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Can I lay by your side?

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Louis sighs, straightening up and stretching his back, leaning backwards to try and ease the burning muscles.
"Coming boss."

He lays the inventory down on the closest beer barrel and wipes his hands on his already filthy jeans. A pub cellar is not the cleanest of places.

"Some more locals to meet."

Louis huffs out a breath and pulls a face at no one. All day he's been doing this stock take. ALL DAY! And the reason it's taken all day is Dave, his boss, calling him every few minutes to introduce him to the customers. 

Louis has worked for Dave in a trendy Manchester bar throughout his last 2 years at uni, working his way up to assistant manager. Once Louis had graduated, Dave threw him a curveball and asked him to manage one of his larger pubs in a quaint village in Cheshire.
Louis had precisely zero other job offers to choose from and so, with trepidation, agreed. Today was the day he handed it over, hence the stocktake.

Louis climbs the stairs, pushing his sweaty fringe away from his eyes, knowing he must look an absolute sight after a full day humping stuff about, but as the new manager of The Rose and Crown, he needs to be a genial host. So, one last inward grumble and he emerges from the cellar door. Smile plastered on his face.

"Here he is! Louis, this is Harry and Bella."

Louis felt the blood drain downward to his feet, making his head swim and his toes feel like lead.
Harry. His Harry. The absolute love of his life, holding hands with a pretty blonde girl.

"Guys, this is Louis, the best barman I've ever known and the new manager of this place."

Louis is staring, he knows he is. Harry is staring back at him. Fear, dread, terror all flying out of his eyes. Louis has to act quickly, act normal, act like he has absolutely no clue who they are because there is no way he is ready for this, no way at all.

"Very pleased to meet you, please excuse the state of me." Louis thrusts his hand out towards Bella, shakes her delicate porcelain hand.

Next Harry, as their palms meet Louis feels a familiar jolt, a feeling he's just spent 6 months forgetting, a warm surge of heat flooding his body from their touch.
Louis flicks his eyes back to Harry, a slightly calmer look now Louis hasn’t instantly given the game away.

"Lou, they're celebrating their engagement, please bring up some champagne and ice buckets."

Louis startles momentarily, meets Harry's gaze again, sees the pleading, the panic has returned.
"Oh, umm congratulations, let me get that fizz."

He turns and disappears down the stairs, his breath panting out now. Adrenaline pumping he steadies himself, sits on a barrel and covers his face with his hands.

How the fuck has this happened? How has he literally just felt he can cope again after Harry, only to walk headfirst into this nightmare?


Six months previously


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“Delivery done, Tetley bitter barrel changed, shelves filled, mixers brought up and that’s me out of here until at least next Wednesday.”

Louis slings his backpack over his shoulder and bids a final farewell to Dave, his boss.

Dave is grouchy losing one of his best barmen and his assistant manager for almost a week.
“Good luck Tommo, if you get that thing done earlier, it would be nice to see you back.”

“It’s a twenty five thousand word dissertation Dave, it ain’t gonna write itself. I’m never off.”
Louis sighs, trying not to let the guilt of leaving the bar affect him too much.

“I’ll be back and Josh can work any shifts you need him to and Lucy too, so just call on those two if you get stuck.”
Dave nods.

“And get that lazy tosser Winston pulling his weight, I don’t know how he made it to manager I really don’t.”

With a backwards wave Louis leaves the bar, pulling his grey beanie over his head to try and protect him for the chill of late February.
His sweatshirt and sweatpants not much protection against the cold but Louis didn’t really do coats much.
Earbuds in he strides in time to the songs playing, knowing he probably looks like he is prancing down the street, but he doesn’t care.
Nearly home he makes a stop at his local shop.

“Bread, milk, cereal, eggs.” He mutters out loud as he shops for a few essentials so he doesn’t have to leave his flat and can thrown himself into writing.

Living on cereal and eggs on toast make the shopping trip easy for him and as he bumbles about looking for his purchases he steps backwards and smashes his backpack into a person.

“Sorry mate, didn't see you there.”
A guy stands there, staring at Louis, hands pushed deep into the pockets of his black pea coat, a pink beanie on his head, dark curls spilling out everywhere but the thing that Louis noticed most was the guys eyes. The saddest, most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen.

“M’ok, no damage done.” His deep sultry voice making Louis’ belly flip just a little.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” His voice such a sad lilt to it, his face impassive.

“Not seen you ‘round here before.” Louis turning on his charm and full on flirting.
Popping his hip and grinning at him.

“No I umm.” The guy can’t quite meet Louis’ playful glint. “It’s umm, just... I’m visiting, yeah, just umm visiting.”

“Oh well it was nice to meet you umm..?” Louis raises his eyebrows questioningly.

“Harry.” The guy murmurs.

“Harry, ok Harry, well I'm Louis and I am obviously keeping you from your shopping so have a lovely day.”

“Bye Louis.” Louis thinks he hears as he wanders off to peruse the cereal aisle, his absolute favourite.

“Louis, shit am I glad you came in, Baxter’s been in looking for you, I told him to do one, slimy toad..”

Maggie, his friend and old neighbour from his last flatshare was working the checkout at the shop, bagging up his shopping as she gossips.

“Don’t tell him I moved in with Cher.” Louis pleads with her.

“I didn’t I promise you.” she crosses her body and closes her eyes.

Louis shakes his head and smiles at her.
“I believe you Mags.”

He pays her and picks his bags up as Harry slides up next to him and waits to be served.

“Oh and I’ve got some right gossip for you about Matt, guess who he’s sha..”

“Mags!” Louis cuts her off, turning to look at the beautiful stranger called Harry once again.

“You wanna serve this guy, he’s waiting patiently and then you can tell me all your gossip.”

He stands aside and lets the guy go in front of him, checking out his long legs encased in tight skinny black jeans, black cotton sweater and dark brown chelsea boots finishing off the look.

“Umm a bottle of smirnoff please.”

“ID please.” Maggie sweeps her eyes up and down Harry.

He fumbles about in his wallet and pulls out his driving licence.

“Litre or half or what?”


“Umm litre please.” The guys voice husky and low.

“Bit early for that pet.” She smiles kindly at him, he lifts his head, sadness flooding his face.
“It’s not always the answer you know.” She continues, watching his face.

“Sometimes there are no answers.” Harry replies, pursing his lips into a thin smile.

She bags it up for him and takes his cash and he turns to leave.

“See ya.” Louis calls after him.

Harry turns, raises his hand
“Bye Louis.”

And with that he is out of the door.
Louis turns back to Maggie.
“You ever seen him before?”

She shakes her head.
“Never. He’s not from ‘round here.”

Louis nods and turns his head back to the door.
“Mags, as much as I wanna know who Matt is shagging, I’m gonna get off and you can tell me later.”


“Ok Lou, see ya later sunshine.”

And with that Louis is out of the door and scanning the street for the guy.
He see’s him across the road stood by a big black car.
Louis is compelled to cross over and speak to him.

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“You’re not going to drink all of that are you?”

Harry’s eyes snap up to Louis’ and Louis nods at the bag in his hand.

“That’s my plan but, well, I’m guessing I’ll either puke or pass out before I reach the end but either way, I’m sure there’ll be some oblivion for a while.”

“Oblivion.” Louis says out loud, “why do you need oblivion?”

The guy looks up. “Long, boring story that absolutely no one needs to hear, so if you’ll excuse me..”

“Come back to mine and have a cuppa with me.” Louis blurts out.
“It’s far too early for vodka and tea always makes you feel better and I am interested in your story.” Louis suddenly goes shy and kicks the ground with his Vans.

Harry stares at him, swapping hands with his carrier bag and turning his wrist over to check his watch. He looks back at Louis.
“I’m a stranger and you are inviting me into your home?”

“Well, it’s just a tiny flat I share with a crazy, lovely girl but she’s away this weekend to give me some peace to do some uni work so...I am all alone and looking for an excuse not to write so..”

Louis catches his breath, trying to talk fast, get his words out.
“I’ll even make you some toast too.”

Harry snorts out a laugh for the first time.
“Tea and toast, how can I refuse that offer?”

“C’mon then, I’m bleeding freezing.” Louis snags his elbow with his free hand and guides him across the road.

“Prepare to be underwhelmed at chez Tommo-Lloyd.”

“You're in your last year at Uni then?”

“Yeah, dissertation time.”

“You 21 then?”

“Nah, 22.” Louis looks over at Harry.
“Had a gap year and worked in a bar in Spain, had a crazy adventure, needed to just..." He gesticulated, turning his wrist over. "Escape."

Harry's eyes snapped to his.
He stopped dead in his tracks.
"From what?"

Louis slowed and turned to Harry.
"Umm, lots of things. I never really did much as a kid, always helping Mum with the kids, picking them up from school, calling for shopping, babysitting."
He sighs, shaking his head.
"I went from school to college to uni without a break and I was kind of discovering myself."

"And did you?" Harry shuffles from foot to foot.

"Did I what?"

"Discover yourself?"

"I did." Louis pushes his tongue into his cheek making it pop out, smiling wryly.
"You wanna know?"

Harry nods slowly at Louis, his eyes scanning his face.

"I discovered that I only find men attractive and that trying to convince myself I was anything but gay was pointless."

Harry let's a long breath go,

They reach Louis' building and Louis climbs the steps In front of Harry.

“I’d love to do something like that.”

“What’s stopping you?” Louis halts, putting the key into his door.


"Then fuck the stuff and just do it."

"Easier said than done." Harry mutters..

"Anyway, how do you take your tea?"

"White, no sugar please."

"Same." Louis lifts his fist to bump Harry, it's takes a second for him to realise what Louis is trying to do and giggles lifting his fist to bump him back.

"I'm such a loser." He snorts.


Harry sucks his bottom lip into his mouth.
"Why are you being so kind?"

"Umm, suppose I figured you might need a friend if you were looking for yourself in the bottom of a vodka bottle."

Harry stared up at him, sadness flooding from his eyes.
"It's complicated." Unshed tears gather in his bottom lashes.

Louis reaches his hand out and squeezes his shoulder.
"We can talk if you want?"

Harry shakes his head slowly, chewing the inside of his cheek.
"I've come to have a weekend on my own, away from everyone and everything."

"Tea and toast first and then you can run away to yourself."
Louis quickly tidies the kitchen whilst the tea brews and the toast is ready.
He grabs the edge of the counter and huffs out a breath, not quite knowing how to best help Harry. He was troubled, that was clear to see but all Louis could offer was an ear and some breakfast. But he wanted to see those beautiful eyes sparkle, a real smile erupt from his lips.
He felt under pressure to get these next few minutes right!
The toaster popped and the thick delicious bread is golden brown. A generous layer of butter and he is juggling mugs and plates into the living room. Harry is on his knees looking at the framed photos on the fireplace.

"S-sorry you don't mind do you?"
Harry points to the photos.
"Your friends?"

