the 50 storey building was built. NamJoon chose to stay at the car for his Young master's orders and JungKook let him be. Sehun and NamJoon never got it good with each other.

A single buzz was all JungKook needed and he was welcomed inside but not by his hyung. Instead a cute smiling brunette greeted him and let him in.

"He is still getting dressed, sorry. I'll check on him. Make yourself at home" Sehun's boyfriend said as he left the living room. He waited not for long and the couple were stumbling to the living room. The shorter male is still fiddling with Sehun's tie as they made their way to their guest.

"Hyung, it's fine. I'm just taking kookie out for fun. I won't attend a meeting" Sehun convince his boyfriend into letting go of the tie with his childish whining and Secret weapon, his irresistible pout. The short brunette beamed at him before tiptoeing and pecking the taller boy's lips.

"Fine, we don't want to keep the guest waiting. I'll just prepare drinks at the kitchen" and he walked off with a sway in his hips that tells Sehun he'll get lucky tonight once he get back home. The thought made the predatory smirk to appear on his face as he sat beside JungKook.

"Sorry, so how are you?"

"Same as before. Left again. I'm really envious" JungKook frowned looking at his lap.

Sehun held JungKook's hand and leaned close to his ear to whisper

"Don't be. You know the story" the silver-colored hair boy pulled away a bit to smile and he gave the younger's hand a light squeeze before asking

"So who do you want today? I'll make sure they are free for my dongsaeng "

"How about the twins?" JungKook tried a smile

Sehun smirked knowingly, starting to dial

"Oh, sure"


"How could you two live without me?" Jin started the lecture once he was in his friend's apartment

"We live with freedom" YoonGi said grinning

"Haha! Just kidding! Of course we missed you!" HoSeok happily said patting Jin's back as the older wedged his way between the two on the sofa. They were all grinning like idiots

"So does this mean you're free? Did he at least pay for your abduction? Is he giving your work and house back? Come on, tell us" HoSeok fired the questions without pause

"No, I have to go back. I did a mistake and I can't leave knowing I didn't even try to fix it. That kid, I misjudged him and said things. I think I should apologize and make up to it" Jin fiddled with his own fingers with a small smile

"If you think staying would help him, then follow what you feel is right"

"That is some deep shit YoonGi! When did you even -" HoSeok loudly pointed but was cut off

"Shut up this is because you are never a help".and YoonGi made a face that made the three go into laughing feats

Time flew fast as Jin spent it with his friends, telling them things about the rich kids' life. Of course aside from little facts such us how normal it was for them to insult and degrade others, they don't have to know that part. He painted his last week to his friends as colorful as he could. Mostly telling them how caring JungKook was to not make them worry about his decision of staying.

It was dark when he got back to JungKook 's home. He slid past anyone who could question him, not really in the mood for that. He was surprised when he saw a curled up figure on his bed, cocooned in the pink blankets with soft breathes as the only sound in the room. He made sure not to make any sound as he made way beside the bed, which proved to be a chore considering he's not really the graceful type. SeokJin knelt on the floor just beside the mattress to peek at the face, which is the only uncovered part of the younger. He didn't mean to but his eyes were glued at the sleeping one. JungKook have long, dark lashes a girl would be envious of, his cheeks are a bit chubby just adorable enough, his pinkish red plump lips were agape and Jin just needed to gulp there and stop gawking. He stopped scrutinizing but he didn't stop his hand from caressing JungKook's hair. The younger must be really tired to be asleep that early. Jin didn't mind falling asleep, sitting beside the bed. He is even lulled to slumber by the soft puffs of warm breathe hitting his face. Sleeping with his face a few centimeters away from the other is another thing he won't mind getting used to.


JungKook dreamt of waking up in the middle of the night to see Jin sleeping by the bedside. He dreamt about carrying the other to the bed and cuddling against him like a puppy missing the heat. He could totally remember the feeling of SeokJin's warm skin as the older wrapped an arm around him. He could remember but when he woke up alone as he was when he fell asleep his mind convinced him it was all a dream. Maybe he was missing the other.

He checked his phone, there are text messages from his classmates. He checked the time, two hours late. Maybe he'd just miss his morning classes. He is never one to miss school but he couldn't will his body to move. Is it because of Jin leaving? He's used to getting ditch what else is there to feel. He knew he was numb to rejection a few dolls ago but why does he start to feel that clenching in his chest again? Why does his stomach flipped, making him sick, every time he pictures Jin turning his back and walking away? Is it Jin or is it the date?

