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Neon Genesis Striker

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Thanks to my pre-reader Makuhari-Fan01

Disclaimer: I don't own Evangelion which is the property of GAINAX or Strike Witches which is the property of Gonzo.

It was a quiet afternoon in the city of Tokyo-3, the city formerly know as Hakone, Fuso. It was empty because of what radar had picked up in the water. The event know as Second Impact had destroyed Antarctica causing the water levels to rise greatly and billions were killed. Most of Hakone went underwater except for a small part. In the water a large unidentified creature was picked up on radar and the streets emptied.

In NERV, were the three technicians; Lieutenants Nishika Nakajimi (from Maidens of the sky) a seventeen year old purple haired girl with chestnut brown eyes in a brown shirt and brown shorts, Lieutenant Amaki Suwa, a seventeen year old with purple hair hair that ran down her back , purple eyes hidden behind glasses, and a brown shirt but only worn white panties, and Lieutenant Lynnette Bishop who unlike her Fuso counterparts was from Britannia and was only fifteen. She had blonde hair that was French braided into a single pigtail. She a light brown shirt under a black jacket and had a green tie, she wore white panties and thigh-high green and orange stockings.

The three of them were giving updates on the events going on as the monster rose form the water and revealed it's self to indeed be an Angel. It was the size of a skyscraper with a lanky appearance. It is mostly green but has brown-ish arms and legs. It has a white, beak like face. In it's solar plexus region is a large red core.

Watching this was a trio of generals form the Fuso Special Self Defense Forces (FSSDF) which under the banner of the UN were determined to stop the Angel.

Also watching were the Sub-Commander of NERV, an elderly lady from Venezia with silver hair in white and brown dress under a re jacket and the Commander, an eighteen year old form Karlsländ. She had auburn red hair and brown eyes. She worn a olive green shirt like most women now worn only panties and no pants. She sat at a desk well her Sub-Commander stood behind her. The Commander had her hands in their usual pose, fingers interlocked together and resting under her nose well her elbows rested on the table.

"After fifteen years they have returned." stated the NERV Sub-Commander Anna Ferreara coldly.

"Yes." responded Commander Minna- Dietlinde Wilcke matter of factly as the day she had been waiting for had arrived. "There is no doubt it's an Angel."

The FSSDF generals emptied their entire arsenal of two dozen tanks and another two dozen helicopters. One tank fires a missile which the Angel simply smashes in half like it was nothing before going back to destroying all the FSSDF forces.


Tokyo-3 was empty except for two people still out. Through the empty streets a blue Renault Alpine drove to it's destination point.

"I can't believe I'm late. I hope nothing happened to him." said the driver Captain Mio Sakamoto worried her target was hurt and she would be fired for it.

Meanwhile at a phone booth outside of a convenience store left empty by the evacuation stood the other person left out on the streets.

("I'm sorry but the number you have entered is unavailable. Please hang up and try again. ") said the female automated voice.")

So the caller did, her name was Yoshika Miyafuji. Miyafuji was just a shy fourteen year old living with her uncle until her sister sent a letter to come to Tokyo-3. She was clad in a one piece dark blue swimsuit under a white shirt and white sneakers.

Yoshika left the phone booth rejected went stood on the side walk and pulled out a photo of a 20 year old woman in a white shirt with Army insignia, jet black hair and over her right eye a white eye patch with a blue stripe running down from the top left hand side to the bottom right hand side. The photo had two messages on it, in the top right it said "Coming to pick you up." and on the left hand side was the message "Pay attention here." with an arrow pointing to her breasts.

Yoshika put the card away and looked down the empty street she thought she saw somebody. A girl her age with pale white skin and silver hair. She had a black and white shirt on with a black tie that had a five-point red star on it. She has black tights on and brown shoes. She stands stoic in the middle of the empty street.