"Umm yeah, the guy on the right is my best mate from school and me.  He came to visit me in Spain when I worked there,  Stan he's called."

Harry picked up the framed picture and looked closer at it.
"Cool." He places it back down carefully and picks up the next one. "These?"

"Umm, the dark haired girl is my roomie Cher and the guy is her boyfriend and the prick on the end next to me is my ex, I should lay that photo down or something yeah?" Louis chuckles low.
"But truthfully, I don't give a shit, well rid."

"When did you split?"  Harry kneeling down, sits back on his heels, 

"Months ago now, just keep the photo for Cher and Blake." Louis rolls his eyes with a smile.

"You single now?" 

Louis hands Harry his tea and a plate of toast.
"I am, although that lady in the shop tells my my previous ex is on the prowl for me but he can bollocks, he was a cheat. But anyway." Louis sweeps his hand for Harry to sit on the couch.
"Enough about my fucking shit love life, tell me summat about you, how old are you, single or taken, where do you live?" 

“Erm.” Harry widens his eyes at the questioning, straightening up and moving to the sofa.
“ I’m 20, single and I live in Cheshire, I have one sister and umm that’s about it.”

“You work? Or uni?” Louis licks butter from his fingers.

Harry coughs into his hand, his eyes flick up to Louis and back down to his untouched toast.
“I work, um family business, work for Dad.”

“Oh cool, what kinda business is it?"

Harry keeps his eyes down, picking the edge of the toast crust off and popping it in his mouth, chewing slowly.
“Umm we have land, like horses and agriculture.”

“Harry, are you a young farmer?” Louis' tone is teasing.

He barks out a laugh, eyes coming up from his plate, some of the tension dissolved in his laughter.
“Suppose I am in a way.”
His tongue pokes out of his mouth at Louis and Louis is charmed, thinks Harry is so very handsome and lovely.

“So your plan this weekend?” Louis quirks his eyebrow at him.
“Apart from annihilation via vodka, what else were you planning in your get away from it all trip?”

Harry takes a bite of his toast, his lips shiny and greasy from the butter, licking at them and chasing down the food with a gulp of tea.
“Promise not to laugh.”

“Cross my heart.” Louis draws a little cross with his finger over his heart.

Harry sighs, puts his plate on the little coffee table and scrubs his hand through his hair making his messy quiff stand up even higher.
“Ok, my list consists of three things.”

Louis nods his encouragement.

“Get drunk.”

“Well yeah I kinda figured that!”

“Get high.”

Louis' tongue snakes out of his mouth, licking his lips.
"Right. And...?"

"Get laid."
Harry rushes the last word out, mumbling it but Louis clearly hears what he said.

He nods slowly at him.
“Sounds pretty doable.” He tries to sound casual for Harry's sake.

“You think?” Harry's voice just a mumble rolling from his tongue.

Louis goes into practical mode.
“You’re a good looking lad Harry, you shouldn’t have a problem getting yourself laid and any Manchester bar will have someone willing to hook you up with a spliff or two.”

“Doable for you maybe, you have so much confidence Louis.” Harry slurps at his hot tea a crease between his eyes clearly visible

Louis shakes his head, clicking his tongue.
“I'm gobby but I often have crippling insecurities.”

Harry watches him carefully, disbelief in his eyes.

“It’s true Harry.” Louis reiterates.

Harry drains his cup and stands to take them in the kitchen.

“Leave them mate, I’ll sort it.”
Louis waits a beat. Harry sits back down.
“Why this weekend?”

Harry stares at him, Louis see’s his jaw clench, sees the strain in his eyes.
“I can’t talk about it really but umm, It's my last chance, so yeah this weekend means everything to me.”

Louis' heart stutters in his chest.
"Last chance?" His voice cracks a little, he clears his throat and watches Harry.

"I'm not like, dying."

Louis exhales loudly, a wash of relief flooding over him.

"But it's out of my hands." Harry tags on sadly.

"I don't understand.." Louis' voice soft, his eyes boring into Harry.
"You going to prison or summat?"

Harry purses his lips.
"Nothing like that, well, maybe my own personal prison but I'm not a criminal."

Louis grimaces, shaking his head.
"I don't understand.."

"I don't wanna talk about it any more." Harry sweeps his hand, shaking his head.

Louis stares at him, sees the strain in his eyes and nods.
“Ok Harry, sorry. Was only trying to help.”

Harry’s eyes flood with tears now, his breath hitches he stands up.
“I know, I know you were, you have been really kind Louis. I better go, I’ve taken up enough of your time.”

Louis feels panic in his chest. He really doesn’t want to let this boy go, let him just walk away.
“I feel like you might do something crazy like drink that whole bottle. I don’t want to let you go in this state Harry, please..”

He stands and steps forward, holds his hands out gripping Harry’s arms. “Tell me what you are going to do when you leave here.”

“I’m going to drive to a hotel, drink some of that vodka, enough to give me dutch courage.”
Harry looks down at his feet, colour blooming in his cheeks.
“I’m going to find a bar, find a man who wants to sleep with me, find some weed and lose myself for a few days.” 

A man. Louis’ gut instinct was right.
“Look, do you even know your way around Manchester, do you know anyone here?”

He shakes his head.

“So you are just going to pick up a random man and sleep with him?” Louis huffs out incredulously.

“There’s a first time for everything.” Harry mutters, the blush spreading down his neck.

“First time. So is that what this is all about? You’re not out is that it?” Louis' voice is gentle and encouraging.

Harry finally looks up at him.
“I’m not out but that’s not...It’s complicated Louis.”

The anguish in his eyes is heartbreaking.

“Are you bi or pan or something and with a woman and want a man?” Louis tries to make sense of his anguish.

Harry shakes his head.
“I’m gay, I’m not with anyone, I just, I need to do this Louis." He closes his eyes and lays his head back.
‘Like I said it’s really complicated.”

“It always is Harry.” Louis adds sadly.

“No but...I can’t, it’s impossible and I have to know, I can’t go through life, I have to at least know.”
His voice rises in a panic.

“Ok, ok.” Louis slides his hands up and down his arms.
“It’s ok Harry, really.”

“But it’s not ok. Whatever happens this weekend, has to last me a lifetime. I need to make it count.”

“And you think the answer is to sleep with a complete stranger?” Louis tries to reason with him.

“How else am I going to do this? How else am I ever going to experience what the real me wants to experience?” Harry's tormented face stabbing at Louis' heart.

“Oh fuck Harry, it won’t just go away you know, you’ll always be gay, this might just open a whole new can of worms for you.”
Louis pulls him into a hug. Holds him so tight, he melts into his touch. Harry gathering him closer, rocking gently together. They stay like this for minutes, so close.

“Would you sleep with me?” Harry rasps out, heat from his breath on Louis’ hair.

Louis pulls away slightly, grasps Harry’s arms again.

“What?” Louis stares up into his face.

“Sorry.” Harry backs away.
“Stupid idea, sorry. I umm you're so hot and you're just everything... Sorry, I didn’t mean to gross you out, you’ve been nothing but kind.”
He bends to grab his pink beanie.

“You ummm, you didn’t gross me out. I just... I wasn’t expecting..”

“So you could?” Harry's eyes hopeful now.

“Harry, shit this is weird.” Louis takes a step back towards him.

Harry pulls the beanie on.
“Thanks for everything, I really mean that, thank you.”

He walks off towards the door and Louis feels panic rising.
“No wait, don’t go.”

Harry stops in the doorway. “I have to Louis, I should just..”

Louis walks over to him, eyes flicking over his face, his collarbones peeping out of his sweater.
He reaches up and winds one of the curls poking out of Harry’s hat around his finger.
“Are you serious about this?” Louis questions him.

“Deadly.” He replies in a heartbeat.

Louis rises up, eyes on Harry’s lips. He grabs his coat collar and pulls him down to his kiss.
Soft gentle brushes of dry lips, featherlight. Louis pulls back, looks at Harry.
“I don’t want some dick not caring about how important this is for you.” Louis whispers against Harry’s mouth.

“Please Louis.” Harry urges.

“You absolutely sure?”  Louis shuffles closer, his eyes on Harry's mouth.

Harry leans forward, the hard line of his cock pressing into Louis’ hip.

Louis pulls back slightly to look up into imploring eyes.
“I’d be honoured to be your first time.”

Their lips crash together, frantic.
Louis licks across the seam of Harry’s mouth and he opens for him, tongues tasting. A moan from Harry goes straight to Louis’ dick, swelling him even more in his trackies.
Harry is pushed up against the door and Louis is pushed all up into Harry.
Harry drops his hand to Louis’ arse and pulls him in, the pressure of his thigh against his cock is so welcomed. Fuzzy pleasure spreading out from Louis’ belly.
Louis grabs his lapels and walks him towards the bedroom.

“No vodka, you need to remember this, be sober.”

Harry pulls his bottom lip into his mouth with his teeth.
“Second thoughts?” Louis quizzes him.

“Nope. Can’t believe I met you, It’s fate.”

Louis pushes Harry’s coat from his shoulders.
Pulls his beanie off.
“Just gonna sort some things.”
He roots about in his drawer for lube and condoms and after scrolling through his playlist, clicks his phone into the dock and turns the sound low.
Sam Smiths beautiful smooth voice singing out.

Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Harry is perched on the edge of Louis’ bed. Never feeling more nervous or excited as he does right now. His eyes never leaving Louis.
Louis holds his hands out for Harry to hold and as their palms meet he pulls him up.
Lets his hands drop and reaches up brush his cheek.
“Don’t look so scared.” Louis murmurs.

“‘M terrified.”

Louis’ arms encircle him, slide under his sweater feeling his warm soft skin, running over the planes of his back.
He reaches up on tiptoes and lightly nuzzles at his neck, littering kisses along the column of his throat as Harry throws his head back to give him better access. Breathy sighs escaping his lips.
Louis’ hands run over his ribs, lifting his sweater with him and pulls his mouth off to take the sweater off.
Delicious smells of warm skin, something spicy, soap and man filling Louis senses.
He lets his eyes sweep down Harry’s body. He’s perfect. Dark ink litters his skin, softly defined muscles make his chest so broad but tapers down to narrow hips and waist. Louis leans forward planting kisses on his chest and stomach, breathing in his heady scent.
He feels Harry’s hands now, sliding his sweatshirt up. So many emotions in his eyes.
“It’s ok.” Louis reassures him.
“Do what you feel comfortable with.”

Harry finishes off removing his top, lets his eyes fall down Louis’ body.
He runs his hands over his chest and stomach, touching and tracing his tattoo’s.
“Perfect.” Harry looks up and meets his eyes.

Louis looks down and see’s Harry’s huge pale hand on his golden skin, he shivers, a thrum flowing through his body.
“Can I?” Louis reaches for Harry’s belt.
He nods.

