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Finger Painted Faces

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 "Instead of being yourself you put this on....So people can't see your true intentions Doc."

-Dean Winchester to Castiel Milton


Summer 1961


“Your resume is impressive Dr.Milton. To be honest I’m a little shocked you decided you wanted to leave Sydney Medical to come here,” Naomi closed the folder Castiel Milton had brought her and folded her hands on the desk, studying him. He was a good looking man, mid twenties. Thick black hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to see right through you. The wire rimmed glasses he wore only made him look even more intellectual. He was a very handsome man. Castiel pushed his glasses up his nose and crossed his legs.


“I decided to venture out and practice in smaller Sanitariums….I feel, everyone has the right to get better, there are plenty of good Conversion Therapy doctors in Sydney. I had heard that your facility did not have this luxury. So I resigned to lend a hand here.” Naomi nodded, a grin curling the edges of her lips.


“And we will be very thankful to have you. Homosexuality seems to be becoming a trend of sorts around here. We’d like to squash it out as soon as possible. I hope you can enlighten us as well as cure the young men plagued with this illness. It’d be nice to send them home to their families.” Castiel nodded as Naomi stood, extending her hand. Her palm was sweaty and warm when he took it, shaking once and releasing as soon as possible. She wiped her hand on the side of her dress and stepped around her desk. “I’ll show you to your office. This will be your space until we can properly accommodate you.”

“Hey big boy. Looking for a good time?” Castiel raised his eyebrows as a patient seductively rolled the sleeve of her gown down, exposing the pale skin of her shoulder. She rolled her hips and motioned seductively to Castiel. Naomi rolled her eyes.


“Good afternoon Pamela, have you taken your meds yet today?” Naomi motioned for an orderly, who immediately went after ‘Pamela’. “She won’t be one of your patients. She's a hypersexual.” Castiel nodded, moving quickly down the hallway.


“And they’re allowed to roam freely?”


“No, of course not. There are at least two or three orderlies on hand at a time for patients being disruptive and we have guards on every floor. Everyone is watched twenty four hours a day.”


“Thorough,” Castiel commented.


“Can’t let any of them slip through the cracks. They’re dangerous. To themselves and to others.” she opened the door to a small room and ushered Castiel in. There was a desk and a chair, a file cabinet, and a window overlooking the gardens. “I know this is probably not what you’re used too but, it’s just until we have proper accommodations for you. Your office should be finished by the end of the week.” Castiel dragged a finger over the desk, examining the dust that came up.


“This is fine….I’d like to get started as soon as possible if you don’t mind? I have extensive diagnostic criteria to go over and the sooner I get started on it the better.”


“Your patients are already filed for you in the cabinet, at this point you only have five in dire need of your attention. I believe you could start sessions as early as this afternoon if you’d like. I’d have to talk to Sister Hannah of course, but I will let you know.” Castiel was already pulling the files out of the cabinet before she finished speaking. He licked his thumb and leafed through the papers.


“Thank you Naomi. I look forward to working here.”


“And we look forward to having you.” Castiel smiled as she shut the door, her footsteps retreating, back towards her office. He loosened his tie and ran his fingers through his hair. His heart was still pounding in his chest.


“You’re fine,” he whispered to himself, licking his lips, “You’re fine. They don’t know. They don’t know.”


“We just want Dean to get better. You have to believe that this was a hard decision for us. We don’t want to send him away….It’s just….He’s not well,” Sister Hannah nodded looking at the family in front of her. The Winchesters, who were having their eldest son committed.


“I understand. I know it can be a….difficult, thing to let your child go in order for him to get better. But you have brought him to the right place.” she looked from the mother and father to the boy. He sat with his arms crossed, a stony expression on his face.


“How long will Dean have to stay here?” the younger one, a boy with shaggy brown hair and blue green eyes tugged on his mother’s shirt. She hushed him and patted his hand. Hannah decided to answer the child.


“Until he’s better Dean will remain here with us. Once he’s been cured he’ll be returned to you.” Dean stiffened slightly in the corner, but not too noticeably. Sister Hannah’s eyes narrowed on the boy, he’d be a troublemaker, she knew it.


Dean didn’t really want to say goodbye to his family. Anger boiled and raged within him to the point where he wanted to destroy everything, break the world and go on a rampage. They were abandoning him. They were throwing him away because of one mistake. It’s only a mistake because you got caught. He groaned internally,because the words were true. He wanted to spit on his parents, to scream that he hated them. But he stayed silent, walking with them to their car. An orderly stood by, watching to make sure Dean didn’t try to run.


“Bye Dean! I love you!” Sam threw his arms around his brother, hugging him tightly. Dean ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek, inhaling his scent for the last time.


“Love you too Sammy. Be good okay.” Sam wiggled out of Dean’s arms and high fived his brother, before sauntering over to the car. An energetic eight year old without a care in the world.


“Dean….Baby I’m sorry. You know I-” Dean held up his hand. He didn’t want to hear it again. He loved his mother, but she was just as guilty of this as his father. Mary cupped her son’s cheeks in her hands and kissed his forehead. “I do love you Dean. I know you don’t think so...But I love you very much.” Dean was silent as she turned away. Lastly his father came up, extending his hand. Dean refused it. John narrowed his eyes.

“I hope they fix your manners as well as your perversion boy.” Dean glared, jaw set, eyes stubborn as his family got into their little blue car and drove off, leaving him at this looney bin, where he didn’t feel safe at all.