As Yoshika looks on puzzled by this girl a flock of birds disrupted by a loud noise quickly take off and their quick exit catches Yoshika's attention. When she realizes what it was she turns her attention back to this mysterious girl on to find her gone with out a trace. Before she can react a new noise catches her attention as the round shakes. She looks up and catches a glimpse of the Angel.

Taken aback by what she is seeing Yoshika watches as a helicopter begins shooting the Angel only to have the Angel fire a purple beam from it's right hand blasting down the helicopter. The Angel then took a massive step crushing the helicopter and causing a massive explosion which Yoshika immediately prepared for.

After a minute Yoshika realized she was fine and looked up to see a blue Renault Alpine pull in front of her and the passenger door open. Looking inside Yoshika recognized the driver as the woman from the photo.

"Yoshika Miyafuji." she says in a happy manner which didn't seem to fit the event going on. "I'm Captain Mio Sakamoto of NERV here to pick you up. Hop in."

With the events that had just unfolded in front of her Yoshika didn't hesitate.


At NERV the FSSDF generals were displeased. Their forces were crushed and had only one option left.

"Deploy the N² mine." said one of the generals and the men gained a massive smile certain this would work.


On a road side Sakamoto had stopped her car and with Yoshika in the passenger's seat had stopped to watch the military action through a pair of binoculars. As Sakamoto was watching she saw a military bomber and realized what was going on.

"They're deploying an N² mine!" yelled a worried Sakamoto who then dropped her binoculars and threw her body on Yoshika. A minute later the N² mine was dropped and exploded in a mushroom cloud destroying everything in it's path and flipping over Sakamoto's car.


At NERV the FSSDF generals were cheering and congratulating themselves on victory only to be interrupted by Nishika.

"Sirs, radar has detected a massive force still exists."

"No way." said second of the FSSDF generals but since the satellite were blocked by the massive dust cloud kicked up by N² mine the cause of this force couldn't be seen.

"Can we switch to thermal imaging?" asked another general.

"Yes sir." replied Amaki has the NERV supercomputer, the MAGI, switched over to thermal imaging which revealed a massive heat source the size of the Angel.

"It's impossible." said a third general.

"Sirs, the dust has settled." said Lynne and the satellite was switched back to normal which proved the worst, the Angel was deformed but alive.

"It can't be!" said the first general.

"The ability to regenerate from serious attacks like that. It seems the Angels are getting stronger." said Ferreara

"Yes." agreed Minna who then added, "They're getting smarter as well."


On the streets of Tokyo-3, Yoshika and Sakamoto drove down to NERV. They has survived explosion and flipped the car back right side up but the front right bumper was held together with duct tape that was "borrowed" from a hardware store and powered by car batteries "borrowed" form the Tokyo-3 Sears. However, Sakamoto's concern was her car, which wasn't fully paid for, was now ruined.

"Ma'am." asked Yoshika, "Are you sure it's okay we took these without paying for them?"

"It's an emergency and besides I'm a government agent." Sakamoto replied worried .

"I don't think anyone will believe that." replied Yoshika cynically.

"You're not as cute as I thought you'd be." said Sakamoto dryly.

"You're not as mature as I'd thought you'd be." Yoshika shot back causing Sakamoto to purposely swerve all over the road.


At NERV, Minna stood in front of the FSSDF generals who were now defeated and forced to submit and transfer command of defeating the Angel to NERV.

"We're entrusting the success of this mission to you. Can you handle it?" asked one of the FSSDF generals to Minna.

"That's why NERV was created." replied Minna calmly and with that the generals left and leaving control of defeating the Angel to NERV.

Minna then turned her attention to the technicians and told them to prepare Striker Unit-01 for launch.


Sakamoto and Yoshika reach NERV in one piece entering through a side entrance of the pyramid shaped NERV headquarters and traveling through the base via car elevator.

"So this is where my sister works?" asked Yoshika.

"Yeah, do you what she does?" asked Sakamoto.