Monday, 31st of August. He got such hope for tomorrow but getting left alone today ruined everything.

JungKook was staring at the ceiling and he was greeted by luminescent stars.

"JungKook " NamJoon peeked over the ajar door

"Get me a ladder hyung"


"A ladder "

"But-- "

"Ladder. Now."

NamJoon got him a ladder and chose to stay silent afterwards. JungKook reached out for the ceiling in tiptoe at the top of the ladder and started peeling off the stars one by one. He got 3 stars off when a familiar voice called in uncertainty

"JungKook what are you doing?"

To say he was surprised was an understatement. JungKook's eyes were wide, his hands midway of ripping another star off

"Jin hyung "

"Why are you removing the stars?"

"Umh I thought you left and... and... you said you hated them"

"Uh... did I? Erm sorry. JungKook, I... okay, I knew I said things a bit callously. I should have thought before letting the words out. So really, sorry" Jin was staring at the floor waiting. Because it is JungKook he is talking to, a reaction is expected. Whenever Jin talks or do just anything the younger would do something. A hug, smile whatever but what followed are footsteps that didn't even reached his line of sight if he didn't look up. The distance JungKook left between them is unusual, he is not even an arm's reach

"It's okay. You just got me worried a little. I'll put the other stars back then follow you for breakfast"

Completely weirded out, SeokJin still walked his way to the kitchen to wait.

Jin can't help but stare when he saw JungKook all covered up as he stride to the table with his head bowed. JungKook likes comfort clothes and doesn't like the heat. He even sleeps in only his boxers so seeing him in long sleeves and sweat pants is past unexpected. The younger quietly sat opposite him hugging his knees to his chest, sluggishly eating spoonfuls every minute or so.

"Hey, what's up?" Jin wanted to smack his head for the words he just said. He really wanted to ask if the other is okay, or if he's angry or what not. Though treating people like objects is far from good, so far that's his only problem about the younger. SeokJin promised himself he'll help JungKook to straighten but when V insulted him and he lashed out to the innocent. He was wrong in accusing the poor boy so he decided to keep his temper on low no matter what and try his best to get through JungKook.

JungKook didn't respond on anyway, like he was spacing out so Jin reached out planning to tap his hand but as soon as the contact was made JungKook jumped out of his seat like he was burnt and stared wide eyed at Jin.

"I'm sorry, I just..." then the younger run to his room.

Jin didn't waste time, he followed JungKook and fortunately the other didn't lock the door, he never does.

He found JungKook curled up, clutching at the covers over him. Jin placed a hand on the younger's shoulder and felt JungKook stiffen. The older pulled the covers off swiftly without the other throwing a fight. As he does he got a peek past the younger's askewed collar. He is quite sure there was a dark reddish spot hidden there just below the collar bones.

"What's that?" Jin pointed and JungKook immediately covered it up. SeokJin didn't know what his simple question brought. JungKook's eyes were wide and staring but his mind was reeling with his terrifying memories

'What's that kookie?'
'TaeJoon hyung, it's not--'
'You are disgusting! You are such a slut! How could you do this!?'

JungKook was down in a fetal position, his eyes tightly shut, his arms covered his ears. Jin wasn't saying anything but JungKook was still afraid to hear anything. Those words aren't needed to be said anyway because they are already embedded in his head. Finally the younger muttered words in pained voice,


"I'm filthy, don't touch me"




Chapter Text


It was a long silence that frightened JungKook. Suddenly Jin brought his wrist to his lips. The younger could hear the sucking and that pop when the older pulled away. SeokJin showed JungKook a red hickey that he just did on his own wrist with a smile. Then the older proceeded to caressed the stunned younger's hair

"See I have one too. It's not so bad. And, you are not oblige to feel that way. I mean, I'm not your boyfriend. I'm your doll. I'm paid to make you happy isn't it? And even without that I could still be your friend, your hyung" Jin said that with every good intentions even when he himself felt it hollowed. Though it still confuse him, he get the gist that JungKook can't ever be just a friend. It pained Jin to point out the barrier between them, the truth that he was just one of the younger's collections but he'll never know how painful it was for JungKook.

There he was remembering something dark, then Jin lights it up saying it was okay, making him believe he understand and that his mistake was accepted. At the end it was just because of the contract. Because he was a doll. Because he was paid to do so, to be there, to smile to pretend he cares. But that wasn't enough cruelty, he was FRIENDZONED of all things.