Louis unbuckles it and springs his button open, slides his zip down. He hears Harry inhale sharply.
He looks up at him and Harry’s eyes are filled with longing now.
Gone is the fear, replaced by need.
Louis slides his hands to Harry’s hips and pulls his jeans down past his arse.
Having to bend slightly to help them get past his thighs as they are such a snug fit and then they are falling to the floor.
Harry steps out of them.
Louis looks down.
Firm strong legs with a light sprinkling of hair topped off by a pair of black CK boxer briefs, straining to hold in what looks like a pretty impressive erection.

“Fuck Harry, why have you never..?”

Harry silences him with a finger to his lips. “Please Louis.” His implores. “Not now, just let’s..”

They kiss, lips moving, tongues exploring, tasting. Harry’s hands come down to Louis sweats, his hands slide under the waistband and he pushes them down.
Louis steps out of them, kicks them to the side, freeballing, he has no underwear to remove.
Harry looks down at Louis’ body, he huffs out a breath.
“Fuck.” His voice shaky.

Louis captures his attention back.
“Can I?” His hands on the waistband of his boxers.
Harry nods, biting his lip and Louis just does it. Just pulls them down, his hands sweeping over the soft mounds of him bum, his erection bobbing about.
Their bodies crash together in a fervor of lips and hands. Touching, stroking, feeling each other. Their erections bumping together, they push in for more friction. Harry’s hands on Louis’ bum, pulling him closer to grind forward onto him, panting into Louis’ mouth.
Louis taps his foot and makes him take the step back to the bed and lays him down.

“I just want you to relax and enjoy this ok? Tell me if you don’t like something.” Harry had regressed to nervous again. Laid flat on his back, Louis kneels over him on the edge of the bed. His eyes taking in his body again. So stunning. “Just umm, you’ve had sex with a woman right?”
Harry nods.


Louis concentrates on helping to make Harry relax, kissing him all over his body but avoiding anything too intimate yet. Lets him get used to the feeling of a man with his lips on him, sucking at his skin, licking him.

“You are so fucking hot Harry.” Louis murmurs into the skin of his ribs, making Harry’s pulse flutter. Harry’s hand trailing up and down Louis’ back. Louis takes his time, tender and caring, letting his tongue trail over his body. He swipes broadly over his nipple and Harry jerks.
"You like that?" Louis hums and licks again.

"Mmm." He sighs, his face beginning to flush.

Louis sucks and let's his teeth softly graze over his swollen bud. Soft slow breaths leaving Harry’s lips. Licking one nipple, rolling the other between thumb and finger.
Louis kisses right down his body, tracing his V lines with his tongue, down to his thighs, eyes flicking to his cock laid heavily on his stomach. Louis’ groin throbs low and deep with excitement.

Keeping his mouth on his skin, Louis reaches for the lube.
“Just relax, just having a little play about, I won’t do anything without asking.” His voice rumbling against Harry’s skin.

“It’s fine.” Harry’s voice is so low.

Louis squeezes some into his hand, it’s raspberry flavour, the soft fruity smell complimenting the sultry smell of arousal.
He rubs his hands together “I’m just going to explore a little.”
He slides his hand over Harry’s balls, hears Harry suck in a deep breath.
The glide of the lube making it so pleasurable for Harry.

“That ok?” Louis’ hand gently sweeping and cupping and massaging.
Harry’s cock twitches hard, the head shiny with his own natural lubrication.

“Y-yeah.” Harry's head pushed back hard into the pillow.

Fuck, Louis loves doing this, taking his time, just enjoying watching someone lose themselves like this.
With the other hand he slides it around Harry’s shaft, avoiding the head at first. Slow shallow sweeps, the sighs and pants coming from Harry are enough to keep Louis’ groin in a state of flux. Throbbing with want, but also enjoying himself too much to rush anything.
Louis slides his hand around the girth and then up his length. His skin shiny with the lube.
Louis finally lets his palm run over the head of his cock.

Harry jerks hard.
“Fu-uck.” Louis’ hand clicking with the lube on skin sound, his other hand still playing with his balls.

“Can I taste you?”
Harry throws his forearm over his eyes.
“Fuck yeah.”

Louis doesn’t need any more encouragement. His lips wrap around his head and just suckle. Harry groans low. He sucks all the lube off, wanting to taste him. Harry leaking hard now.

“You taste so good.” Swooping down and swallowing him some more, just feeling the tip hit his throat he pulls back and just enjoys the weight and feeling of Harry in his mouth, curling his tongue around the sides and rolling it slightly to get some good sensations for Harry. Letting it slide back out, lips slowly massaging him, suckling on the head again,
Harry whines, Louis feels like he might be close so he gently pulls off.

“Harry, are you sure you want to be fucked?” Louis making sure it's exactly what he wants.

“Yes, oh please Louis, yes.” desperation in his words.

“Ok, I need to get you nice and ready ok?” Louis' voice soft and reassuring.

“I will use lots of lube and my fingers ok? Just try and relax.”

Harry has his bottom lip fully in his mouth, his hair sticking to his forehead, his face beautifully flushed.

“Just enjoy, tell me if anything is uncomfortable.”
Louis lubes his fingers and spreads Harry’s legs and squirts some directly on his bum.
He begins by just massaging around his opening, slow and steady, knowing the nerve endings are particularly sweet around here and will feel so nice for Harry. The soft whine coming from him tells Louis this is true.
He slowly puts pressure on his opening, running his finger around the puckered skin and feeling it flutter as he goes a little further.
“Just blow a big breath out now Harry and relax your muscles.”
Harry does as he tells him and Louis is in with one finger.

It's hot and tight so Louis slowly runs around in a circle. Harry panting into his forearm still.
Louis bends and takes Harry's cock in his left hand and slowly licks at it.
The noises coming from Harry get louder. Louis just lazily sucks, licks and sinks his mouth down, all the while opening him up with his right hand.
He takes him deep in his throat and adds a second finger as he does.
All Harry feels is the overwhelming pleasure sweeping over his body. Louis expertly fingering him, sliding higher to stroke over his prostate, eliciting the most arousing noises from Harry as he does so.
He slides his mouth off and Harry whines.
"All good? That’s an amazing feeling yeah?" Louis' lips mumble against Harry's cock.

"Fuck Louis yeah, fuck."

Louis keeps up the friction deep inside of him and Harry is writhing on the bed. Louis chooses his moment, sinks his mouth over his cock and adds a third finger.
Harry bucks his hips at this making his cock nudge deep into Louis throat and making Louis' slicked fingers slide deeper.
He’s taking it really well. Louis feels almost proud of him.

"Close Louis."

He takes this as his cue.
"Unwrap the condom Harry."
He does and Louis keeping his fingers in place, sits up on his knees and nods down to his own leaking cock.
"Put it on for me love."

Harry's hands take hold of Louis cock and Louis hisses at the delicious pressure.

“You’re going to kill me with that.” Harry pants as Louis keeps up his prepping.

“You’d be surprised what will fit up there.” Louis smiles at him.
“Lube Harry, plenty on please.”

Harry drizzles it on. Lays back down flat on his back.
Louis adjusts himself around.

“Knees right up Harry.”
Louis kneels between his legs, slides his fingers out slowly leaving Harry whimpering.
He lines himself up, stops and stares at Harry, such a significant moment. Eyes locked, he raises his eyebrows questioningly, the air crackling with anticipation. Harry nods. Louis smiles at him and just gently lets the head slide in.
Harry’s eyes pop out, the sweat now covering his body.

“Relax harry, ok? Nice and steady.”
Slowly, very slowly, Louis inches his way in.
“Ok babe? You Ok?”

Harry swallows. “Y-yeah, god yeah.”

Louis swoops down and captures his lips, kissing him tenderly, still slowly filling him until he is fully in.
“You did it, that’s it all.” he smiles against Harry’s lips.
He just stays still, letting Harry get used to the fullness.
Louis just slowly grinds into Harry. Harry groans.

“It’ssss...ahhh….whaa..jeeez.” Incoherent babbling, licking his lips and rolling his head into the pillow.

Louis slides back a little and pushes back in, so tight, so hot.
“This ok?”

“ caaan’t.”

Louis loving the way Harry is completely lost in the moment. Not a fully formed word has escaped his lips since Louis entered him.
He just continues to slowly grind and give him shallow thrusts.
After a few minutes he tries a bit more, pulling out a bit further and driving in deeper.

“Oohhh sh-shit.” Harry's eyes wild and blown, lost in the moment.

“Is it too much Harry? You want me to stop?”

“N..Oohh No.”

“Bit more?”

“Y-yeah, .”

Louis obliges, slides further out and back in with more purpose, shifting slightly and seeing Harry spasm as he does so.
“That good love?” Louis feels Harry’s body buck upwards, seemingly chasing more.

“S-oo good, feels..Ahhh." The breathy moans filling Louis up with coiled desire.

Soon Louis is fully sliding in and out, eliciting delicious sounds from Harry. Watching his beautiful face in the throes of euphoria.
Louis shifts and watches for the reaction he wants. Harry wails and he knows he is succeeding in his aim, that Harry is so very close.

He up’s the pace, Harry arches up towards him, searching, needing this. One, two, three more thrusts and Harry is lost in the frenzy of orgasm. Come spurting up his belly and chest.

Louis wants to memorise this moment forever. This feeling flooding his body, the visual delight of Harry blissed out under him. It’s earth shattering, it’s everything.
Louis comes so hard with Harry’s name on his lips.

“Oh fuck.” After several minutes of glorious post orgasmic bliss these were Harry’s first mumbled words.

“Was that ok?” Louis' voice still shaky.

Harry huffs out a laugh, “Ok? Shit Louis, it was...It was just, fuck, how do I even begin to describe it? It was as many cliches as you can think of. Mindblowing, orgasmic, lifegiving.”

Louis chuckles. “You’re welcome, hope that ticked your ‘get laid’ box?”

“Ticked it, underlined it and highlighted it.”

“So, I just need to get you some weed and do you really need to get pissed now?” Louis teased him gently.

“Nah, it was dutch courage to go do this. Fuck, I can’t believe..”
But his face drops.
“But that’s it now. Suppose I have just ruined the rest of my life by finding out what I am missing.”

“Harry, please, surely there is a solution?” Louis presses.

Harry shakes his head.
“Let me enjoy this feeling, soak it up. It’s got to last me a lifetime.”

“I thought you were escaping for the weekend?” Louis absently plays with Harry's sensitive nipple.

“Well that was my plan, but..”

“So stay here..” The words came tumbling out. Louis has never been more serious in his whole life.
"Stay. I'll get some weed and we can drink some vodka and.." Louis sighs "And you can just be free for the weekend. Be out, be you."

Harry's eyes fill with tears.
"You really mean it?"

"I really mean it."
Harry reaches up and kisses Louis.

Louis eventually let's Harry go wash up but only after a slow sensual blow job. Harry is glowing!