"I know it's important for the survival of humanity." replied Yoshika quietly as she looked out the car window.

"Family issues huh?" said Sakamoto, "I can relate."

Before Yoshika could respond she was awe struck catching a glimpse of the the Geofront. Yoshika first hand saw the massive subterranean ground large enough for cars, escalators and monorails. The view of the sunset off of Lake Ashinoko that left Yoshika speechless.

Trying to find their way to the command center the two of them got lost traveling through the same room twice after crossing through a hexagonal door with the NERV logo, a capital "NE" sitting on top of a capital "RV" with a fig leaf resting on the right hand side. Running down left hand side is the NERV motto: "God's in his Heaven. All's right with the world." Sakamoto finally decides to had to call for help.

("Doctor Perrine H. Clostermann please report to Sigma Unit. Dr. Clostermann to Sigma Unit please.") came a female voice over the NERV intercom

Dr. Clostermann sat in her office looking over data. Clostermann is a fifteen year old certified genius who has graduated Tokyo-2 University. She wares a purple button down shirt under a doctor's coat and black tights and blonde curly hair down to her shoulders. She had hazel eyes behind a pair of glasses.

"Sakamoto." Perrine says annoyed, knowing only she would be calling her.

As Sakamoto and Yoshika rode an elevator to the to Sigma Unit. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened Perrine was waiting.

"Hi Perrine." says Sakamoto chuckling nervously, "Sorry we got lost but I've only been here two weeks and this place is so big."

"Save it." says an annoyed Perrine who then looks to Yoshika, "This her?"

"Yes." says Sakamoto, "Yoshika this is the Head of Project E, Dr. Perrine H. Clostermann."

"Hi." said Perrine before turning back to Sakamoto, "Let's go to the hanger."

In the command center the technicians were quickly typing away on their computers preparing everything for the launch of Unit-01.

"Sub-Commander." said Minna coldly, "I'm leaving, you take over things here."

"There first meeting in two years." said Ferreara as she watched the younger girl leave.

The trio of Yoshika, Sakamoto, and Perrine rode across a sea of LCL. LCL is a sticky orange liquid that more meaning then it appeared, via hovercraft arriving in the pitch black hanger."

"Where are the lights?" asked Yoshika and her wish was granted and the lights came on. The sight Yoshika saw caused her to freak out and scream.

What Yoshika saw a cylinder machine that ran up to the knees and had two propellers on the bottom.

"What is it?" asked Yoshika who had barely calmed down form her freak out.

"It is the device used to defeat the Angels and save mankind. It is a beautiful marriage of machinery and magic. It is Striker Unit-01." answered Perrine bragging about her achievement.

"So this is what my sister does?" asked Yoshika now fully calmed down.

"Correct." came a voice and all three looked up to see Minna standing above Unit-01.

"Sister." Yoshika says hurt as the memories of abandonment by her father and adopted sister, the latter now staring right at her, came rushing back to Yoshika.

"It's been two years since we last spoke." said Minna coldly.

"Why did you bring me here?" asked a hurt Yoshika.

"Lynne." said Perrine to her faithful assistant, "Prepare Unit-01 for launch."

"Perrine we don't have a pilot." stated a confused Sakamoto.

"Yes we do, you just brought the pilot." said Perrine.

"What!" said a surprised Sakamoto, "You can't be serious? It took Sanya V. Litvyak seven months to synch with her Striker and Yoshika just got here!"

"I am the Head of Project E and I will decide if she can fight." said Perrine before adding harshly, "Do you understand Captain Sakamoto."

"Yes ma'am." replied the defeated Sakamoto.

"Sister!" Yoshika called out to Minna angrily, "This is why you sent for me! After years of not even acknowledging my existence you bring me here when you need me! You were never there when I needed you!"

Minna didn't even flinch at this barrage but instead coldly said, "Yes, now you have a purpose to me."

"I won't do it." said Yoshika as she fought back tears.

