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Emotion in Motion

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one: because you can’t go to sleep.
(set seventeen years into the future, as per war without end, but spoilers for everything)


Delenn jerks awake with a gasp. It’s the third time in just as many days that she has had this particular nightmare, not to mention all the slightly different variations before that. In this one, though, it’s not David she sees, with a Drakh keeper on his shoulder, but her husband fading right before her eyes, ripped away from her through time and space. Except… not really her husband, not yet—a younger version of him, the man she fell in love with so many years ago.

The past two nights, after waking up, she cleared her mind and meditated until all remnants of the dream were gone, but tonight, nothing seems to be working. All she can see when she closes her eyes is emptiness where John should be. But he’s next to her, she can feel his warmth, and suddenly, the need to also feel his heartbeat is too great to ignore. She tries to be careful, tries not to rouse him from sleep, but maybe she clings too hard to his body, breathes too loudly, or maybe he just knows her well enough to sense even asleep when she is hurting.

He breathes her name against her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just want it to stop.”

She is far too close to sobbing, so she does the only thing she can think of, and kisses him. His response is more hesitant than ever before, but even in this, he knows her better than she knows herself, slowing them down from the frenzy she had started to something more tender and at the same time just as desperate.

“Let me,” he rasps into her ear and then falls into the familiar rhythms of the passion they create between them. It won’t keep the shadows away forever, but it is enough for the moment, and the moment is all they have.