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Shades of Coral

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On a Saturday that there isn't -- shockingly-- practise, Yagyuu finds himself at a beauty supply store with Niou. This, in and of itself, isn't terribly shocking. His regular doubles partner has dragged him on more than one occasion for items to perfect their Switch. However, Niou has since disappeared down one of the long aisles leaving Yagyuu in front of the nail polish selection. He has half a mind to leave and walk to the conbini half a block away or to the book store only a scant ten minutes light jog, but he doesn't. That would be rude and Niou would never let him live down how ungentlemanly doing such a thing would be.

Instead, he looks at the various bottles and ponders picking up a few for his younger sister. He knows that lately she has been into the varying shades of orange for no other reason than she likes Naruto's outfit. Yagyuu picks up a bottle and glances over the ingredients list. The list of chemicals is ridiculous. He sets it back down and chooses a different brand, one that ensures only a single coat necessary. It is a pretty coral colour and as he turns the bottle over, Yagyuu notices a slight purple sheen in the glitter.

"Oh, that's a multichrome," the saleswoman says from next to him, restocking some nail art pens. "They're really popular."

Yagyuu nods. "Thank you." He ponders over the selection a bit more before looking at the woman. "Have you, by chance, seen a teenager with silverfish-white hair and a rat tail running around?"

"Yeah. He's been down in the hair colour aisle for about fifteen minutes."

"Ah. Thank you again." Yagyuu takes the selected polish and walks back through the store until he comes to the bleaching section where Niou is crouched low in front of the hair whitening kits.

"Hey Yagyuu, I was just about to come ask for your opinion. Flash Lightning or Xtreme Bleach Out? I was thinking Flash Lightning only so I can ruffle Sanada's feathers."

"Give me your hand and I'll think about it."

"We're in the wrong positions for you to ask for my hand in marriage."

"Do not say such ridiculous things, Niou-kun," Yagyuu says as Niou holds up a hand and pokes at the two boxes of bleach. He opens the nail polish deftly and first paints Niou's middle finger, following with his other fingers, and finishing on his thumb. He hums occasionally in thought, so Niou knows he is still thinking about the differences in the kits. "I think you should avoid upsetting Sanada-kun more than you already do."

"Can you just imagine the look on his face though?"

"I can also imagine how many laps you'll receive for it."

"Why should I receive laps just for using a bleach kit that just happens to have the name of his favourite move in it? That's one, unfair, and two, completely uncalled for. Now, if I switched out his shampoo for it… then yeah. I can see that."

"Niou-kun," Yagyuu warns and lets go of Niou's hand, satisfied with the drying time. "You'll also incur Yukimura-kun's wrath."

Niou frowns and looks up at Yagyuu. "Why do you always set out to ruin my fun?"

"Simply because watching you run one hundred laps is infinitely less productive than practicing tennis technique on the court."

"Oh Yaaagyuu, you're so practical." Niou grabs the box of Flash Lightning and stands up. "What did you want my hand for anyway?"

"Just an experiment."

"What kind of experiment?" Niou asks then looks down at his hand. "You jerk. Yagyuu Hiroshi, coral is totally not my colour. How could ruin my delicate fingers like this? Take it offfff."

"No. And if you continue whining, I'll call Marui-kun and he can sit on you while I do your toes. After all, one should match."

"I'm gonna tell him you called him fat."

"I did no such thing."

"Did so. You implied it and that's so much worse."

"But you aren't against me painting your toes?"

Niou shakes his head as they weave up to the front. He drops the box of bleach on the counter and grabs the nail polish out of Yagyuu's hand, setting it next to the kit.

"That'll be twenty-two hundred and eighty-three yen."

Yagyuu doesn't move until Niou looks at him and bats his eyes. With a sigh, he pulls out his wallet and deposits the money on the counter.

"You owe me, Niou-kun."

"Add it to my tab."

"At this rate you're going to be unable to pay back your tab."

The woman passes over Yagyuu's change and bags their items. Niou grabs both the change and the bag and carries it over his shoulder as they walk out.

"You're gonna have to help me dye it. No black showing and all that."

"No. You are more than capable of doing it yourself."

"Oh come on, Yagyuu. It's not like I'm asking you to make sure the carpet matches the drapes."

"You are so terribly vulgar. Why are we still friends?"

"Because you love me, that's why."

"Sometimes I wonder."

Niou pouts for a brief moment then bumps his hip against Yagyuu's. "I'll pay my tab and then some if you dye my hair."

"What's the 'then some?'"

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"Fine." Yagyuu nicks his change from Niou's free hand and tucks it into his pocket. "Just so you know, this doesn't count as partial payment as it was mine to begin with."

Niou groans as they turn the corner towards his house, but it doesn't last as he drapes his arm around Yagyuu's shoulders and half skips the rest of the way home.