He hears him singing in the shower, Louis smiles to himself, wondering just how crazy you have to be to invite a complete stranger to come and stay with you.
He pulls on his boxers and gets his phone from the dock and texts Cher. He knows she is in Rochdale with her boyfriends family but he doesn't want her walking into all of this.
Throwing himself into the sofa he goes into his messages.

'I've pulled, don't come home, hot weekend on the cards! STAY AWAY!!'

'WHO IS IT??? Gimme all the goss Tommo!!'

'No one you know! He's here for the weekend! Do NOT come home!'

'I won't babe! Enjoy! Need fucking DEETS tho.'

'Full details over coffee on Monday! My shout xxxx'

'Deal xxx!'

Harry comes wandering back into Louis living room, just a towel slung low on his hips.
"I have a bag in my car, thought I could pay my way by getting some shopping in and cooking for us?"

"You don't have to do that Harry." Louis protests.

"Nah, it's the least I can do. Where's the nearest supermarket?"

"There's a Sainsburys just down my road and left at the traffic lights." Louis doing the hand movements to match his directions.

"Sainsburys is perfect, thank you. Can I go in your bedroom to get my clothes?" 

"Harry, you can go anywhere except the other bedroom, just do what you want." Louis reassures him. 

Harry grins at him, quirking an eyebrow. "you sure you want me here?"

“I wouldn’t have asked you if I wasn’t sure.”

Harry smiles and nods, rubs at his damp hair and wanders into the bedroom to get dressed.
“I left my car near that shop, I think I can find my way.”

Louis takes him to the window and shows him the way.
Hand on his back, leaning into him Louis gets a warm stirring in his belly.

“See you soon, thanks again Louis.” Harry bends and kisses him on the cheek.

Louis watches him go, not realising his hand has come up to cover the cheek he kissed.

After a quick shower, Louis sets up his laptop and opens a new google document and then just sits there looking at the screen.
What the hell just happened? He just had the most amazing sex with a virtual stranger who he's now invited to stay for the weekend!

He subconsciously pushes his finger into a bruise on his upper arm where Harry clung to him in the throes of passion. Feels the dull burn and smiles to himself. It's not every day you run into a shit hot attractive guy, almost begging you to sleep with him.

Louis takes a deep breath, scrubs his hand over his face and begins to type.
Almost two hours later Louis has a slight niggle in his stomach that maybe Harry has got cold feet and isn't coming back. Maybe he hated it? But no, Louis watched him, saw how deeply aroused he was.

The buzzer makes him jump.
Harry lumbers in, as he opens the door, with hands full of bags.
"I have more Louis, won't be a minute."

Louis looks down at the bags, a spiky pineapple top, a bottle with a champagne style cork, a cucumber and corn cobs were just a few of the things poking out of the bags. Louis goes to the window and sees Harry at a huge black Range Rover. Louis frowns to himself, this kid clearly has money, driving about in a car worth tens of thousands and this shopping alone would have been more than Louis' monthly shopping budget.

He closes the boot and has just as many more bags and a holdall thrown over his shoulder.
"Harry, bloody hell lad, is there owt left in Sainsburys?"

Harry barks out a laugh. "Just wanted to repay you in some way so thought I'd fill your cupboards and fridge."

"Harry there was no need.."

"And I eat a lot so thought we needed plenty of supplies."

Louis starts putting the shopping away. Eggs, bacon, steak, chicken, ham, cheese, every vegetable and every salad ingredient, every fruit. The bottle was champagne, there werev3 of them! Plus beer, wine, juice, breads, cakes, chocolate.

"Are you expecting to just eat and have sex all weekend?" Louis holds up a giant box of condoms and lube that was also in the shopping.

"Well, I don't like to presume anything but as I was a Boy Scout once upon a time, my motto is always 'be prepared' so.."

Louis runs his hand down Harry's back.
"Listen Harry, I can't afford to chip in much towards this lot."

Harry spins and takes Louis into his arms.
"This is on me Louis, please, it's no problem."

Louis scans Harry's face, his nose a little red from the cold.
"Well.." Louis reaches up and kisses the end of Harry's nose. "We best eat lots and have tons of sex then."

Harry blinks slowly at Louis, his smile melting into fondness.
"Sounds like a perfect weekend to me."

They kiss, soft and sweet, becoming deeper and passionate.
Louis stops for breath.
“Are you insatiable Harry?”

“You seem to make me that way.” He grins, bumping noses and turning away, adjusting himself in his jeans. “Hungry?”

Louis nods, his eyes still on the bulge.

“I mean for food?”Harry pulls his tongue out and winks.

“Hungry for everything, food, you..”

Harry chuckles.
“Where have you been all my life Louis?”

Louis’ chest tightens, he moves a corkscrew curl and tucks it behind Harry’s ear.

Harry cooks them delicious bacon and cheese baguettes.
“What do you want to drink? Tea, champagne, vodka, water, juice?”

“Tea, white no sugar please.”

They sit eating them on their knee in Louis’ cosy living room.

“What are you writing?”

“My final paper for my sports sciences degree. Writing about incidences, severity and prevention of sport related injuries.”

“And what would you like to do?”

Louis takes a bite of his sandwich and raises his eyes thinking.        “I could do another year after this and get a teaching certificate and be a PE teacher. Or maybe go into a keep fit type job, personal trainer or something, I don’t know to be honest. Dream job would be a football coach.”

Harry raises his eyebrows. “You like footy then?”

“God I love footy.” Louis beams. “I love all sport but football is my absolute passion.”

“Yeah me too, I have a Man U season ticket, I go when I can.”

“You jammy bastard, I support Donny Rovers but I love Man U too.” Harry ducks his head grinning.

“You should easily get a sport or fitness related job Louis. Thought you had a fit body.” Harry sweeps his eyes over Louis making him prickle at the attention on him.

“I like to try and keep fit but I hate like gym stuff for myself. I much prefer playing sports like football to keep me in shape. I like swimming too.”

Harry nods at him, watching him speak, his eyes keep falling to Louis’ mouth and back up to his eyes.

Harry insists on tidying the kitchen and washing up and Louis attempts to write. But he can hear Harry singing along to his phone in the kitchen and he is so full from the lovely food he made him and his mind is wandering all the time.

“Looks like I’m going to have to pull some all nighters.” He sighs and smiles to himself. Logs off and closes the laptop.

“Hey, why aren’t you writing, I will sit quietly and not disturb you.”

“I’m tired, I feel like an afternoon nap, wanna join me?”

Harry grins at him. “Sounds blissful.”


They just cuddle all afternoon. Laying naked in each others arms, playing questions and answers. Some of them Harry will answer, some he won’t.

“How many siblings have you got?”

“Just one sister, umm Gemma, she lives in Italy with her husband, I miss her so much.”

Louis pulls him in, they are laid facing each other, Louis leg slotted between Harry’s thighs.

“What about you?”

Louis snorts “S’like Kings Cross at home, Mum just had her second lot of twins.”

Harry’s eyes go wide like saucers.

“Plus I have 2 other non twin sisters so all in all, I have five half sisters and one half brother.”

“Wow, seven kids, that’s amazing. Bet Christmas is such fun in your house.”

Louis tucks his head under Harry’s chin and lightly kisses his chest.
“It was always manic, my dad left when I was a baby and so my step dad brought me up. But then they got divorced and it was a bit messy and..” Louis stops, takes a breath and plants another kiss.

“It’s all good now, she met a nice man and I have a brother now which, well, I’ve always wanted a brother.”

Harry can feel Louis smiling against his skin, his fingers carding through Louis’ hair.

“Aww you’re so lucky, I was always a bit lonely growing up, would have loved a house full of kids.”

“And I would have loved a bit of peace and quiet and less bickering in my house. But we always want what we don’t have.”
Louis feels Harry tense up.
“Sorry Harry, sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for, it’s my stupid problem. And don’t worry about saying stuff this weekend, don’t pussyfoot around me, I’m fine, I’ll be fine.”

Louis pulls back a bit and looks up at him.
“I hope so Harry.”

Harry bends and captures Louis’ lips.
They stay like this all afternoon, holding each other and chatting and kissing.

“You’re so easy to talk to.” Harry mumbles into Louis’ hair.
“And you’re fit as fuck. And you smell so good.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”
Louis tickles his ribs and makes him squirm.

“Why did you talk to me outside of the shop?”

Louis thinks for a few seconds.
“I thought you were drop dead gorgeous, I was worried you were going to do something daft with the vodka, like drink it all and I was intrigued.”

Harry hums.
“Drop dead gorgeous?”

“You fucking know you are.” Louis chuckles. “I take it you have mirrors at home?”

“I think I’m pretty average. You however...I followed you around the shop you know?”

“Oh my god I brought a stalker home.” Louis screeches, making Harry laugh.

“I was sat outside of that shop in my car, planning out my entire life and you came breezing down the street, looked like you didn’t have a care in the world and I was mesmerised by you.”

“Fuck, Harry.” Louis gathers him in even closer.
“So our timing was perfect then. Why my shop?”

Harry shrugs.
“Was driving around in a bit of a daze, just glad to be away, but wondering where the hell I start.” He recants.
“I thought, get some booze, go find a hotel near the village, get some decent slugs of vodka down my neck and get myself out there searching, and you walked down the street and my brain just turned to mush and I just...I was quite fucked basically, who could compete with you?”

“Meant to be then, a twist of fate or something?” Louis trailed his hand down Harry’s back making him shudder.

“Yeah, a twist of fate, I like that. I like you.” Harry rolled himself half onto Louis, pinning him down and kissing him.

“Thank you, I like you too." 

Now will you teach me how to give a blow job please.” he says as he scooted lower down the bed kissing Louis’ chest and stomach.

“Oh fuck, what a pain, showing someone how to suck your dick, can’t think of owt worse. I think this weekend is going to be so shit, how will I cope.” He drawls sarcastically.

Harry thumps him playfully.
“Stoooooop.” He whines. “I can’t help it if I’m a noob to all of this.”

Louis chuckles.
“Of course I’ll show you!"


"Right are you ready to take in this indepth information?"

"Think so.."

"Ok, here goes..." Louis stifles a giggle.

Harry looks up at him all expectantly.

"You wanna take notes?"

"Looooouis, don't tease." He pokes him in the belly button.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry," Louis coughs dramatically, clears his throat and takes a deep breath.
"Do what the fuck you like, a dick is grateful for any attention, a mouth is especially pleasing, so there's no wrong or right. Do what feels comfortable and just mind your bloody teeth. Do what you like to feel when you are receiving a blow job."

"That's it?"

"That's it! Only do what you feel happy doing, I won't come in your mouth, I'll warn you to stop."

"But I'm curious about the whole coming in my mouth thing."

Louis chuckles.
"It feels like there is a LOT and it's quite umm what's the word I'm looking for? Forceful maybe? But maybe you could just catch a bit of your lips or spit it straight out?"

"You wouldn't be offended?" Harry's lashes sweeping down hiding his slight embarrassment.