'Better than nothing'

JungKook closed his eyes, feeling every stroke of Jin's warm hand. JungKook tried to ignore how his heart was just trampled on and he thought

''Soon enough your hands are gonna stroke something else'

with much difficulty in refraining a naughty grin, Jungkook tried his best to completely relax under the older's touch.

An idea suddenly sprung and he opened his eyes for a puppy dog look as he made space

"Hyung" the younger weakly pleads.

Jin beamed with understanding before lying beside him. SeokJin continued caressing JungKook's hair not losing eye contact

"Hyung" the younger said again as his hands got to the older's waist. Jin pulled him in a snuggle. The younger burrows to his hyung's chest, drowning in his scent. His hands tight on SeokJin's waist as a muffled question was said

"Am i disgusting?"

Hearing this made a mixture of different emotions stir at the pit of the older's stomach. That's what he blames for what he did next. His hands started soothing circles on JungKook's back and he places gentle kisses atop the younger's head, whispering

"No, no. Of course not"

With swift moves JungKook manage to pull away from the hug, stir around and end up sitting on Jin's stomach. SeokJin was staring in surprise as the younger started stripping. Once his upper body was exposed, JungKook kept looking at the older with a blank face. He let Jin's eyes to linger on his body. JungKook could see the twitching curiosity on the other's face so he took Jin's hand and placed it on his chest where one of the darker mark is. Jin touched some of the scattered spots. He was contemplating what to feel then he noticed bruises on the younger's hips. He let out a quiet gasp as he graze the bruises with his fingertips. He was about to search the younger's face when alarm painted the older's eyes. SeokJin's hand was suddenly on JungKook's shoulder

"Is that..."

"Umh, I like it rough when I'm sad" the younger scratched his nape as he sheepishly watch Jin's expression as the older was focus on tracing the darkened teeth marks.

"Do you still think I'm not disgusting?" JungKook sadly smiled

SeokJin stared at the younger. This vulnerable boy on top of him is Jeon JungKook. Jeon JungKook who acted like he could own everything and everyone. The boy with the most beautiful smile. The boy who he thought have all the confidence in the world now sounds so insecure and unsure of himself. No matter how he looked at the younger, no matter how many hickeys cover his ivory skin, JungKook would always look flawless to him. He is always perfect. If he wants to lead the boy to the right path, he first needs to help him stand up when he is down like this.

His hand warmed the younger's cheek as he spoke

"No you are not disgusting. Never"

Then JungKook collapsed on top of Jin to bury his face to the older's neck again. He likes nuzzling against Jin. He likes the older's scent for some reasons he feels comforted by his smell. And SeokJin's warm, soft skin makes him feel safe and relax. SeokJin rolled slowly so they would lay on their sides with arms around each other. JungKook squeezed Jin a bit in his hug and muttered

"Don't leave me"

That made the disappointment to creep up to JungKook when he woke up with the empty space on his bed. He was to venture out and look for his princess. He will take advantage of SeokJin's gallantry in affection. But before twisting the knob he heard his princess outside

"He is just a kid. I could only be a hyung to him. He have issues and I feel the need to take care of him. No, I don't. I can't. The most I could give is motherly love because he seems so fragile."

Jin must be talking through phone, hinted by his pause every sentence and his tone that changed every other stop

'I'm a kid? Motherly love?' JungKook gnawed at his lower lip as he grips the door knob. He glared at the door as if it would penetrate the wood and send chills to the man outside.
'I'll break you Kim SeokJin' he thought as his furious eyes got blurry.

He walked back to his bed and stopped himself in thinking about the prickling sensation in his eyes and the bitter taste of betrayal. SeokJin is one heck of a work. Why did he even thought he could have been different? How could he believed that Jin could feel something real? How could he even dream of a real relationship with anyone? He is kidding himself and he needs to stop or he'll get more hurt.

JungKook acted as his usual jolly self till the next day. He was smiling and being cheesy as usual but Jin felt they lost something. He can't quite figure it out but he was sure there was something different. He wanted to talk to the younger once he got home from school but he was informed JungKook would be home late because he attended a meeting.

In the afternoon, Jin wondered to the kitchen and found the maids in frenzy. Flour, eggs, chocolate, it was obvious they are preparing to bake.

"Ahjumma, what are you preparing?" He wants to segue his way to helping because he was bored again

"We're baking young master's birthday cake" Mrs. Choi said with a smile

"It's his birthday today?" the maid nodded with a smile. Jin stood from the counter and volunteered to help.

JungKook said nothing that morning. He heard of rich people throwing big ass parties for their birthdays. JungKook's seemed to be really quiet.

