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by amber_32random

Fic: Home
Title: Home
Author: Amber_32random
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Do not own but I'm finding I love taking them out to play for a while

A/N: In response to rose_emily's first lines challenge.

The first time it happened, it really did sound like a gunshot. That's how he remembers it anyway. He had stopped by the farm to welcome Clark home for Springbreak only to learn he was upstairs showering away anxieties built up from a week's worth of exams. So Lex decided to wait for Clark in the backyard under the shade tree. It was nice outside. Mrs. Kent joined him for a bit offering him a glass of lemonade and idle talk about the town's happenings before she had to leave to start dinner.

He leaned over and placed his glass on the ground then relaxed back into the chair letting out a slight sigh. The view from the Kents backyard was beautiful. Why hadn't he noticed before? The sky was a crisp blue with fat puffy white clouds slowly passing by. He noted that Mrs. Kent had already started her garden and wondered what flowers she decided to grow this year. He gazed out and saw Jonathan in the distance by the fence talking with a neighbor pointing occassionally at the fields. Lex thought he could hear laughter floating on the wind and that caused him to chuckle to himself. He felt as though he had finally come home. Or better, he felt like home had come to him.

Just then he heard the back door open and turned in time to see Clark rushing through still damp and with smile that made Lex heart skip.

"Hey Lex".

That's when Lex heard the screen door slam shut sounding almost like a gunshot which startled him a little. Clark's mother voice in the background called after him reminding him not to slam the door so hard. Lex chuckled quietly again. Why hadn't he noticed before? His feelings for Clark. So easy. So simple.

He smiled at Clark and said "Welcome home".