"Of course not!" Louis' tone was warm and tender. Taking in this beautiful boy, his insecurities wide open for Louis to do with what he wanted. Louis just wanted.

"Feel nervous. I'm so glad I'm here with you, I can't imagine asking a stranger about this."

"But I am a stranger Harry." Louis loops his finger around one of his curls.

Harry lays his head on Louis' belly.
"You don't feel like a stranger."

And Louis couldn't argue with that. He felt Harry's hand slide around him and just the thought that this was his first cock made Louis' head spin.
His hand is gentle but strong, sliding up and down, his foreskin creating friction over his head.

"You h-have nice fingers. Ahhhhhh"
Louis still twisting curls in Harry's hair, sighing at the growing heat in his groin.

Harry shifts, lifts himself up and wraps his lips around Louis and Louis' eyes white out.
Hot wet glorious heat enveloping his cock. He feels his tongue licking, swiping over the head and then back over with his lips, sealing him in and then moving down.

"Fuck Harry, that amazing love, so good."

Harry hums around him and has Louis desperately trying to tame his hips from choking him with his dick.
Working him, swallowing, heat, wet, overwhelming sensations.
"You're a-a fast learner." Louis gasps.

Feeling Harry's tongue sliding about, his lips so sweet.
He pulls off, takes a breath. He looks up at Louis plants a soft kiss to the tip.
"Gorgeous." He murmurs before sinking back down again.

Louis wants to remember that moment forever, put a pretty frame around it, have Harry sign it and be the background picture of his mind forever.
The noises Harry is making are shooting straight to his balls, spreading a fiery hot glow through his groin.
"I...I won't last long now Harry." Louis ground out between filthy moans.

"Mmmm." Harry speeds up, takes him deeper, all it takes is a glance up to meet Louis eyes and Louis is whining and spilling into Harry's mouth. Harry pulls back and the last spurts end up on his lips and chin.

Louis is panting but wants him, needs his mouth. Harry has collapsed down onto Louis' belly, the mess still on his lips. Louis wants.
He hauls him up.
"Shit Harry, that was...that was so fucking hot."
He swoops down and tastes himself on Harry's lips.
Harry growls and pulls him in closer, tongue coming out, sweeping over their lips, tasting more.
As their kisses calm down, Louis adjusts Harry so that he's on his side.
"Shall we nap?"

Harry nods "Please." His voice barely there.


"Flavour of crisps?" Louis hands thrust deep into his jeans pockets.

"Salt and vinegar." Harry replies knocking their hips together as they walked along the river.

"Fish and chips or kebab?"

"Ahhhoooooohhhh, that depends if I'm pissed or not." Louis ponders.


"Fish and chips for sure but after a few pints, a dirty kebab wins every time." Louis wrinkles his nose grinning.

"Same." Harry nods.

They’d got dressed and gone for a walk after a nap, curled up together until late into the afternoon. 

"Ok ummm eyes or lips?"

Harry stops and looks at Louis, grabbing hold of both of his hands.
"Eyes for sure, blue eyes actually, pretty baby blue with long dark lashes." He reaches forward and kisses both of Louis' eyelids.

"Same." Louis stutters out. "It was your eyes that pushed me over the edge this afternoon."

Harry blinks slowly at him.
"My eyes made you come?"

Louis bites his lip and nods, meeting Harry's startled gaze.
"The aroused look in your eyes from sucking my dick was hot as fuck."

The air between them sparked, standing staring at each other.

"Don't." Harry drops Louis' hands and adjusts his cock in his jeans.

"You're insatiable." Louis chuckles.

"I've got a lot to make up for and I need to bank as many memories as possible." Sadness ghosting his face.

"Wanna talk about why you're here? What's happening at home?" Louis reaches out for his hand.

"Nope!" Harry stroking over Louis' knuckles with his thumb.


"Don't wanna talk about any of that, I'm here to forget." 

"So just carefree shit yeah?" Louis pulls Harry closer.

"And eternal boners."

Louis bends and kisses him, grazing his hand over his erection and making him hiss.
“Come on.” Louis grabbed his hand and ran with him down the street, both of them laughing so hard, gasping for air.

“I FEEEEEL ALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVE.” Harry shouted into the gloomy night.
Swinging Louis around and kissing him against the railings of the park, pushing his body into him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him so close.

“My bar is just around the corner, you want me to buy some weed?”

“What do you think?” Harry trailed his lips along Louis’ jaw.

“No, your call love.”

“I like when you call me luv in your Donny accent. Luv.” He tried to sound like Louis, still grazing his teeth along his jaw.

“You’re far too posh to talk Donny.” Louis sighed, reveling in the sensations Harry was causing with his mouth.

“You think I’ll be ok with weed?” 

“Look H...”

Harry pulled away and grinned at him.
“H, I like that.” Harry’s face split with a beaming smile.

“You’re so cute.” Louis kissed his nose.
“So. Weed?”

“Suppose I’m out for the full experience so yeah, ok then,”

Louis slipped into the bar and bought a couple of ready rolled joints for them and they giggled and kissed their way back to Louis’ flat, stopping to do stupid things like lay on the grass and gaze at the stars and play hopscotch in the playground, Louis leaping onto Harry's back when he beat him.

“You smoked a regular cig before?” Louis searched his drawers for a lighter.

“Nope!” Harry giggled, mouth full of banana.

Louis suppressed a laugh.
“Are you bleeding sure you wanna do this?”

“Stop babying me and bring me my drugs.” Harry giggled from the living room.

“Listen posh lad, don’t you boss me about, I’m looking for my lighter.”

Harry wanders into the kitchen and all Louis hears is a loud pop and Harry cursing.
“Oh shit.”
Louis can hear him looking in cupboards.

“If you are looking for champagne glasses, the Queen came and borrowed them and never brought ‘em back. So it’s wine glasses only I’m afraid. Or cups.”
He could hear Harry sniggering in the kitchen.

“Bingo.” Louis found his lighter and lit the joint.
He took a long deep drag, holding it in and slowly letting the smoke curl out of his mouth.
The warm buzz spreading out, making his legs feel heavy but light at the same time.
“Niiiiice.” He mumbled to himself.
“Come on H, joint lit, happy days.”

Harry carried the bottle of champagne under his arm and carried 2 wine glasses full of fizz.
Louis coached Harry how to smoke and after a few little coughs, he finally inhaled, held it in and began to feel the buzz.

“Shotgun with me?” Louis sat on the little coffee table, facing Harry.

“Is that something sexual, because I’m gonna say yes anyway.” He giggles, his eyes a wonderful shade of olive with golden flecks.

“It’s as sexual as you want to make it.” Louis takes another deep drag, mounting Harry sitting facing him straddling his hips.
He lets that pull go from his lungs.
“I’m going to take a drag and you are going to share it with me via our mouths, ok?”

Harry is just staring up at him, lifting his hand and pushing Louis’ fringe from his eyes.
“You’re stunning you know that?”

“Fuck this shit is good.” Louis' eyes flutter shut, letting the buzz wash over him.

Harry shakes his head
“You always deflect my compliments with humour. You are stunning.”

Louis leans down and kisses him.

Harry plants a kiss on the end of Louis' nose. "Ready."

Louis takes a drag, wraps his lips tight with Harry, blowing the smoke into his open mouth, feeling Harry inhale it.
They just keep kissing, the smoke seeping out of Harry’s nose.

“Lets shotgun the champagne.” Harry drawls, the weed making him mellow and his speech even slower.

Louis slurps from his glass and again passes his share onto Harry. The bubbles making their tongues fizz together. Harry pulls back and swallows.
“I’m having so much fun.”

“Better than trawling the village and fucking in a lonely hotel room?” 

Harry’s eyes fill with tears.

“H, I’m sorry, so sorry…” Louis reaches up and gently runs his thumb under Harry's bottom lashes, catching some of the wetness.
“No please Lou, it’s...You’ve nothing to be sorry for.”

“I didn’t think love, I didn’t mean it.” Louis' face flustered.

“I know you didn’t, I know..” Harry reaches up to touch his cheek reassuringly.

“I want you inside of me.” Louis rolls his hips down into Harry.

Harry’s face flushes crimson.
“Do you really?” His eyes scanning Louis’ face.

“I do.”

They finished the joint and some of the champagne and were loose and chill, kissing and cuddling, Louis curled up on Harry's knee.
“Come on beautiful, I want you right now.” Louis jumps from his knee and grabs Harry’s hands.

“Nervous.” Harry huffed.

“Don’t be nervous H, don’t worry, I’ll show you everything. I’ll show you.”
They kissed their way into the bedroom, pulling at each others clothes until they were both naked.

“Will you put that playlist on again, I liked that a lot.”
Louis obliged, clicking his phone into the dock and shuffling the tracks.

"Well you only need the light when it's burning low.
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.
Only know you love her when you let her go."

They take their time, slowly, tenderly exploring each other's bodies. Hands and mouths, lips and teeth.
Eliciting sweet moans from each other as they make out.

"Your body is a wonderland." Harry blatantly devouring Louis with his eyes. Louis feeling his cheeks flush, sweeps his hand down Harry's side.

"So what must you be then? Paradise, that's what your body is."

Harry chuckles low.
"Can't believe I met you."

"Me too." Louis' lips against his pulse, feeling it flutter.

They kiss again.
Hard cocks rubbing against each other.
"I've never been so horny in my entire life." Harry sighs, circling his hips and creating the most delicious friction.

Louis hisses, capturing Harry's full bottom lip with his teeth and sucking it into his mouth.
"You ready to roger me into oblivion?"

Harry snorts.
"Roger! Years since I heard that."

"Thought it'd help you lose that scared look off your face. It worked." Louis ghosts his hand down Harry's back making him shudder.
"Now just relax and enjoy."

Louis rolls the condom onto Harry's cock and lubes it up, quickly lubing himself with Harry watching.
"I don't need as much prep as you, as long as you go in slow I'll be fine."

Harry nods, capturing his own bottom lip with his teeth. Already a fine sheen of sweat on his brow.
Harry looks down into Louis' eyes.
"I feel..I feel so close to you Louis. It''s weird, like, I feel I know you, like, like we met before..."

Louis scans Harry's beautiful face. "I hear you Harry." 

Harry bends and kisses him.
"So very beautiful."

"You sure you wanna do this?" Louis realises today might already be too overwhelming for Harry.

"No really, I do, I'm great, I really want you." Harry rasped.

"Fuck." That made Louis dick twitch so hard.

"Yea-yeah, ready Lou."

"Just slow H, just apply some pressure."

Harry nods and lines himself up.

"Ok love, I feel you. Oh god yeah, that's it Harry, slow steady pressure. Yeah ahhh that's it love, fuck you feel so big, so strong."
Harry slowly stretches and fills Louis.
Tiny grunts escaping Harry's lips. Lost in the whole moment, he looks beautiful.