That night JungKook came home with a bang. LITERALLY. The door to the living room slammed shut real loud followed by JungKook's outburst

"They will never change! I hate them! I hate all of them!"

SeokJin immediately run to the living room but all he found was NamJoon shaking his head

"What's wrong? What happened to him?"

NamJoon looked up with a frown and a once over before asking

"Why are you wearing that?" the butler pointed at the pink apron Jin forgot to take off when he left the kitchen

"Uh I was baking a cake for JungKook" Jin bowed down a bit embarrass about the apron. But his answer seemed to convince NamJoon that he could tell him

"His parents forgot his birthday, they even made him attend a meeting with the new clients. They even have the nerve at the end to tell him off for not being attentive. He was expecting for a difference this year but his parents are..." NamJoon snorted as he walked away giving Jin the choice.

Of course he'll go to JungKook's room to see what he could do. No one should be sad at their birthday.

Before he could brave a knock, he heard things hit the wall, the door even. He hear things break and he could hear JungKook break. The younger sobbed and shouted a lot of profanities.

He let the surge to pass.

Once silence took over Jin let himself in. He saw the younger sitting on the floor by the balcony door. He is hugging his legs against his chest while trying to hide his face between his knees. He was shaking as muffled cries could still be heard. He audibly tried to suppress any sound once he knew someone else is in his room. Jin sat beside the younger not knowing what to do for a while then he proceeded to run his hand from the other's head to his back in a slow, soothing way. It went on for a while till the sobbing subsided to silent tears. He wasn't trembling anymore but SeokJin knows he is still crying. He moved nearer and gathered the younger in his arms. He wants to stop the pain. Every cry, every tears seemed to tear a part of him as he watch so he wanted to bring that smile back. He just set his mind in a goal, how he'll do it will all be impulsive.

SeokJin kissed the younger's temple before whispering in his ear

"JungKook, look at me"

The younger lifts his tear-stained face to the older. His face was wet with tears and sweat, his nose and eyes red. But all the same, with the illumination of the moon, he is still a beautiful sight.

"We won't let your birthday end just like this" Jin didn't let a heartbeat pass, he leaned down and his lips touched JungKook's gently. Their lips were just against each other in a light tap for a few seconds before the older pressed forward to get their mouths in a complete liplock.

There in front of the open balcony door, with the cold night breeze blowing the curtains in a lovely wave and with the moon as their lone witness Jeon JungKook and Kim SeokJin shared their first kiss.




Chapter Text


"We won't let your birthday end just like this" Jin didn't let a heartbeat pass, he leaned down and his lips touched JungKook's gently. Their lips were just against each other in a light tap for a few seconds before the older pressed forward to get their mouths in a complete liplock.

JungKook's eyes fluttered close wanting to feel more of Jin. He pulled SeokJin closer by the shirt but the older broke the kiss and smiled at the obviously disappointed younger.

"I baked a cake for you, let me get it" Jin waltz out of the room with a stunned JungKook still on the floor. He was pondering if he was really kissed and left hanging. Like, what the hell?

While the younger was rerunning the scene in his head, Jin was outside the door clutching at his chest thinking

'Oh my God! What did I do? Just what did I do? Why did I kissed him?and why do I want to do it again? I'm going crazy. This is insane, I can't, I can't have feelings for that kid. He is too young! Argh! Stupid heart stop beating so hard!'

He stomped his way down trying to slow down his erratic heart and stop his heating cheeks.

After that kiss JungKook thought some things would change between him and Jin. He thought something called 'progress' would happen but what he got was the inexplicable awkward air that now surrounds most of their conversations.


"Hyung, he said I was a kid and he could only afford motherly love then on my birthday he kissed me on the lips! How the heck should I think of that?" JungKook whined through the webcam. He is currently video chatting with Sehun for his rants to be heard

"Umin Hyung also called me a kid before. Now look, he is taking a shower in the bathroom after we pulled an all-nighter studying each other, if you get my drift" the silver haired on his screen wiggled his eyebrows suggestively

"Hyung! I don't want to hear about your sex life. We are talking about me!" The younger demanded that made Sehun laugh

"You eccentric brat! This is why I love you"

"JungKook..." suddenly the door behind the young one opened and in comes his princess who immediately noticed he interrupted something "...sorry, I didn't know you were talking to someone"

"It's okay I was just saying goodbye to Sehun hyung "

"No you weren't " Oh Sehun deadpanned with his poker face plastered on the screen of JungKook's laptop

"Bye hyung, see you Monday" JungKook forced an end to their chat to face Jin

"I was just gonna call you for cupcakes. You didn't really need to end your video chat"

"It's fine we'll just talk at school"

That settled that. It was on JungKook's third cupcake that Sehun was brought up again

"So, Sehun sshi is he your classmate? Schoolmate?"

