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Cleaning Your P-90

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Oil the cloth. Disassemble weapon. Wipe the individual pieces with cloth. Rub firmly to get the dried mud off the metal and plastic.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. It was just the way he was.


Clean the dirt out of the notches. Feel for the grit with your fingers. Scrape if necessary to remove debris.

He never listened; he never paid attention to me. I warned him over and over again.


Wipe down trigger guard thoroughly. Pop the trigger in. Be sure its seated right.

I tried to protect him, but it was never enough. He always had to do dangerous things without regard for his own safety.


Slide the trigger guard into its place in the carrier, listen for the click.

He was the best of us. He was the bravest of us all.


Attach it to stock. Adjust for windage, be sure it's level, tighten screws.

He threw his life away on a planet full of worthless people. Then they tried to blame it on him. Bastards! May they rot in fucking hell.


Run cleaning rod with oiled pad through barrel to remove gunpowder residue and dirt. Seat it properly in the stock. Screw it in tightly.

It’s over now. He’s gone, and I have nothing to show for another friend’s life lost.


Inspect for proper loading of ammunition. Insure it slides in easily. Snap into place securely.

There’s a large hole in my soul. I won’t do it again. I can’t stand anymore grief.


Wipe a thin film of oil over the weapon to protect it from dampness.

I can’t touch you anymore, Danny. I miss you so much.