"Oh fuck H, so good. Ahhhhhhhh yeah, please, more Harry please."
Harry obliges and continues to inch his way in. Hitching his breath as the heat envelopes his cock. Deeper and deeper he goes.
Louis wraps his leg around Harry's bum and with his foot putting pressure on, feels him slip in the last inch.

"So, balls deep in a boys bum hole. How are you feeling H?"  Louis gazing up into Harry's beguiling face.

"F-ucking excellent."

"Ok, here's the thing, just grind your hips for me." Louis instructs, holding Harry under his arms, helping him.

Harry does as he's told, delicious sensations flood Louis' spine, making him keen.
"Ok now pull out a little and push back in."

Harry does, his breath catching with the friction and heat.

"And some more."

Harry does, staring at Louis' face, watching the reactions and emotions on his face.

"Now mix it up."

Harry grins, "such a thorough teacher."
Grinding and thrusting gently into Louis.

"You're not gonna come yet are you?" Louis throws his head back savoring the bursts of arousal.

Harry bares all his teeth and closes his eyes. "I could come this second but no, I'll try and be good."

"So now I'm nicely stretched, do what the fuck you want."

Harry is amazing, deep quick thrusts, long slow thrusts, swivelling his hips, the internal friction driving Louis insane.
Long grinding slides making him moan at the deep fullness, short punchy strokes making his prostate throb so deliciously.
Louis' pants and moans shooting straight to Harry's cock.
"Fuck Harry, I won't last long."

Harry, rather proud of being able to draw out such wonderful noises from Louis, puts everything he has into his moves. Realising the high pitched whines and total abandonment in Louis' face means he's close.
Harry brings his knees up slightly and pounds into Louis making him curse and moan so loud, so very fucking loud.
"Riiiiggt aggghhhh baby agghhhh right there, FUCK, aaahhhhhhhh, yeah, Har-rrahhhhhhh, fuck, oh FUCK, yeah."
His voice bouncing about as Harry pounds into him.
"Therrrrre fuuuuuuuuuuck aggghhhhhh,"
Louis comes with a scream, Harry, seconds behind him. Collapsing down onto him, shaking and emotional.


"Eggs, bacon or both?"
Harry squirted more soap into his hands.
'Turn." He instructed. Louis obliged and Harry ran his hands down Louis back and over the swell of his bum.

"Umm eggs would be lovely." Louis shuddered at Harry's touch, his skin covered in goosebumps.

"Cold?" Harry pulled him closer under the water.

"No, love the sensation. You sleep well in my old knackered bed?”

“I slept the best I have for a very long time.” Harry admitted.

They finished their shower, both stood in Louis bathtub.
"Fried, scrambled, poached?"

"Fried, on toast and a massive pot of tea."

Harry cooked, Louis attempted to work, staring at his cursor, willing some words to come into his head.
Eventually Harry settles on the sofa, earphones in, dozing off listening to Louis' playlist. Humming softly. Louis desperately trying to work, but drawn to this beautiful soul on his sofa.
He knuckles down and gets a few thousand words written, in between getting up for a few kisses and cuddles on the couch.

In the late afternoon, Harry is restless.
“Mind if I go for a run?”

Louis looks up, rubs his eyes and stretches.
“Want me to come too?”

“You run?” Harry looks taken aback.

“I do. Why the shocked face?"

"I just, I dunno, people tend to work out in a gym, use treadmills, didn't think you'd pound the streets.."

"I don't mind if it isn't pissing down, it's a nice day so.."

“But you need to get your work done, I’ll be fine you know, you stay in the warmth and work.”

Louis mulled it over. He was off for two more days after Harry left, that was enough time to finish up.
“Nah, I’ll come. Fancy some fresh air and exercise.”

They both changed into suitable clothing.

“You brought workout clothes on a sex, drugs and rock and roll weekend?” Louis teased him.

“Heyyyy, you shouldn’t neglect your fitness.” Harry poked him in the ribs making his squirm.

They pound around All Saints Park, earbuds in. Every few minutes they lock eyes and smile.

Harry in all black sleek Nike gear with hideous orange trainers and Louis all in black too, but added a bright red Donny Rovers shirt and grey beanie.

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They do a few miles and then head back home, cheeks both flushed with the exercise and the cold.

“Hot shower and a cuppa.”
Louis pants as they near his flat.

“Heaven.” Harry grinned at him.

Louis makes them both a drink and they carry them into the bathroom with them.

They both strip off in Louis’ tiny bathroom, damp with sweat, Harry moves closer to Louis and noses along his neck.
“Fuck you smell so good.”

Louis felt tingles right down to his toes.
“Thought I was the only one who liked locker room smells. Well well.” He bent and licked along one of Harry’s ribs, the line just visible under Harry’s skin.

“Come on.” Harry growls and hauls Louis into the bath and under the shower.
He lets Louis get the lion's share of the hot spray of water, looking up he drops to his knees.
“Can I?”

Louis steadies himself against the cool tiles and nods.
Harry sucks bruises into Louis’ hips, his hand slowly stroking him to full erection.
Then he sinks down. No messing, no slow build up, he just devours him.

Louis gasps. Blinding heat enveloping his cock.
“H, fuck.”

Harry is relentless, slurping and swallowing and Louis is lost to him. Lost. He dares to look down, seeing Harry’s dark hair plastered to his head, the spray bouncing from Louis’ torso onto Harry’s head. Watching his dick disappear into stretched red lips, see his throat bobbing, taking him and Louis knows he is fucked. Truly fucked.

He reaches out for his hair, stroking softly and Harry looks up, blinking, the fine spray hitting him, he tips his head back, opens wide and Louis cock is laid heavy against his tongue and Harry grabs Louis’ hips and pulls him forward, fucking into his mouth.

“Fuck, jesus, shit.” Louis gasps, too much and not enough all at the same time.

Harry’s eyes just have this ability to be fucking him with his mind. They tell their very own story and Louis wants to see more of this, all of this.
And he’s falling, the rush coming through his body, his muscles in spasm he draws back and spills onto his tongue and lips. The cry coming from his groin, up through his body and out through his lungs.

“What the fuck do you do to me?” His slides to the floor, wrapping his arms around Harry and just laying into spray of water.
How will he be able to let him go, surely they can keep seeing each other after Monday? It’s too good to end.

When they have recovered a little, Louis washes Harry, gently soaping his body, the coconut body wash mixing so well with Harry's natural smell. 

Harry returns the favour, lathering up the sponge and stroking it over Louis' body, gentle and tender but Louis is sensitive, still thrumming from the orgasm, he jumps and spasms as he tries to wash his cock and ball, heaven and hell all at the same time.

“Thanks Lou.”

“For what?” He puzzles.

“For indulging me, for letting me stay in your home, for being kind and patient, for being a good Samaritan. You’re...You’re unique, completely lovely, I will be thankful forever for meeting you.”

“I want to see you again.” Louis admits to Harry. “After Monday,..I wanna..”

Harry looks down and shakes his head.
“Impossible.” His voice barely there. Tears spilling down his cheeks.

“Hey, come on, none of that.” Louis gathers him up into his arms.
“I’m sorry, living for the moment, no more real talk.”

They don’t bother getting dressed. Louis leads Harry to bed and they just curl up in each others arms.

“You looked good in your sweats today H."

Harry chuckles, still sniffing a little from his tears.

Louis twists, still in Harry’s arms and reaches for a tissue.
“No more tears now, ok?”

Harry’s eyes fill up again.
“What part of my last did you not get?” Louis teases playfully.

“It’s going to be the hardest thing I have ever done Louis, leaving the real me here with you and going back to the Harry I have to be. Look after him for me Louis, never forget me, keep this Harry alive in here.” He points to Louis’ head.

“And here.” Louis lays a hand on his own chest, swallowing down the huge lump in his throat.
“I would look after the real you forever.” Fuck! He’s never been so sincere in his whole life, never felt like this, never connected with anyone like this. Ever.

“Please don’t.” Harry blows his nose. “No place I’d rather be.”

They stay silent, just holding each other, skin on skin, their bodies heating up under the covers, a toasty warmth settling around them.
Louis drops soft kisses onto Harry’s neck, working down to his collarbones, licking the dips, sucking the protruding bones.
“I owe you something.” He utters into the smooth, warm skin of Harry’s chest.

“What?” Harry’s voice gruff.

“I wanna make you come.”

“Oh.” He giggles into silky softness of Louis’ newly washed hair.

“Can I have my wicked way with you? I wanna taste all of you.”
He takes a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue, feeling the soft swell, the tight bud, his teeth grazing.

Harry gasps.

“So responsive H, so lovely.”
Louis slides down the bed, sucking delicate bruises into his hip bones. Sliding his tongue down his v lines.
Licking a broad stripe down his cock and sucking lightly on his balls.

“Can I please turn you over? Can I devour that arse of yours?”

Harry whimpers, throwing his arm over his eyes.

“You ok with this?” Louis halts, watching Harry squirming.

“Shy.” He rasps.

“Please don’t be shy Harry, please, don’t, be with me, I promise you, I’ll look after you.”

Harry pushed up on his elbow and looked down at Louis.
“I know you’ll look after me, you’ve been nothing but lovely.” He grins sheepishly at him.
“I am curious..”

Louis chuckles.
“Let me satisfy your curiosity.”
He nudges his hip.
“Turn over.”

Harry whines and does as he is told.

“Lift up.”
He pushes his bum in the air and Louis lays pillows under him.
“Just relax.”

Harry folds his arms on his pillows and lays his forehead on them.

Louis reaches for the lube to keep it near and drops a kiss to Harry's bum cheek.
"Shouldn't neglect the other." He smiles, kissing the other cheek. Smoothing his hands over the soft mounds.

He nudges Harry’s legs open and nuzzles up the insides of his thighs.
Soft pants from Harry as Louis gets nearer. Sucking harder, leaving wet pink marks on his delicate inner thighs.
“Perfect.” Louis breathes, diving lower into the soft flesh under Harry’s balls, laving his tongue across the underside towards his bum, making Harry mewl and buck his hips slightly.

“That nice yeah? You just wait.”

Harry turns his head.
Louis takes Harrys bum cheeks in his hands and gently pulls them apart, exposing him.
He whines and throws his head back onto his arms.
“Oh baby.” Louis murmurs.

Diving in and licking upwards again from his balls but getting closer and closer to the goal. Teasing him, letting Harry feel his hot breath so close but staying with his balls and perineum.
At last he licks a broad stripe over his hole.
Harry moans, sounding like he was biting into his arm to help in some way.

Louis is relentless now, swirling his tongue around the delicately puckered skin around his opening, going in circles, driving Harry crazy, the noises getting louder and continuous from him.
Louis smiles to himself, loving that he is the first to do this for Harry. Loving that he is eliciting these noises, these sensations, these memories for him.

He points his tongue and pushed in. Feeling the flesh yield slightly, knowing it will need some help but he keeps on, switching from circling, to broadstripes up to full on penetration with his tongue.
The sounds going from choking sobs, to whines to full on moans.

