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By the time they find Jounouchi, it’s too late. He’s two hours into a chemical rut and his temperature has hit too high to administer the antidote.

“What do we do?” Honda asks, uncertainly.

Jounouchi whined on the sparse bed, hips fucking against the sweat-and-pre soaked pillows. His former delta-pack, a gang of wannabe yakuza, weren’t exactly happy with him joining Yami’s new pack. The beta wolves had hunted him down that morning, and Yuugi hadn’t gotten the distress call until after lunch.

Evidently, they’d given the blond alpha the new Heat Drug from the black markets and left him here -- to send him insane from the rut or so they could collect an omega for him, Kaiba kept his suspicions silent. The only scent in the room was Jounouchi’s arousal, thick musk in the air almost cloying from the desperation. He makes sure to breathe in through his mouth, uses adrenaline and the delta-bond to keep himself in check.

“There’s not much we can do,” Yami says.

He sounds tense and that’s natural, an alpha always hates the scent of another alpha’s rut. Honda and Otogi, betas by nature and hierarchy, don’t seem bothered by the scent either way.

“So we lock him in and hope some unsuspecting bitch doesn’t come in and become his prey?” Otogi asks, pushing his sweaty fringe from his eyes. The growl he gets from Yami at his derogatory language makes him bare his neck submissively in apology. Yami shoves him away in a display of aggression and the raven-haired beta stays how far he’s pushed away.

“That’s not going to work,” Honda admits, his voice weak and reluctant. Their pack-alpha demands an explanation from him and, with a deep breath, he explains: “in Hirutani’s delta… they call him a Lunatic.”

Otogi inhales sharply in surprise, but Yami only frowns as if the fact hadn’t been remembered until that moment. Kaiba finds himself unsurprised, pressed against the wall with his arms folded over his chest. It’s an aggressive stance but the pack-alpha is ignoring it, circumstantially he’s sure.

Lunatics are a rare subset of wolves; almost an urban legend. They’re said to be more intune with their inner wolves, and therefore feel the cycles more intensely than regular wolves. Lunatic omegas supposedly are violent den-mothers on the full moon, and turn into desperate knot-sluts in the waning gibbous nights. Something around seventy percent of omega pornography stars a lunatic omega character.

Lunatic alphas however…

Kaiba follows the pack-alpha’s movement as he checks the thermometer again, as if that’ll change the facts. “He needs an omega,” the previously silent wolf said what none of the others wanted to.

That comment is met with silence.

“Maybe Yuugi…” The violent snarl Yami gives Otogi has him cowering away and retreating even further back in his own volition. “Ryou then...?”

“Bakura is still in Tokyo meeting his father,” Honda replies. “He’s got an hour, maybe two at most before he goes feral. There’s no time he’d get back here in time.”

“Shit,” the raven-haired beta answered and frowns to think.

Kaiba feels his pack-alpha’s eyes on him and when he meets them, the crimson intensity is unwavering--but there is a question there.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” Honda is commiserating. “Even with the Heat Drug… alphas can’t go into rut unless they’ve scented a suitable omega. He hasn’t met anyone knew!”

Kaiba feels his resolve wavering, the news throbbing through him. Yami’s eyes harden and he growls out: “Kaiba.”

Jounouchi had scented him out and cornered him against one of the trees. He looked at his pray and laughed out loud. “Kaiba?” He said. “You’re an omega?” He laughed again, gripping his side as it went on for too long.

“Keep it down!” Kaiba growled, in his best alpha voice. The one he’s had to perfect over the past six years since he first presented to all of Gozaburo’s fury.

“That’s too funny,” the blond mutt laughed, shaking his head. “Stuck up Kaiba Seto, a weak little omega. What are you going to do? Throw a mating party and see which corporate gold-digger can get you on your back--”

Jounouchi didn’t get to finish his joke. Kaiba’s punch broke his jaw and within moments they were wrestling on the loam of the forest floor. They didn’t stop until the pack-alpha commanded them apart and Kaiba fled back to his house before he could face any conversation about it.

He snarls slightly in frustration. “Fine,” he snaps. “All of you get the fuck out. I’ll sort it out.” The tone of voice is all angry alpha and the beta wolves cower, going immediately to the door.

He hears them as they head down the hallway of the shitty motel. “Guess Kaiba’s going to call some omega from his theta-pack…”

Yami gives Kaiba a patient look. “Do you need me here to supervise and make sure he doesn’t mate you?”

“The loser dog isn’t getting his teeth anywhere my neck,” he retaliated icily.

Yami pauses, as if considering whether he should make a point of it, then nods his head. “Howl if you need anything. I’ll take Mokuba to Yuugi’s.” He smirks slightly, scenting the air. “You might want to wash off your alpha cologne first.”

Kaiba glares at his pack-alpha until he leaves. He spares a withering glare at Jounouchi, who is still moaning and humping the pillow like a horny dog, before heading into the filthy motel bathroom. He has a few phone-calls to make first.