"Schoolmate and also family friend"


JungKook saw the weird tension that accompanied the question. It was like there was an itching inquiry that the older much rather avoid than answered.

"So school. Do you have one in mind hyung? We never got a chance to search" JungKook started with his fourth cupcake, Jin's cooking is really awesome

"Umh, I have one in mind" SeokJin beamed cutely as he peeled the cupcake

☆☆ that Monday ☆☆

"Wah, hyung it's a perfect fit" JungKook mused while watching themselves on the mirror in their uniform

"We're going to the same school. Now I could possibly see you at breaks!" JungKook excitedly exclaimed as he took Jin's hands. A few minutes of uneasy gaze and lip biting Jin spoke

"Is it possible that you don't tell anyone that I'm your doll? I mean school is a bit rough" the older looked down.

JungKook's smile fell as his eyes also trained on the floor

"Yeah, I get that".the younger said with resigned tone. Jin saw how he was saddened and he tried to cheer him up a bit

"Hey we can still talk in school. I mean we could say we are friends or something"

"Sure" JungKook walked out with his back hunched and his head bowed.

Jin felt heavy in his heart as if he did something really wrong towards the other.

The drive to Uni was silent. Jin wanted to talk but as soon as they sat JungKook plugged his earphones in and rest his forehead against the car windows as his eyes was steady outside. Jin sighed a few times thinking he would just surprise the younger at break and look for him to talk. SeokJin asked to be dropped a corner away from the school so they won't be seen coming out of the same car

His first day went quite uneventful, no one was harsh but it was most likely because no one seemed to care that there was a new student.

Since he is a senior and JungKook is just a freshman, they were in opposite wing of the building. it wasn't easy finding JungKook in their enormous school. Good thing the younger gave him a brief once over in his schedule. So long as he find the room he could wait for JungKook. After almost 15 minutes he found the younger, now with his usual beam. Jin found him talking to someone familiar. He didn't immediately walk up to the younger, instead he observed a few feet away how jovial the two's conversation was going. The silver-haired JungKook called Sehun earlier was watching the younger tell tales with smiles and gestures so big he gets infected that he himself smile once in a while. Though Sehun seemed quite stoic, he have that same twinkle of fondness in his eyes as JiMin and TaeHyung have when they talk to JungKook.

Sehun ruffled the younger's hair which made him chuckle then JungKook wrapped his arms around Sehun, his face buried on the silver-haired's chest. Just like how he usually hugs Jin. Jin could feel the stirring at the pit of his stomach, that one which makes him feel sick. Then there was a pinching sensation in his heart. Jin didn't know what to do with the incredibly irritating feeling as he watch the two hug real tight for a few minutes. Jin decided he can't deal with any of it at the moment because he doesn't understand what he feels, or he does but his mind keep rejecting the idea. He can't walk up to the two and snatch JungKook away because of lack of explanation. He walked away thinking not seeing them would stop the gnawing annoyance. But boy was he wrong, because though he ran and tried to forget, his memory is just as vivid as his sight has been. In the end Jin wasn't able to talk to JungKook about the matter for the whole day. That night when he went to the younger's room he is video chatting with Sehun again.

"I'll just come back later" Jin said and to his surprise JungKook just nod for approval before going back to laughing at something Sehun said. Jin walked away hurt but trying to be reasonable. Wasn't he the one who said the younger wasn't oblige to go exclusive? So why should he go with his urge to cut short the video chat?

When he came back after almost an hour JungKook was already in bed, eyes closed but Seokjin was pretty sure he wasn't asleep. He slipped beside the younger still worried by the avoidance but he was eased when arms were wrapped around his waist and JungKook's baby face was plastered against his chest. Just like how he usually does. SeokJin, in his relief, put his arms around JungKook too and he even place a light kiss on the younger's head. He pulled JungKook in a tight embrace before he closed his eyes.

He thought that treatment would last just a day, just like any other of JungKook's temper hype. But he was wrong. Days passed since then and they haven't really talked, all conversation was made possible by NamJoon. Even though SeokJin still sleeps next to the younger every night, they haven't talked about their issues once. Even JungKook's cuddles started feeling empty. Jin is treated like a pillow. Cold, lifeless pillow one would hold at night and totally ignore once the bedroom is left. Jin would understand if the younger was angry but he wasn't. He is smiling every time. Well every time he sees JungKook talking to Sehun. He swears JungKook hang out with that one every break time. Even when they get home, the younger would always be by his phone, texting, calling and the worse video chatting.

