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Into The Darkness I Go

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He glared defiantly into the faces around him.

Dumbledore was the first to speak. "It has come to our attention that you have not been staying with your Aunt and Uncle like you were supposed to. Leaving the protection of your familial home, you have taken to living in a flat in Muggle London. Furthermore, after running away to London, you have gotten yourself involved in some unsavory habits."

Harry heard a small sob come from Molly Weasley.

"Harry, my boy, you need help. We all are shocked by your behavior. You have seemingly become a different person overnight." Dumblore shook his head. "As a result of your lack of self control, we will be sending you to St. Mungo's for rehabilitation."

"I'm not going," Harry sneered as he looked around the room.

"Harry, please, we only want to help you." The Boy-Who-Lived turned to see the sad eyes of Remus Lupin. "Sirius wouldn't want you to be like this. You're better than this Harry."

"Don't bring him into this Remus. My godfather has nothing to do with it." Making sure to lock eyes with everyone in the room so that they could understand that he meant it, Harry spoke, "I'm not going."

Stepping forward, Dumbledore placed a heavy hand on his shoulders. "My dear boy, you don't a choice."

He couldn't believe it had come to this. He had been controlled, manipulated, pushed, beaten, and battered his whole life. This time he wasn't going to give in. They were going to push him into doing the unthinkable.

Harry violently pushed the wrinkled hand off his body. "Don't touch me again."

The old wizard's eyes hardened at his comment. Harry laughed. "Go fuck yourself old man."

He barely registered the sound of the gasps echoing in the room at his words as he continued." I told you. I told you what they were doing to me and still you sent me back. I begged you. And you still sent me back. You knew what they were doing and you didn't care. So, no I'm not going to rehab. I'm not going to listen to you. I'm not going to let you play puppet master any longer."

Dumbledore's eyes flashed as he went to grab his wand, but Harry was quicker. With a wave, he wordlessly snatched the Headmaster's wand away before he could do anything.

The room went deathly silent.

"I told you old man. I'm not going and you're not going to make me. And if you keep pushing me, trying to bend me to your will, you'll regret it. You'll regret it cause it will be the last thing that you ever do."

"Harry you don't mean that. You don't know what you're saying," cried Hermione.

"I do 'Mione. I do. I mean every word."

Someone stepped forward. Harry turned to see Professor McGonagal's hard-set face. "Mr. Potter, I think that you should rethink your actions here today. We only have your best interests at heart. Your behavior has become quite unacceptable. Drinking, illegal muggle narcotics, these things are not you. Yes, terrible things have happened to you, but you are not the only one. You're better than this. Stronger than this. You need to get yourself together so that you can fight You-Know-Who."

For a moment Harry was swayed by her speech, until she came to Voldemort. Always about Voldemort. What he could do to defeat him. He was a weapon, a tool. They didn't really care about him, not really.

He is gaze went diamond hard. "I don't know why you all pretend to care about me. No one did anything to protect me before. 'You need to get yourself together so that you can fight Voldemort,'" Harry snidely parroted. " Why don't you all just piss off! If you keep pushing me, you're not going to like the outcome. No," Harry shook his head, "You won't like it at all."

"What are you talking about Harry. Protect you from what," Ron tentatively asked.

"He knows. Don't you Professor." Standing up he slowly stalked towards the lilac robed wizard. "He knew how they were beating me, starving me. They locked me in a cupboard for eleven years! Eleven years! Why do you think I'm so short when both of my parents were much taller? Malnutrition and begin kept like an animal stunted me physically. I asked him every year if I could stay with you and your family. Every year I was told no. I had to go back to my own personal hell for 'my protection'. He didn't care. You didn't care." He said as he turned to face Ron.

Stammering, Ron tried to rebuke the accusation." Of course I care."

"You and the twins saw the bars they had on my room when you came to get me in second year. Didn't you think it strange that there were bars on the windows?"

Feeling the darkness swirling around him Harry continued, he couldn't stop.

"You want to know why I'm like this," He screeched. "Why I ran away?"

A bitter laugh escaped passed his lips. "I'm like this because of him. I told him. I told him what they were doing, but he didn't care. So this year was the worst ever and I couldn't take it. I couldn't take getting worked like a slave. I couldn't take getting beaten within an inch of my life, knowing that if I worked any magic I'd be expelled. I couldn't take being rap..." Harry choked on his tears before he could finish the word.

Shaking his head, he exhaled. He could see the horror in his friend's eyes, but he didn't care, it was too late. "I did what I had to do to survive. So I drink and do some drugs. I do it to stay sane. So I can function. No, I'm not going to rehab. Like I said before, you push me and you're not going to like the results."

"I'm sorry Harry," Hermione whispered. "I'm so sorry for what's happened to you."

"Sorry doesn't change anything."

" You have to go. You will go." Dumbledore's voice rang with authority. "You're the only one that can save us. I'm sorry."

Everyone drew their wands. Harry knew the attack was eminent. What his friends didn't know was how powerful he truly was. He didn't care anymore about hiding. He didn't care about the rules; what he should and shouldn't do. They were going to attack him, and he was going to make them rue the day. Pulling his power around him like a shield, he whispered as the hexes and spells flew at him, trying to restrain and contain him. Nothing took.

Harry laughed with glee, with the knowledge that this was going to be so easy. "I told you. I'm not going." Harry waved his wand disabling everyone in the room. Wide eyes stared at him, well and truly stunned at his power.

Harry circled the group as they sat bound on the floor. " I told you. I told you that you wouldn't like it. I'm stronger than any of you. You should have figured that out when I disarmed Dumbledore, taking the Elder wand."

The Headmaster's eyes went wide. Every head snapped towards him.

"Oh yes, I know what this is. Didn't think I would figure it out. Thought Hermione was all the brains of our group? I'll be keeping it." Harry slowly stroked his new acquisition with glee. "Now I'm the most powerful wizard on the planet. And as such, I'll not bend to your will any longer. Any of you. I'm a weapon and toy to you, nothing more. I'm not a person to you. Fine, I'm not real to you, you're not real to me."

Harry crouched down and roughly grabbed Dumbledore's face. "Have fun fighting me and Voldemort. I'm sure you'll lose. And when you do, you'll be my puppets. " Harry taunted as he headed out the door," I told you….I wasn't going."