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Cookies We Have Not

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“Resist you must,” Master Yoda told him. “The Dark Side brings nothing but sorrow, it does.”

The Sith lord smiled at him. “If you want me to refute his words, I won’t.”

He glared. “Then why should I join you?”

Dark Lord Yeong-Ha smirked. “We have… cookies.”

“Fight the temptation you must!” Master Yoda insisted. “Nothing for you, there is.”

“But,” he wavered, looking between the Sith and his master. “Cookies?”

“Yes,” Dark Lord Yeong-Ha cajoled.

“What kind?”

“Double chocolate chip.”


Master Yoda shook his head. “Lost him, we have,” he whispered sadly.

Dark Lord Yeong-Ha handed Yashiro a double chocolate chip cookie and said triumphantly, “Welcome to the Dark Side.”