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Look, Don't Touch

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"Josh..." Julian sighed, not looking up from the magazine that balanced precariously in his metallic hands (so much so that it had to have been supported by his telekinesis in some way).

"Yeah, sure." Josh whispered sweetly to the insanely hot and madly gorgeous blonde girl in his arms, kissing her once. "Laters, cutie."

He smirked as he watched her leave the apartment (and offer him a flirty wave as she did so). As soon as the door slammed shut, he dropped his facade. "Dammit, I thought she was never gonna leave!"

"Josh." Julian repeated, glancing at his roommate over the top of the magazine.

"What?" Josh rolled his eyes in anticipation. It was the same damn lecture every time and he was done with it.

"You're supposed to be trying." Julian huffed, closing the magazine and dropping it into his lap. "This isn't something that'll disappear overnight."

"I am trying!" Josh argued, sitting tiredly on the sofa beside Julian. "It was just one girl."

"And yesterday, it was another girl. And the day before that, another. And before that-"

"Actually!" Josh cut in to correct the telekinetic before Julian could finish. "Tuesday was a guy."

"Oh, I know." Julian retorted narrowing his eyes. "Because he managed to drunkenly find his way into my room at three am!"

"Listen, I'm sorry, but-

"No buts, Foley. This was supposed to end months ago!" Julian snarled, tossing his magazine at Josh's head. "You're not even attempting to get over this!"

"Yes, I am!" Josh drew back, insulted. "I haven't accessed the Internet for three months!"

"That's because you haven't needed to!" Julian argued, narrowing his eyes. "I can't remember the last time you didn't bring someone home with you."

"If you have an issue with it, move out." Josh sighed, pushing a hand through his hair so that his fringe fell down over his face.

"I have no issues with you having relationships, Josh. What I have an issue with is your lack of interest in getting over your nymphomania." Julian answered calmly. "The doctor said-"

"I am a doctor." Josh cut in.

"You're a student." Julian corrected, rolling his eyes. "You're not even close to qualifying."

"Well, neither are you! But you still act like you could hold the world's most prestigious companies on your shoulders!" Josh snapped in reply, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away with a huff.

"Business is different." Julian shrugged Josh's argument off quickly. "And we're not talking about my studies here. We're talking about you. And your... Problem."

"Having sex is not a problem, Keller. Get over yourself." Josh moaned, dropping his head back against the sofa, rolling his eyes.

"No, sex is great." Julian agreed, because that really wasn't something he was even going to attempt to argue. "The problem is that you have a diagnosed mental issue and you're not trying to overcome it at all. You know the doctor won't start the therapy without the proof that you're willing to at least attempt to get better. Nymph-"

"Satyriasis. In guys, it's called satyriasis." Josh corrected, his tone harsh and clipped. "And the doctor is full of shit anyway. I'm not a sex addict."

"Sorry." Julian sighed, leaning his head on Josh's shoulder. They'd been living together for almost two years now, after deciding to attend the same college. It was strange, because - despite maintaining the petty friction they'd had for so long - they were also closer than brothers, at points. At least, Julian thought so. He really cared about Josh, even if he wouldn't admit it.

"Listen, 'Lixir." Julian began, his tone quiet and calm. It was even surprising to himself how compassionate he was being throughout Josh's attempted recovery. "I know you don't want to hear this, but this is a really serious problem. I've been reading up on it since your diagnosis and I-"

"Stop." Josh commanded quietly, standing from the couch suddenly. "I'm fine. Okay? I'll check..."

Closing his eyes, Josh used his mutation to scan his own body for irregularities.

"Nothing." He concluded, opening his eyes and placing his hands on his hips. "I'm fine. Totally. Satyriasis isn't... I'm not... I am seriously just a kid having fun. I'm not addicted to anything."

"You can't say that!" Julian almost laughed in disbelief at Josh's reaction. "You're not a doctor, and if you don't get this sorted, you never will be."

"It's not like they're gonna fail me because I sleep around!" Josh bit his lip to suppress a smirk at the concept.

"No. They're gonna fail you because your symptoms are leading to you missing class and falling behind in your studies." Julian replied bluntly, causing Josh's amusement to disperse. "I'm gonna be direct here. Your life right now is not what I expected. You suck. Seriously. All you do is sleep through the day and fuck all night, and it's annoying! But I get that it's not... That's just... It's a condition. It's not you. It's your addiction."

"I'm not addicted!" Josh yelled before storming to his room and slamming the door.

"Oh yeah. Real mature, Foley!" Julian called, rushing over to Josh's locked door. He leant against the wood with a sigh. "If you don't grow the fuck up right now, I'm calling Cess and Laura."

"Fuck off, Keller!" Josh slammed on the door from the other side, causing Julian to startle. A short huff of laughter echoed out of Josh's room, alerting Julian to the fact Josh had sensed his mini heart attack.

"Great, I'm calling them." Julian snarled, taking out his phone and cursing silently to note it was out of battery. "Okay, so, I can't call immediately, but-"

"You suck at this 'caring best friend' role, shithead." Josh cut in with a satisfied hint to his tone.

Sighing, Julian rolled his eyes, before a small smirk took his lips. Everything was a competition with him and Josh. Always. Even sensitive things like this. So, when he spotted Josh's cell on the coffee table, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to win.

"'Lixir, I'm borrowing your phone!" He announced smugly, his smirk growing.

"No!" Josh slammed on the door again. "No, Julian! I swear, if you-"

"If there's a star after Laura's name, I with tear your limbs apart!" Julian warned. Josh had an irritating habit of adding an asterisk to the end of the contact name of anyone he thought he could call for sex.

"Julian! Seriously!" Josh swung the door open and dived for Julian, who easily held him back telekinetically.

"Josh, what are you hiding?" Julian frowned now, glancing up at Josh suspiciously.

"Nothing! Just- Please, don't!" Josh begged, struggling against Julian's telekinesis. "Don't!"

"Oh, don't tell me, you've-"


"I'm gonna kill you if-"

"Please!" Josh reached pointlessly for Julian as the telekinetic scrolled down to the 'K' section of Josh's address book.

"What the fuck are you hid-" Julian stopped mid-sentence, his breath catching. Raising his eyebrows, he turned to cell to face Josh. "Foley, why the hell is there a star by my name?!"