Louis’ dick is so very fucking hard, he feels like he has been erect for the last 24 hrs with Harry.
He keeps his face buried into Harry’s arse and reaches for the lube, gelling up his fingers.
He pulls off and looks up at Harry.
“Just need to open you a little with my fingers, ok H?”

“Uhmm. Ohhh-kay.”

Louis pulls Harry’s bum higher, kneeling in the space between Harry’s open legs he swirls his fingers around his hole.
The sensations making Harry cry out again.
As Louis pushes in with his finger, his tongue follows.
The sweet raspberry mixing with the wonderful taste of Harry.
Darkly rich like bitter almond chocolate, sweet and wonderful, the raspberry complimenting it so well.

“Pretty.” Louis muffles against his bum, taking a breather and then going back in.
Harry’s hips are jolting, the moans are intense.

“Louis, f-fuck.”
Harry is more relaxed and open and Louis can just enjoy himself. His face so wet with spit and lube and he doesn’t care. He is making Harry sound like this. HIM. It’s incredible and intoxicating and he wants to do this forever to him. Make him moan and cry and thrash about like this.

He pushes his middle finger back in with his tongue, searching for his prostate, finding the small nub and just slowly stroking over it, all the time still rimming him.
He can feel Harry’s body quivering.
The more he stimulates, the louder and more carnal the noises are.
All the time fucking him with his tongue, all the time stroking over his spot.

“LouisLouisLouis. Ohhhhhh Louis, gonna, Lou, ahhhh Louis please, oh shit, fuck, gonna..”
Louis doubles his efforts, quicker he vibrates on his prostate, faster his tongue works and Harry’s body is in spasm, in the plateau of his orgasm, suspended in glorious ecstasy his body jolting until the freefall hits him and he’s riding the sensation. Completely lost in rush of frenzied pleasure overload.

Louis mouth is burning with exertion but he is so lost in the utter glory of Harry’s reaction that he doesn’t care. This is a small penalty to pay for the over riding feeling of euphoria that he did this, that Harry is still trembling. Still panting.

“H-how was th-that even possible?” Harry barely has a voice.

“You are so responsive love, so utterly fucking delectable.

The pillow under Harry’s still half hard dick is a mess but who cares.
“I’ll buy you another pillow.”

Louis chuckles.
“Shut up idiot, I don’t care about 
He pulls him into his arms. Harry is like a rag doll, all boneless and limp.

"I can't believe I came and you never even touched my dick."

"Nice innit?"

"Nice? Understatement Lou."

Louis grins, snuggling up closer to Harry.
"You won't be shy with me now will you?"

"No." Harry bites his lip, suppressing a smile.


Harry cooks them steaks and salad and opens a bottle of red wine. Louis is not normally a wine drinker but Harry makes him try it.
“Hold the stem of the glass and swirl it like this.”
Harry shows him, dropping his nose into the glass and inhaling.
“Tell me what you smell.” He encourages Louis to do it.

Louis indulges him, rolling his eyes and copying him.
“Umm I smell erm, wine.”

Harry slaps his arm.
“Come on, please, smell again, tell me what you smell.”

“Ummm ok hang on.”
Louis swirls his glass again, dips his nose over the rim of the glass and inhales.
“Umm blackberry or summat?”

“YES, well done.” Harry beams at Louis. “What else?”

“Umm, like erm aniseed?”

“YESSS Oh my god Louis you have a great nose.”
Harry is beside himself that Louis is doing this and getting it right.
“It has top notes of dark fruit, liquorice and dark chocolate.”

"Oh yeah, that’s what it reminds me of, your arse.”

“LOUIS.” Harry blushes as dark as the wine.

“It does, all dark and rich and wonderful.”

“Shhhh embarrassed face right here.” Harry dramatically points to his own face.

“Let me see if it tastes like your arse.” Louis smirks at Harry, not giving up, loving seeing him squirm but also seeing him glow.
“Oh no.” Louis slurps some of the wine into his mouth, swirls it around swallowing it.
“Not a patch on your arse love, sorry.”

Harry tuts at him.
“Cheers Louis.” They clink glasses and take a drink.

"How do you know all this stuff H?"

Harry's eyes dart up to Louis'.
"Umm dad likes all that kind of thing.

"You're such a posh boy aren't you?"

Harry picks up a cherry tomato and aims it at Louis' head.
"This posh boy isn't above a little food fight at the table."

"Table!" Louis snorts pointing to their knees and the sofa.

The whole meal is excellent and Harry carries strawberries and cream in for dessert.
They feed each other, Harry bopping Louis' nose with a creamy strawberry."

"You better clean that off right now." Louis warns him, devilment in his eyes.

Harry leans forward and licks it.
"Mmm." He pulls his tongue out.

The snuggle up on the sofa, their plates just forgotten on the floor. Fingertips and lips brushing skin.
“Why are you single? Is it by choice?” Harry murmurs against Louis’ chest as he lays beside him.

“Nah, I quite like having a boyfriend, I just have this uncanny knack of picking dickheads.”
“Are you umm, have you had relationships?”

Harry doesn’t answer immediately.
“I umm, I went to boarding school until I was 16 and my dad umm used to travel a lot for work and my mum accompanied him. But things changed, they were home to look after us so I could leave and do my A levels and live at home." He paused, frowning a little.
"I kissed a few girls at boarding school, you know like stupid parties and stuff, like they’d grab you to slow dance and then kiss you. I never felt anything at all.” He sighs.
“When I went to the local school in Cheshire I kind of had a massive crush on this guy. He was loud and popular and funny, all the things I never was. I used to find myself thinking about him all the time until I realised I fancied him sexually. Umm I was a bit of a slow learner." He smiles softly at Louis.
"I ended up friendly with this lad called Aiden.”

“Was he the loud guy?” Louis gently interrupts.

“No, that was Freddie."

“Ok, sorry, go on.”

“He used to come round to mine and do homework together and I kind of suspected he might be gay and then he came out to me one night. I hugged him and told him he was brave and sat on my own little secret, instead of confessing too. I was too afraid.”

Louis cuddles him in.
“It’s ok you know Harry, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.”
Louis senses Harry’s distress, tries to steer back on track.

“Did you like boarding school?” Louis fingers trail up and down Harry’s side.

“Hated it.”

Louis frowns and pulls him closer.

“Nothing for you to be sorry for. I was a bit of a dork, didn’t really fit in with the posh boys."

"So you didn't go to uni?"

Harry shifted, Louis could feel him tense.
"N-no, umm, straight into the family business."

"Yeah but like, it's kind of good to find your wings and be a grown up."

"I got my wings at seven when I went to boarding school."

"Bloody hell love, seven, jesus, can't imagine not having my mum at that age."

"Please don't, I just...I don't want to think about home or anything like that. Just us eh? Just this weekend."

Louis nods.
"Time for that second joint I think?"

They lay and listened to music, playing each other their favourite songs. Deciding that Stay with me by Sam Smith was a pretty good anthem for their weekend. They smoked and kissed a lot on the sofa. They ended up going for a walk at midnight and buying kebabs to eat on the way home.
Stopping to skim stones across the river, sat huddled together on the bank, heads together, arms around each other.

"How can something this simple make me happy?"

"Don't underestimate skimming stones lad, it's like a national sport in South Yorkshire."

Harry nudged him with his elbow.

"Oi, was that an attempt at sabotage? Just cos I'm better than you!"

Harry jumped on him, pinning him to the ground.
"You are a little shit and I'm going to punish you."

Giggling and grappling they paw at each other for control, rolling about, Louis holding Harry's wrists Harry using his extra bit of weight to overpower him and finally Harry is back pinning Louis down.
They just stared at each other, a feeling enveloping them, the laughter dying down, the smiles sliding from their faces until they're just wide eyes blinking at each other.
"Do you believe in soul mates?" Harry whispers.

Louis says nothing just kisses him. Huge tears rolling down Harry's face, Louis struggling to contain his heart in his chest as the pain explodes within him.
They stay there kissing until they are shaking with cold and Louis stands, pulls Harry up, pulls him to his side and begins the walk home.
"Yes." Louis answers.

They make slow sweet love all night. So gentle, so close. Holding each other, just melded together as one. Harry pushing slowly into Louis' body, their eyes, bodies and minds connecting.
Harry takes his finger, drawing a heart on Louis' chest, kissing it.
Louis doing it back to him.
Finally falling asleep just before dawn, Harry the little spoon, being totally engulfed by Louis' body.

They don't sleep too late, aware that it's their last full day together.
They go for a little run and then go back, shower and cook breakfast together.

"I feel so close to you." Harry admits as they curl up together on the sofa, their songs playing softly in the background.
Louis can't reply because if he speaks, he'll cry.
He just pulls him even closer and buries his nose into his armpit. Trying to imprint a smell into his mind. A forever memory.
Their lips barely leave each other's skin all day

As dusk falls, they just let the darkness invade them. Not wanting surrender to their last night together.

"What if I hold you prisoner and don't let you go,"
Louis murmurs, his lips trailing down Harry's chest.

"I wish you could do that."
Harry let's out a long shaky sigh.

"I'd look after you, you could share everything I own, no one would find you. I promise."
Louis is only half joking.

"If there was any way Louis, to stay here forever, I would. I don't care about anything else."

"Then stay."
He pleads.

"I can't." Harry's voice breaking into a sob.

So Louis stops the torture, pushes the morning into the depths of his brain and continues to do what they have done all day, soak up as much of each other as possible, and fall even deeper in love.

At some point in the evening, they go to bed.
Undressing each other, marvelling at each other's bodies. Making lifelong memories of their last few hours. Louis making sweet love to Harry, watching his body respond so beautifully to Louis'.

He's addictive, delicious, but the emotions are new and overwhelming and Louis knows, he knows he's never felt a connection like this, knows he is in love and knows this is going to hurt.

They make each other laugh, cry and scream as night turns into dawn. Exhausted but determined not to waste a single second of this precious time.
Harry laid flat on his back, his left arm around Louis who is half laid on top of him.

“Our songs.” Louis breathes into Harry’s chest.
“Promise me you’ll think of me when you hear them.”

Harry reaches up and smoothes Louis’ sweaty fringe from his forehead.
“Always. Promise you will too?”

Louis lets his lips trail down Harry’s rib.
“I honestly don’t know if I will ever be able to listen to them ever again. They will always be our songs.

'You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong
Can I lay by your side, next to you, you
And make sure you're alright
I'll take care of you
And I don't wanna be here if I can't be with you tonight'

Morning comes much too soon. Fear and dread fills their hearts.
Louis runs a bath and they both sit in there, Louis holding Harry against his chest.
Gently washing him, touching his skin, breathing him in until it’s already later than Harry said he had to leave.
Louis wraps his arms around himself and watches Harry pack his bag.

