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by Shelly


By: Shelly

Warnings: Established CLEX relationship. Summary: This is about Clex and protective Clark and bad Lionel and the good guys win. And Clark doing what he has to do. <WEG> Rating: NC17.
Spoilers: Possible spoilers for season to date. Archive: May be archived anywhere.
Disclaimers: I don't own the characters. I'm just playing with them.

Lex stared at the images on the big screen TV. His Father and Clark Kent. In bed. The boy naked, bound and helpless. Lionel between the long legs, naked ass clenching, hips pistoning as he thrust hard and deep into Clark. Lex closed his eyes but they flew open as the remote was snatched out of his hand. Looked up to see Clark glaring at him as he punched a button and the screen faded to black.

"Why are you watching that?" Clark demanded.

"Reminding myself of how much I hate my Father, and how lucky I am to have you," Lex replied. "You're amazing, Clark," he whispered as he reached for the boy's hand. Drew him down next to him on the bed. Fingers tangled in soft, black hair and Lex kissed Clark's sweet, lush mouth. Felt himself go instantly hard.

Clark let Lex kiss him for a long moment, then he pulled away to look into his lover's eyes. Saw pain there, as well as sadness and remorse. Clark knew he was the cause of those emotions. "He didn't hurt me, Lex," Clark stated firmly. "You know that."

Lex sighed and nodded, one hand still stroking Clark's hair. "I do know," he said softly. "But I still can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that you sacrificed your body for me, Clark. You let my Father rape you!" Just saying the words made Lex shudder.

"It's okay," Clark replied, pulling Lex into a hug. It hadn't been easy for him, letting Lionel Luthor touch him and invade his body. But the pain Clark had felt had been purely emotional. Physically the rape had been easy to bear. At least, Clark repeatedly told himself, and Lex that. No actual, physical, trauma to be seen, yet Clark could still feel Lionel pounding away inside him. "I love you, Lex," Clark whispered in his lover's ear. "I would do anything to protect you."

"I love you too," Lex replied. "But I know it haunts you. The memory of my Father fucking you." It had been Clark's idea, letting himself be fucked by Lionel so that he and Lex could figuratively Fuck Lionel in the end. Lex felt anger at his father and at himself for allowing it. Felt guilt wash over him in waves. "God. . .Clark . . .he raped. . ."

Clark silenced Lex with a kiss then began shedding his clothes. Lex was already naked. "Make me forget," Clark beseeched him.

Lex could not ignore the boy's plea. He melted into Clark, kissing him, hands gliding over flawless satin skin, memorizing the sculptured planes of muscle. Moved between long legs and took Clark's heavy cock into his mouth, worshipping every inch of it from root to tip. Fingers kneading silken balls, and slipping into Clark's tightness. Touching, tasting, teasing until the boy cried out as he came. Then Lex was inside him, moving slowly, kissing and caressing every inch of bare, tawny, skin that he could reach. Felt the slow burn in his groin intensify then Lex was exploding into pleasure, almost floating away except for the strong arms holding him. Cock soft now, but still inside Clark and Lex let himself go boneless, his body draped over Clark's chest, knowing that the boy was strong enough to bear his weight. More soft kisses until Clark drifted off to sleep. And only then did Lex close his own eyes, a smile of satisfaction on his face. The image of his Father in his head not a nightmare, for once, but a happy dream.

Lionel stared at the photos of himself and the boy. Clark Kent. His son's lover. Lionel had seduced the boy into his bed by threatening to destroy Lex. Had used alcohol and drugs to make the big, strong, beautiful boy pliant beneath him. Had used restraints as well, to remind them both of who was in control. Then he had fucked the boy senseless, knowing that Clark would return to Lex. Broken. And in breaking Clark, Lionel would break his son.

At least, that had been the plan.

But today the photos, a video tape and a note had arrived, from Lex. One word on the note. Checkmate. Lionel now knew his son realized he had slept with Victoria and had used her to fuck Lex over. Lionel almost felt a spark of pride. Lex was more like him than he had ever hoped possible. Had even won this game, for Lionel could never risk being exposed by the photos or the video. There would be no way to deny the fact that he had drugged, bound and raped and underage boy. And Kansas laws were strict on both jail bait and sodomy.

"Touch, Lex," Lionel drawled, even as he reached for the phone. Game over, but not the match.

Lionel entered his son's bedroom, knowing that his son was on his way to Metropolis. Had arranged for Lex to be called away on an urgent business matter, leaving his lover behind. Clark. Still naked. Still in bed. Lionel smiled as he approached and took a moment to simply study the boy. Lex did have excellent taste, Lionel would give his son that. Clark Kent was more beautiful than any mere moral had a right to be. Lionel felt a tightening in his groin, even as he climbed onto the bed and straddled the boy's hips, before leaning down to claim the lush lips. Thrust his tongue into Clark's mouth only to gag a moment later as strong fingers closed over his throat. Didn't know how it happened, but suddenly found his back against the wall, hanging there, feet dangling, as the boy held him by one hand at his throat. Lionel looked into Clark's eyes and saw both anger and hatred. For him. Fear skittered across Lionel's spine, pooling in his gut. For the first time in his life he was terrified. Lionel was sure he was going to die at the hand of his son's sixteen year old lover. A simple farmboy. Or not so simple.

Clark locked eyes with Lionel Luther, seeing the man's fear. And while it didn't please him, it did keep Clark focused, reminding him why this was necessary. "You will never touch me, or Lex, again," Clark said softly. But the intensity of his tone was steel. "Never! You will stay away from us in every way, shape and form. You will never hurt my family or friends, nor will you step foot in this castle...or even Smallville itself...ever again. Do you understand me?" As Clark asked the question, he released his hold on Lionel's throat, watching as the man collapsed to the floor in a heap.

Lionel rubbed his throat and had to swallow hard before he could speak. "Wh. . .what are you?" he croaked out.

"Your worst enemy," Clark replied. Nothing more.

Lionel believed him. He looked at the boy, who was naked and splendid and forceful. Like some avenging Angel. Lex's Angel. "I always win," Lionel whispered.

Clark smiled, a cold twisting of his lips. "Not always," he stated. "I'll be watching. If you ever hurt anyone I care about...I will destroy you." It was a promise, not a threat.

"We'll see," Lionel whispered as he rose to his feet. He had his pride, after all. Yet he knew the boy would keep his promise, so Lionel simply left.

Lex was tired. He had driven home at breakneck speeds, hoping that Clark would still be there. He was. Naked and warm and sleeping peacefully beneath the satin sheets. "Hey beautiful," Lex breathed against Clark's mouth, before kissing him.

"Lex..." Clark purred, stretching a bit. He opened sleepy eyes and smiled at his lover.

"Anything happen while I was gone?" Lex queried. Didn't figure anything did or he would have heard about it.

Clark shook his head. "Nothing," he lied. Lex would never know about Lionel's visit. Never. Clark would make certain of that. "Make love to me," Clark begged, wanting to distract Lex. And wanting to feel loved in the way that only Lex knew how to do.

Smiling, Lex shrugged out of his clothes, tossing them aside along with his weariness. And soon he was inside of Clark. Where he belonged.

Check...and Mate.