Once he even caught Sehun shirtless on the screen and JungKook in his robe, wearing only his boxers. If they are doing the cyber nasty he doesn't know and he doesn't get it because it's not like they live in different countries. And he wouldn't lie, he'll care if they are doing something. In each passing day that he gets ignored and he sees the younger happy with someone else, it hit him. He is jealous. Maybe it's because he got used to the affection and attention but whatever. He still try reaching out everyday. It's like the world took a turn. Suddenly he is the one trying. Every day, every break time he'll go looking for JungKook around campus, and every time he'll find him with Sehun. Then one day...

Like any other day Jin spends his break looking for JungKook. He knew they should be at home ec. but all the rooms of the department were close. He remembered that home ec. Department's camping so all year levels don't have the subject for a week. He turned around to leave when he heard thuds from one of the room. He pressed his ear against the door just for curiosity. He heard something hitting something then followed by a groan. He peeked at the closest window and regretted doing so immediately. Inside, he saw JungKook and Sehun connected in a heated kiss. Their ties are askew, some buttons of their shirt already undone, their belts ready to be pulled out of the loops. it was obvious they've been making out for a while. They were both wild with their messy, wet kissing. Their hands grip hair and hips. They pull at each other as if trying to make their bodies become one. Multi moans later and Jin couldn't take it anymore. He gathered all his legs' left energy to sprint out of the scene, his eyes stinging with brimming tears brought by his clenched heart. He can't understand why it hurt so much because it shouldn't. Didn't he say JungKook is too young? that he is just a kid and he should never have feelings for someone so young? But maybe he can't control that. Because he is sure there is a reason for the tears that run down his cheeks right now.

☆meanwhile inside the room☆

"Aish, this won't do" Sehun pulled away with a hiss, ruffling his hair in frustration. JungKook sat up and raised a brow at the silver-haired

"Why? Don't tell me you are suddenly loyal to MinSeok hyung?"

"As if. Just... you know we can't do this. I mean we both dominate. Unless you'll let me near that ass then we could totally continue" Sehun smirked at the end as he eyed the said body part

"No way hyung. I won't bottom even for you" Jungkook grimaced covering his still clothed butt with his hands just to be defensive

"See, we could really just be like this. It's so funny thinking we even thought of trying" Sehun buttoned his shirt as JungKook did too . They helped each other tidy up before leaving the room. They had not an inkling that someone had seen their momentary act of lewdness


The realization came sporadically but no matter how slow and painful the process was, Jin still came with the conclusion that he have feelings for JungKook. He is not sure if it's love or what not but he can't stop himself from getting jealous and hurt whenever he see JungKook with Sehun. Especially after what he saw. Now every time he sees them he is also refreshed of their tongues in each other's mouth and it makes him angry and miserable. He was waiting for the right time to talk to the younger, he just need to figure out how to say things. He can't lead the other on when he himself isn't sure yet. He needs the right words. For the mean time he is satisfied with stroking the younger's hair while he is asleep and stealing kisses on his forehead. He just watch at the sideline and suffer in silence. Making himself happy with the little affection left for him.

But the waiting ended when he reached his limit.

JungKook invited Sehun home.



Chapter Text

They rode different cars but on the way home JungKook excitedly tells NamJoon how he missed spending the night with his Sehun hyung. Jin almost rolled his eyes.

'So I'm not enough company at night ' SeokJin bit his inner lip in irritation

To make things worse, JungKook never turned to him to say anything. Excuse, explanation anything would do. Is this JungKook getting tired of him? Finding a new playmate? The younger didn't even pay him a look. He missed the other's attention. He want him back.


As they were walking through the pathway to the main door JungKook suddenly jumped at Sehun's back and forced a piggy back ride.

"Kookie I don't give piggy back rides" Sehun complained but he held the younger's legs in place

"Hyung just a few steps!" JungKook whined

"Ugh, you are crushing him" Sehun muttered quietly as he started to walk to the door. he caught Jin staring at them with pain in his eyes.

The younger just smiled


Never once did JungKook spoke a word to Jin as he was busy flirting with Sehun. SeokJin tried not to glare, or cry. He clenched his teeth the whole time to hold back any untimely outburst, reminding himself that the younger won't probably coax him even if he throw an uncharacteristic tantrum. Instead he forced himself to stay and watch as the two talked at the dinner table about everything.