“Could you leave me something of yours?” Louis sniffs.
Harry reaches around his neck and unfastens the silver cross and chain.
“N-no I meant like a t shirt or something, not your chain, you can’t give me that.”

“It’s nothing, I am leaving my heart here, a chain is nothing.”
He fastens it around Louis neck, kissing the cross and laying it against Louis’ chest.

“Stay, please Harry just stay, I’ve never begged anyone in my life, never wanted anything more than I want you. I need-”

Harry cries, falls to his knees and cries, Louis dropping down next to him.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
They stay here for minutes, just holding each other, crying, feeling more loved but more bereft than they have ever felt in their whole lives.

Eventually after a few attempts, Harry finds the strength to pick up his bag and walk to the door.
“I’ll never forget you, be happy Louis.”

Louis can’t even begin to think about what happy is. His darling, his love, his sweetheart is going, leaving him. He doesn’t think he will ever feel happy again.
“If you change your mind, you know I am here for you if..”

Harry bends and kisses him one last time.

“Let me give you my number, if ever you..” His voice gives out on him, It’s too much, his heart is shattering.
Louis writes his number on a takeaway menu and slips it into Harry’s bag.
“Just, if ever you need..”

Harry takes Louis’ face in his hands.
“I love you.”
He kisses him, picks up his bag and walks out of the door.


Louis is a mess.
He phone’s Dave whilst his voice is wrecked from crying, tells him he has ‘flu, that he will be off longer than he thought.
“You sound shocking mate, get yourself well, see you soon.”

Cher comes back and looks after him.
Holding him, letting him cry and talk and stay silent. Whatever it is he needs to do to get through those first few days.
Exhaustion finally taking over and he falls asleep in her arms, in her bed, too painful to sleep in his own bed just yet. He is everywhere in that room.

The days roll into a week.
He gets up in the middle of the night and sits up at his laptop and finishes his paper.
Finds it a blessing that his brain has to think about other things and not Harry.
He tries his best to get back to normal life but fears life will never be normal now. Not without Harry.

He has to return to work, bills to pay and decisions to be made. One more year of Uni or apply for jobs.
He’s not in the right place at all to be making such huge decisions and almost kisses Dave when he suggests taking over the Rose and Crown for a year.
It’s exactly what he needs, just get away from Manchester. New people, new home, new life. Leave the memories and the flat behind and try and rebuild his soul.


“You found the ice buckets?”

Dave’s voice floating down the steps snaps him out of his trance.
“Y-yeah, coming.”

He quickly grabs everything and takes them up to the bar.
He glances over at Harry’s table. A group of men and women sat chatting and laughing together.
Harry though, Harry looks shell shocked.
His mouth pinched, his face pale.
Louis can’t quite stop his body reacting each time he looks over at him, jolts shoot up his spine. Not quite able to take in that Harry is here,
Months it has taken him, months, to finally feel human when he wakes up in the morning.
To somehow chase away the hollow cavern in his chest and feel like he at least can cope, that he isn’t going to die of a broken heart.

He’s on autopilot, unwrapping the gold covering of the champagne cork and squeezing it off with a loud bang.
Hearing the whoops and cheers from Harry’s table.
Harry’s eyes continuously flicking to him and back to the people talking to him at the table but then drifting back to Louis.

He carries the bottle over in one hand and the ice bucket in another, his stomach quivering with nerves.

“Thanks mate.”

A muscular guy jumps up, taking the bottle from him, Dave right behind with the glasses, polishing them with a towel and placing them on the table.
He can feel Harry's eyes burning into him, he doesn’t look his way.

“I’m Liam.” He holds his hand out to shake Louis’.

“Umm, Louis.” His voice is shaky, deep.

“So you’re our new landlord? Brilliant. Dave tells us you have loads of new ideas for the Rose and Crown.”

This Liam guy gushes on, Louis thinks he would probably like Liam, but just at this moment he wants to rush away from the table.

“Y-yeah, wanna start a footy team and open mic nights..”

“Footy team? Count me in.” A guy sat over the other side of the table joins in. He’s grinning over at Louis, blonde with an Irish accent.
“Niall by the way.” He nods over at Louis.

Louis can't help it, his eyes flit to Harry. So beautiful, his hair has grown, falling in long waves around his shoulders. Those eyes though, those terrible, beautiful eyes.

“Well... I best..”
Louis gestures to the bar and walks off.
How can he be stuck in this fucking nightmare. How?

Dave pulls him to the side.
“Look after them, Harry is the son of the Duke of Stanford, Lord Styles. They live at the far end of the village at Stanford Hall.”

Harry is royalty.
He’s the son of a Duke, a Lord.

“She’s Lady Arabella Fortescue, daughter of the Earl of Richmond.”
Dave whispers surreptitiously.
“Keeping it in the family, blue blood marrying blue blood.”

Louis glances over.
The laughter and chatter around the table was boisterous but Harry looks subdued. He was supposed to be the happy fiance celebrating.

Louis subconsciously plays with Harry’s cross. Yes he still wears it, he’s never removed it since the day Harry left.
How dare he just be ok, how dare he have had the time to meet someone, fall in love and propose, how dare he.

Louis feels the anger rising, he’s barely existing, just coping. It obviously meant nothing to him. The tears were all for himself, clearly.
Louis’ heart is beating out of his chest, can feel his cheeks burning with rage.
Louis hasn’t even had the inclination to as much as look at another man yet, but here he is...

Dave comes and pats Louis on the shoulder.
“I gotta get back up to Manchester Lou, you think you’ll be ok?”

“I’ll be fine, you get off.”
Louis had two staff to help him, he’d cope. He has to.

Dave goes over to their table, shaking Harry’s hand and bending to kiss Bella’s cheek he turns and waves and leaves his beloved pub in Louis’ capable hands.
Louis turns away, know he is looking over too much. Needs to busy himself with something.
Music. That’s what he will do, put some music on.
Dave has a small system behind the bar. Hooking his phone up to the bluetooth connection he knows exactly what he is going to do.
The hurt is beginning to choke him, he wants a reaction, wants some revenge.

Hoping this will work.
The room fills with the opening bars of a song.
The rest of the room carries on as it was. The chatter, the laughter but Louis is watching for one person’s reaction.
He wants to hurt him, see some pain. At least see some recognition.

Yes I do, I believe
That one day I will be, where I was
Right there, right next to you
And it's hard, the days just seem so dark
The moon, and the stars, are nothing without you
Your touch, your skin, where do I begin?
No words can explain, the way I'm missing you
The night, this emptiness, this hole that I'm inside
These tears, they tell their own story

It took Louis a long long time to listen to these songs again. Too fragile to cope, he waited until he felt like he was strong enough to shelter in their memories.
They were his bedtime escape.
Through the day he managed but at night, under the covers, he could now listen. Remember, wallow and reminisce, that this beautiful love affair happened, it was real and it existed.
Had Harry just broken this to pieces now?

Louis watches Harry, as the music flows through the room, sees him stiffen at the recognition, his head snapping over to Louis, his eyes pleading.
No. He wasn’t going to give in so quickly, let him hear these songs again, the songs Louis made love to him to. The songs Harry promised were theirs.
Louis pulls pints and let the playlist run on, he had managed to drown out the words, not letting them affect him.

He sees Harry stand and walk towards the toilets.

“Just off to the loo.”
Louis says to Sarah, his bar staff for the evening.
Striding over and pushing open the door of the gents.
He’s stood there, he knew Louis would follow him, a quick sweep with his eyes tells Louis they are alone in there.

“Louis I..”

“You didn’t waste much time did you?”

“It’s not how it seems..” Fuck, that familiar drawl he thought he’d never hear it again.

“No, it never is. Wish I hadn’t been your little experiment though.” Louis’ voice growing angrier by the minute.

“Louis it’s..”

“Save it.” Louis grabs him and pushes him against the door, breath coming out in ragged pants. “I don’t fucking care about your happy little life and your cute little fiancee.” He pushes up hard into Harry’s space. Can feel his hot breath on his face. “I care that you fucked me over, told me a pack of lies, took everything from me. Everything.”

Louis’ fingers bite into the flesh of Harry’s arms. “And I wasn’t punished enough by you, oh no. You had to be here didn’t you?” His chest now pushing into Harry’s. “Well I’m glad I’ve seen you. Maybe now I can start to live again instead of just existing.” His mouth is now right up against Harry’s ear.
“Bastard.” He sobs out a breath. “I gave you all of me.”

He throws him to the side, Harry slumped against the sink, back to the wall.

“I never once lied.” Harry whispers.

Louis is so mad. Mad that he is so affected by his smell. Mad that all he wanted to do was kiss him. Furious that he still affected him like this, sucking air into his lungs, his throat burning.

“I believed in you.” Louis voice cracking with emotion.

A voice is approaching from outside, Harry is still against the wall, holding his arms where Louis’ fingers had bitten into them.

“Just please leave me alone.” Louis turns and shoots into a stall just as the door opened.

“Hey boss, you ok?”

“Umm no, not really.” Harry’s voice strained and low.

“I’m not feeling so good Zayn, get the car would you please?”

“Of course.” The creek of the door and retreating footsteps tell Louis it is safe for him to come out.

He stares at his wild eyes and flushed face in the mirror. What the fuck has his life become?

He returns to the bar and keeps a sneaky eye on their table. The dark haired guy making a call on his phone whilst Harry sits with his head in his hands, hunched over. A pain seared through Louis’ chest.

The blonde guy, Niall, had been outside, he signalled to the table and they stood up to leave.

“Ok?” Louis had to ask.

“Harry’s not feeling so good so we are calling it a night, thanks for everything.” Liam smiles at Louis and waves as they make for the door. Harry looks haunted. Louis wants to punch a wall.

The last hour of service passes in a blur.The punters all leave and him and Sarah clean up.
“I’ll walk you down the village, Dave made me promise.” Louis helps her on with her coat and they walk, politely chatting until Sarah’s front door.

“Night Louis, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, night love.”

Louis walks back slowly, his mind in utter turmoil. What the hell was he supposed to do? He really hoped Harry never came back into the bar but that’s not realistic. He hears a car coming from behind and slow down as it approaches him.

“Get in, please.” Harry’s voice through the rolled down window.

“Go home Harry.” Louis voice flat, tired.

“I’m not going anywhere until you listen to what I have to say.”

“I’m not interested in any more of your lies.” Louis bites back at him.

“Give me five minutes, please Lou.” Harry letting the car just roll down the road as Louis walks off.

“Don’t call me that.” Louis’ voice almost a whisper.

“Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you, cry about you, long for you. I was completely broken Louis, it’s not been how you imagined.”

Louis starts to jog a little, his door now in sight. He can almost escape him.
“Please.” The sound hits Louis in the gut. Pleading, desperate. He stops and turns, looking into the car.

“Five fucking minutes, no fucking lies if you can at least manage that, I think I deserve the truth.”
Louis pulls the door handle and throws himself into the passenger seat. Harry drives off at some speed, away from the village and into the night.