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The kids are alright

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Balthazar was sitting on the floor and pouting.

"Where did he go?" he asked no one in particular. Staring at his hands he slowly got up and turned around to Lucifer.

Lucifer smirked a little and looked down at hislittle brother. It was too much fun to tease him. "Maybe you dropped him?"

Balthy's eyes grew wide and he quickly looked to the floor under his hands. His little blond head reappeared and his eyes went back to Lucifer. "No… It's not there anymore, Lucy."

Lucifer's eyes narrowed and he went down on his knees to be at eye level with Balthazar. "Don't ever call me that again" he growled. "Or I'll never tell you where teddy is."

Balthazar's eyes widened and he skidded closer to Lucifer. "You know where teddy is?" He lifted his hands and put them on Lucifer's shoulders, as he had seen Michael do with Lucifer. "Cuz he is lost, you know? He needs my help! I gotta rescue him!"

Lucifer rolled his eyes and stood up again. "I'll take you to him, if you promise to never call me Lucy again."

Balthazar stood up too, his eyes now shining with anticipation. Finally he was old enough to save someone; then he could be a hero, just as his older brothers were. They always kept saying that he was too young to go with them, that he needed to wait some more time. Now he would show them that he could be a hero too, he just had to save his teddy.

Lucifer stretched out his hand for Balthazar to take it, but he jumped back a little.

"No, I'm old enough to fly on my own now!" He crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried to look confident. "Yesterday I flew from my bed to the bathroom. I can do this, I'm old enough now!" He said, while sticking his chest out a little.

Lucifer in turn stepped back and crossed his arms. "So? Are you?"

Balthazar raised his chin and stared into his brothers eye. "Yes I am!"

The older one smiled a crooked smile and let out a little laugh. "Prove it." He said. "Fly from here to that tree over there. Prove me that you can do that, and then we'll see. "

Balthazar squirmed his eyes and looked across the park. "But I can barely see the tree" He looked up to Lucifer, but as he saw the winning look on his face he quickly looked back at the tree. "Seriously? I can do that in my sleep!"

He fixed his eyes on the distant tree, concentrating everything he had on the task before him.

Lucifer stood beside him, a confident look on his face. He knew that Balthazar wasn't going to make it. With a loud whoosh Balthazar disappeared from beside him and reappeared mere meters from the tree. He stumbled and staggered, trying to get his balance back.

Lucifer himself flew to his side, but before he could catch and prevent his falling, Anna appeared, grabbing Balthazar in her arms. He looked exhausted and snuggled himself closer into her embrace.

Anna's fuming eyes met Lucifer's, and before he could even open his mouth she said: "Don't. Don't apologize. Just don't do it again. You know he is not strong enough yet."

"I could have done it…" Balthazar's protest was muffled by Anna's shoulder.

Anna straightened her arms so that she could look Balthazar in the eye. "I know sweetie, I know. But you had class today and you already used up you energy. And your brother should have considered that." Her gaze went back to Lucifer, who looked down with an apologetic look. "Well, Balthy, you wanna go to the playground? I hear Gabriel is there with Cas."

Balthazar looked hesitantly up to his sister. "But I need to prove that I am a hero. Teddy is in danger and we were going to rescue him." His eyes went from Anna to Lucifer and back. "I don't wanna go without teddy…"

Anna stood up and turned to Lucifer. She just held out her hand and looked at him. He grabbed something from behind his back and knelt down to Balthazar. "Here you go, we saved him together, didn't we?"

Balthazar looked up to him with a wide grin and took his teddy from Lucifer. "Yes, yes we did."


Gabriel was sitting on a bench, bored out of his mind. Again it was up to him to look out for his little annoying brother. Michael and Anna had joined Raphael on his mission a few years ago and were now gone for most of the time, fighting some war. They had taken over control of heaven just some years ago after their dad left. Recently Lucifer was going with them too. Why couldn't he go too? Instead they left him to watch over his little brothers. He was old and strong enough to fight with them. They just didn't seem to believe, that he could…

"Are you even listening to me?!"

The small hand on his shoulder shook him out of his thoughts. His gaze followed the tiny arm back to the familiar beige trench coat. Why on earth did the kid love it so much?

"Cas, 'course I was listening! What do you think big brothers are there for?" He turned to his little brother and smiled at his earnest face. Castiel was supposed to be 8 years old! And still sometimes he behaved like a grown up.

Crossing his arms, Cas continued to explain his theory. "I don't think dad is on vacation. I mean, he has been gone for 4 years now! I think it's a test. He wants to see how you would do without him. And then, soon, he will come back and tell you the lesson you learned. Well, that's his plan. But I am going to find him. I'm close, you know? Just yesterday I found…"

"Casi-boy" Balthazar sighed and looked at the playing children. "You know dad wouldn't want you ruining his plan. Of course you could find him, but just go and play for a little, would ya?"

Cas looked at him with betrayed eyes. "Fine" he said and marched off.

Then he would find his dad on his own. He seemed to be the only one who really cared. The others just laughed at him whenever he mentioned it. All but Anna. Although she didn't do much to help him either, at least she didn't tell him to stop looking.

Castiel strode around the playground. He wasn't in the mood to just play around. He wanted to go off and continue looking for his father. He would have flown away, but Gabriel wasn't so stupid. He had put bounds on the little park, so that Cas couldn't get out. Sighing he sat down on the ground beside the slide.

"Sammy, wait for me!"

Cas looked up and saw a little child coming down the slide and just as he was about to hit the ground at the end, he stretched out his hand and stopped him.

Another boy came running from the other side of the slide and stopped in front of Castiel and the other boy.

"Sammy, I told you to wait!"

The little boy, whose name apparently was Sammy, just giggled at the boy and started to stand up from the slide and run on his short legs back to the stairs leading up to the slide.

The older boy shot Cas an apologetic look and ran behind the other one.

Castiel watched them as the older one helped Sammy up the stairs and guided him to the slide. He looked down to Cas who nodded in agreement to catch the younger one again, pushed the younger one down the slide and came down behind him. Castiel extended his hand again, preventing the younger one from falling off the slide.

As they arrived down, he took Sammy's hand and stood up, shooting Cas a thankful look.

"I'm Dean" he said, while extending his hand.

Cas shook it and nodded seriously. "I'm Castiel"

Dean lifted Sam to his arms. "Then thank you, Cas. You wanna play with us? This is Sammy, by the way."

Cas tilted his head. It wouldn't be too bad if he spent some time with them, wouldn't it? His dad could wait a bit more, he would find him soon enough.

"Sure, why not?"

And together with Dean and Sammy he went off to build the biggest sand castle the world had ever seen.