JungKook was never subtle in his skinship. The younger would hold the silver haired's free hand as he spoke promises of hanging out more often in the future and hug Sehun whenever the older boy reminds him of fond memories of their childhood. He knows he is tormenting himself and at some point it'll sting too much and he'll need to go. But he tried to hold out as long as he could.

The inevitable happened a bit too early when JungKook leaned too close to the other to whisper something. Everything ached, he isn't numb yet so he walked away with minimal sound, though he'll be noticed one way or another. With his head bowed as he turned, SeokJin didn't see JungKook followed him with his gaze.

"He is gonna break soon" the younger smirked as he put a piece of steak in his mouth. Thinking Jin gets jealous brings him a twisted kind of glee

"Aren't you being too harsh?" Sehun asked as he started eating too

"You were worse before with..." the silver-haired didn't let the younger to finish

"Ours is a special circumstance, I have two at hand to play. You go this far for him. He's got to be special"

"H-He's not" JungKook stuttered hearing the word 'special'.

TaeJoon was his first special someone then he left the 14 year old JungKook with no innocence, a fucked up temper, self-loathing and trust issues. He doesn't like the word or it's implications. He isn't ready to feel that way again. He is still not ready to open up to someone 'special'. He will never be ready. His heart is already beyond repair.

"Right, that's why you aren't talking to Taehyung and JiMin" the older of the two rolled his eyes, snapping the other awake from his reverie

"How'd you know it was about Jin hyung?"

"Taehyung is whining to BaekHyun everyday about Kim SeokJin. It even brought a fight between Yeol and Baek" they turned to each other in silence before sharing their secret smile

After the dinner they decided to go to the younger's room. They passed by Jin's room. JungKook paused by his door for a few seconds. Seconds too long that Sehun thought the younger is going to knock. But JungKook shook his head deciding to wait a few more days. He could still last a few days without talking to his princess. He'll wait for Jin to do something. With that firm resolved he invited Sehun to his own room. Of course he didn't lock the door just in case Jin wanted to barge in and take him away.

They settled for the floor. They liked star gazing since they were young at the same spot as now, by the open balcony. JungKook can't suppress quiet giggles as he sat there and remember Jin kissing him. Though it wasn't that intense and it was cut short, he'll still label it as one of his best kisses. Because things that you work for so hard are good to indulge

"What's really up with you though? I heard you haven't touched him. It's been what 3 weeks?" Sehun asked as he stared at the night sky trying to find familiar constellations.

"Because he doesn't want to. I won't force him into that" JungKook was also eyeing the sky but he was just appreciating the stars, wondering if Jin ever looked at them with the same fascination as his

"Right, because that's so you. Considerate and shit of others then you still keep denying that he is special"

"Is that how you feel about LuHan hyung? You don't want to force him into sex with you because he is special? Because you believe he's the one for you?"

Sehun might not be role model material but his faithful love has never ceased to amaze the younger. Sehun loves and will always love only one person. Unfortunately he is in love with LuHan, the one person he can't be with. But still he is trying and whenever that comes to mind JungKook is encouraged to strive

"If I say yes would you admit that this Kim SeokJin is special?" Sehun arched an eyebrow though none of them turned to each other

"Hyung!" JungKook pouts, though not seen the tone brought out a sigh and a sad smile to the older

"Me and LuHan have a really complicated situation. He'll be back in a few months. We'll celebrate his home coming at the same time as my engagement. You should be there"

"To watch you break once he pull MinSeok hyung instead of you? No Thanks"

"That's the plan. MinSeok won't go with him. He loves me" Sehun smirked but it was different, there was fondness lingering

"You sure? Lost love returning is easy to fall back into" the silver-haired could almost taste the bitterness edging the comment

"Would you take Taejoon back if he comes knocking?"

"Hyung, Taejoon is different. He is a-- a jerk" JungKook had his eyes on his lap as he almost stuttered with the mention of that name

"Jerk? Through all the shitty things he did and that's your insult to him? Kookie, the person who makes fun of you without legit reason in school is a jerk, but TaeJoon? He is way past a fucking arsehole. I should see him burn in hell" Sehun spewed, his eyebrows almost meet in his scowl

"Thanks hyung"

"I promise if he comes back and I catch you even look at him, I'm going to punch you in the face"

JungKook just smiled at the older


Jin is quite sure there'd be a crater in his bedroom floor when morning comes in the way he walks back and forth since he heard JungKook's bedroom door opened and closed awhile ago. He isn't one for nail biting but his anxiety made him pick up a hobby. He decided to pick up his phone to talk to someone because he believe if he won't have any outlet he'll literally burst. 3 rings and his friend picked up. He knew how YoonGi could get cranky when disturbed in his writing so he beat him into complaining

"Shit YoonGi I feel like dying. Thinking that he is with someone in his room right now and he could be doing something not innocent makes me really angry"

YoonGi sighed and Jin heard clinking sound that must have been YoonGi putting his pen down to tend to his drama crisis

'What do you feel about him?'