"Very well." Minna replied before pulling up the command center on a computer monitor, "Ferreara, bring out Sanya."

"Bu ma'am, Sana is severely injured. There is no way she can fight." said Ferreara stunned at the thought of using Sanya in the condition she was in.

Minna only replied coldly, "She's not dead."

"Okay ma'am." said Ferreara who detested this change of action but she knew she couldn't challenge her superior.

Perrine sighed, "Prepare Unit-01 for Sanya."

As the three technicians prepared Unit-01, Sakamoto tried to see if Yoshika was okay but all Yoshika would say was as her eyes watered, "I knew she wouldn't bring me here if she didn't need me for something."

"Miyafuji, are you really going to run away?" asked Sakamoto trying to convince Yoshika to fight.

As Yoshika was taking in what was going on a gurney was brought in. Looking over Yoshika saw a girl her age on it. The girl had pale white skin and silver hair. She had a black and white shirt on with a black tie that had a five-point red star on it. She has black tights on and brown shoes. She has bandages on her arms and an IV was attached to her left arm. A bandage was wrapped around her head and over her right eye.

"Sanya, the spare won't work so you'll have to pilot Unit-01." said Minna to the girl.

"Yes ma'am." replied Sanya in a monotone manner and then sit up causing tremendous pain throughout her body.

As Yoshika watched the scene in front of her the ground began to shake as the Angel was now regenerated and had begun it's trek right to NERV. The Angel began to fire purple lasers from it's hand closer and closer to NERV causing the ground to shake. One blast caused the hanger to shake and knock Yoshika on her hands and knees. Once she looked up Yoshika saw the gurney had been knocked over and Sanya had been violently knocked to the ground. A second blast a minute later caused a large piece of debris to fall right where Sanya was. Yoshika ran over to Sanya and her body over the injured girl but felt no pain. Looking up Yoshika saw a shield light blue in color that circular in shape. In the northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest points where a circle with a minus in them. In the center was a smaller circle with an upside down triangle in it. It was projected by Unit-01.

"That's impossible! Striker Unit-01 hasn't been activated and besides only witches are able to use shields. Strikers can't deploy them." said the stunned Perrine.

As Yoshika looked at the shield she felt overwhelmed by what was going on until cries of pain from Sanya brought her back to the hurt girl who she tries to help sit up. Yoshika felt a warm liquid on her right hand which she removed from Sanya's back and realized it was Sanya's blood.

Yoshika began to repeat a mantra to herself, "I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away."

Then Yoshika turned to Sakamoto, "Captain Sakamoto I'll fight."

"Good Miyafuji." responded the happy Sakamoto.

"Prepare Unit-01 for Miyafuji." said Perrine who then headed for the command center.

Sanya is returned to the infirmary and Sakamoto takes Yoshika above the striker so Yoshika could enter. Yoshika removes her sneakers and socks and puts in a microphone in her ear.

"Miyafuji." says Sakamoto and when Yoshika turns around she catches something in her chest.

"That is an IMI Micro Uzi." said Sakamoto as Yoshika examines the weapon, "Use it to defeat the Third Angel. Good luck Sergeant."

"Sergeant?" asked Miyafuji.

"It would be your rank, Sergeant Yoshika Miyafuji the designated Third Girl, that is if you join us." said Sakamoto, "Now defeat that Angel!"

"Yes ma'am!" replied a determined Yoshika who then entered the strikers and grew brown dog ears and a dog tail.

"What are these?" asked a confused Yoshika.

"It's your familiar, every witch has one so don't worry." replied Sakamoto.

"Unit-01 is ready for launch." said Lynne.

Sakamoto then turned to Minna and asked, "Can we really do this?"

Minna didn't respond just smile which was an answer in it self so Sakamoto gave the okay.

"Launch Unit-01!"

Yoshika took off down the NERV running pad and into the night sky. After taking control of Unit-01 she found herself face to face with the Angel.