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~ATH - A Handbook for the Imminently Deceased

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Welcome to ~ATH for dummies! This is a simple, online guide which will teach you how to program awesome ~ATH scripts, one step at a time. From simple graves to advanced reacharounds (up to and including scripts of the caliber of the infamous Mobiius Viirus), the handbook will tell you everything. This first page, or chapter, or whatever you want to call it, is a simple and easy tutorial on setting up the ~ATH compiler, the ~ATH running environment, and the popular ~ATH IDE, ~ATHFORASSHOLES. It is available here:

Disregard the above link - ~ATHFORASSHOLES 2.0 is now out! It allows you to develop ^CAKE and &VIL programs as well as ~ATH, so that's a major improvement. There's also going to be support for proper bifurcation coloring very soon, which will please all of us. Directly download it here.

FOR PEOPLE USING ~ATHFORASSHOLES V1.3 AND LOWER (THAT IS, THE OLD LINK): For some weird reason, the author decided to host the file on some website called "Docs". Anyway, we at the ~ATH tutorial team have found that, once in the page, you need to hit File==>Download. For those of you who are unfamiliar with old-fashioned, HTML powered websites like this. Seriously, Docs should really update to use &VIL. It runs a hell of a lot better than some shitty HTML parser, and my browser can hardly handle the crappy scripts. Anyways.

FOR EVERYONE: Once you download it, extract it to a safe directory. Just run the ~ATH file. It should start the editor. The ~ATH environment and compiler *should* be initialized with the IDE. You'll know if they don't - the IDE will fail to run. If this happens, just follow the instructions below, depending on your OS.

-- For Windows 2050 (Hugely outdated OS, but anyway.) --

1. Go into Universe Editor.
2. Run ~MYATH.
3. Reboot the IDE.

-- For ~ATH Rev 500 --

1. Open the ~MYATH ^CAKE file.
2. Enable the ~ATHDEV options.
3. Reboot the IDE.

-- For SKAIANET Beta 12 --

1. Create a file called ~MYATH.^CAKE in the IncipiCenter. It will be autofilled.
2. Reboot the IDE.

Congratulations - you've successfully completed the installation of ~ATHFORASSHOLES! If you want, you can read the short ~FAQ below. Otherwise, continue to the next chapter, to create your first-ever complete ~ATH script.

-- ~FAQ --

Q: I tried to run the ~ATHFORASSHOLES IDE, and it crashed. But I couldn't find my ~MYATH file! What the fuck?

A: What the fuck indeed. Illegal installations of ~ATHOS and Windows 2050 are not supported. And I know they're illegal because the ~MYATH panel contains the anti-piracy checks, and a ^CAKE script is run to remove it in the cracking process.

Q: I set up my ~MYATH file correctly, but the IDE crashes with the message "~ATHCRASH 10: Unsupported filesystem type.". Why?

A: Bug concerning running Windows 2050 with the ^CAKE filesystem support. Got to ~MYATH and disable the ~FSCHECK options.

Q: I want to develop an awesome program, like Total Bullshit or the Hephaestus web browser. Can I do that now?

A: ~ATH is not the right language for developing applications like that. Look into our ^CAKE tutorials.

Q: Why are you so good at ~ATH.

A: That's the best fucking question anyone's ever asked before. And I honestly have no idea.

Note: Many bugs and failures are discussed throughout these tutorials. Check my other work, the ~ATH Buglist, to review what these bugs are and how they can affect you.