"I don't know"

'If you don't know then you don't have the right to do anything' YoonGi almost hissed because what he doesn't need right now is denial

Jin gulped and spoke with a tinge of fear in the admittance

"I think... I think I like him a lot. Okay. I want him to hug me like before. I want him to be sweet to me again. I want him to like me like before. Gosh I'm selfish"

'Yes you are. If you like him, want him back then you need to commit. You can't just tell him to not be close to others just so you can have all of his attention without you giving him anything'

"You mean I need to confess?"

'Yes and right now. We know he isn't a virgin and he is so much sexually active as they come but now that you have feelings for him that is a serious matter'

"I really don't want him to do anything with Sehun. Shit shit shit. Thinking about it hurts." Jin slapped his forehead with his freehand as he shut his eyes

'Are you crying?' YoonGi asked flatly

"No but I'm about to" the older admitted

'Kim SeokJin don't be such a girl. Take the lead!'



Jin stood in front of JungKook's bedroom door, hearing how his Kookie giggles inside. Yes, his. If what he'll do goes bad then so be it. He'll leave because he can't take getting treated like a rag doll. If it was before he could cope because he doesn't have a liking on him but now it's a different matter. He knocked on the door and when the younger opened up Jin immediately pulled him out and pushed him against the wall. JungKook was surprised especially when SeokJin's lips clashed with his in a messy kiss. Jin bit his lip once he pulled away. His eyes were fiercely looking into the younger's. JungKook frowned and tried to push him off but Jin was unbelievable strong as he held him in place.

"Hyung you can't keep kissing me just because" the younger reasoned with eyes wet

"It's not just because. I think... I think I like you."

Sehun bust out of the room looking stern as ever as he said

"And well I think I'm out of here. Make out all you want when I'm out of earshot. I don't need to be turned on while driving" the silver-haired turn around and waved as he walked away. The two watched him vanish to the next corridor before they got back to their conversation

"What did you say hyung?" JungKook almost whispered

"I think I like you. I love you"

" please don't do this. Don't say that" JungKook looked down his tears begun to stream down his cheeks.

"Why JungKook? " Jin wiped the tears with his thumb, confused by the reaction he got

"Hyung I've heard this enough times. I'm tired of this lie. Please, I prefer to stay as we- whatever we are than hear you lie and then hurt me. Hyung please don't do this to me" the younger pleaded

"Kookie I'm not lying. Look at me" Jin held JungKook's face with his hands on both cheeks of the younger. He held JungKook's eyes in an intense gaze and slowly he leans down to press his lips on the other's own in a gentler kiss. When the older starts to move his lips and press harder, JungKook shut his eyes tight as well as his mouth. Jin didn't missed any of it, even how he stiffened. He pulled away and looked at the pained, scared face of the younger.

"No don't fight it" Jin caressed the younger's cheek to ease the grim expression. After some more gentle touch, the wrinkle on JungKook's forehead fade. JungKook's eyes fluttered open ever so slow. Uncertainty still glimmering in his dark orbs but at least he is meeting gaze with the older. A small smile starts to bloom on Jin 's lips.

"Just feel and tell me if it's a lie" JungKook nods and SeokJin took his lips again. This time the younger was responsive and their lips melded together. They were in synch in exploring how their lips fit. SeokJin took his time with JungKook's plump lips. Jin's hands slid down to grip at JungKook's hips as his tongue dart out to lick the other's lip and ask for entrance. JungKook opened up for their tongues to play, their saliva mixing as slick muscles try to dominate each other. The muffled moans that escaped their still attached mouths made something hot inside the older that triggered his aggression. He grabbed JungKook's hands and made him wrap his arms around his neck. He pulled away and whispered

"Hold tight" as he lift the younger by gripping the back of his knees. JungKook was surprised but instinctively tightened his arms around Jin and also wrapping his legs around the older's hips. JungKook kissed SeokJin again and they continued their lip lock as the older walked them inside the younger's bedroom, not forgetting to close the door behind them.