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Story of a Shark

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In the vast blue seas, surrounded by colorful fishes, corals, and various hard-shelled sea creatures, an oceanic white tip shark felt like a king.

Powerful, enormous, strong.


He is the only shark in that area of sea. Rather, the only one who dared to live there. Crawling with booby traps, snares, nets and speared bamboo gates, he knows that he is in a highly active shark-hunting spot.

The shark loved, and was incredibly smart in setting off traps and not getting trapped or caught by it. He liked seeing humans come in boats with hope, and returned with disappointment. It was his only entertainment there, the only thing he could interact with. When he felt like it, he often topples small boats, circling the drowned humans, scaring them out of their skins, but he never ate them. Well, maybe a bite, but never a full human.

All of that changed when he met a marine biologist.

The marine biologist came to the shark in a sampan. The human slowly rowed his way to the middle of the sea. He thought this was strange. Have the humans tried a new approach in catching sharks now? An offering, perhaps? Better not take them too lightly, anyhow.

He slowly circled his way up to the water surface, careful to keep some distance between him and the human. The human on the boat did not have any guns or spears or anything that could take him down. Now this is interesting.

The human looked excited to see him. Leaning over the boat, the biologist extended his hand just centimeters above the water, as if calling out to the shark to shorten the distance hovering between them.

The shark had thought about toppling the boat – honestly, that human was too easy a target – but something on the human’s face caught his attention.

His eyes were the prettiest pair of blue he had ever seen.

The shark was fascinated. He unconsciously drifted upwards, wanting to know more about this particular human. The human was probably thinking the same about him too, for his hand was slowly moving down to him as well, trembling slightly in anticipation.

As soon as the shark’s head left the sea, the human started talking to him like he was a human.

“Hi, my name is…”

But the man’s expression changed all of a sudden when he heard something from the shore.

“No… No, don’t fire at…!”

The shark felt something hit the side of his head before he could register anything. He tried to dive back into the water, back into his safe zone, but darkness engulfed him before the waters could.