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Mike's Honor

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"Mike!" Michelle Henke was rather gratified at the smile on her old friend's face. Honor had no idea that she'd grown into herself so well and the four golden bands of a captain of the list looked right on her sleeves. Honor's grip was firm, but measured, and Mike resisted the urge to pull her into a hug - instead she released her hand and offered it to Nimitz to shake while slipping a celery stalk out of her other pocket.

Honor turned her head when she heard the crunch and looked at Mike only to shake her head and laugh when Mike started to mouth her normal speech about not ruining his appetite. "Michelle Henke, you are an evil, evil woman; but what are you doing here? I know I invited you, but I thought Admiral White Haven's battlecruisers were out on exercise over at Gryphon?"

"Oh we were Honor, but we rather trounced the opposition force so we slipped home early, and here I am." Nimitz bleeked in approval and leapt easily across onto Mike's shoulder, causing her to oof and become unbalanced, just as one of the stewards touched Honor's shoulder and muttered something in her ear, causing her to frown.

"Stinker, do you want to stay with Mike? The admiral needs to talk to me before he returns to Manticore proper, but then I'll be right back." The 'cat nodded and rested his head carefully on Mike's beret.

"It looks like I'm his lordship's designated perch for a while, then. It's just as well Ariel used to let me practise with him really, isn't it Honor?" Honor smiled, the small smile that was just Mike's and she missed, and slipped away through the crowd, leaving Mike and Nimitz watching her lithe form disappear.

"Two questions, Stinker, before we manage to find someone we'll both appreciate talking to …?" Mike slipped Nimitz another stick of celery and manoeuvred carefully through the crowded wardroom. Honor's parents were in here somewhere …