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Creepiness has its Benefits

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The romance of a lifetime, at least as far as Apollo was concerned, started out in a decidedly creepy fashion. Apollo was two generations removed from the Progenitors, the first angels to be abandoned on earth after the Great War. He was more human in his personality than he was Nephilim, and that simple fact was something he was thankful for.

The truth was that despite their hatred for Heaven, Apollo’s Nephilim ancestors still frowned upon men lusting after other men. They probably would have had something to say about Apollo’s relationship with Zephyrus, but they both lived far away from the Progenitors’ stupid mountain home anyway. Apollo, on the other hand, was more relaxed about the fact that he was gay. Society as a whole, however, was another matter entirely.

On the day that he’d met Zephyrus, Apollo had been feeling rather pleased about his commitment to going to the gym and honing his body, but as soon as he stepped into the showers, completely naked from head to toe, he began to regret that commitment.

A man walked into the room, which was slightly filled with the steam from other patrons showering. Despite that, Apollo almost instantly had to deal with a hard situation. Springing an erection in the gym showers was one thing. It had happened to him more times than he cared, and the worst he’d gotten was a sharp jibe from one of the macho guys—who later propositioned him, for some bizarre reason—about being a ‘fag.’

Now, on the other hand, springing an erection after pointedly looking at another man’s ass, looking almost longingly at the tattooed wings on the other man’s back and tracing the sharp curves of the other man’s body with his eyes, was something else. Something gay, without a doubt.

Apollo wanted to be more forward when it came to romance, but the fact that society frowned on homosexuality had forced him to be more shy about it. Despite his reservations, Apollo found himself walking in the other man’s direction. He did not know what possessed him, but he broke into a run.

Sprinting across the tile floor to slide, inconspicuously into the shower beside the other man was Apollo’s plan. As always, however, his plans went awry. Catastrophically so. Apollo found himself flying across the floor, his feet having lost traction on the wet, slippery tile floor.

A moment later, the breath was knocked out of Apollo when he fell on his ass. Quick thinking was all that saved his head from banging against the floor.

As far as Zephyrus was concerned, on the other hand, his introduction to the man that he would eventually spend the rest of his life with was the sound of skin slapping against a tile floor, followed soon after by a roar of pain and the sound of a bar of soap ricocheting off of one of the shower walls.

Perhaps it was not the best first impression, but Zephyrus had always been a gentle soul. Some part of him compelled him to turn around and help. Not that he was unwilling to do so to begin with.

Zephyrus’ lips parted in a soft gasp. In front of him was one of the most beautiful creatures that he had ever seen. With eyes blue as the sky that he so loved and golden hair much like the sky that he enjoyed preening himself under. The sight was marred by the sizable, rigid pillar of flesh that was jutting out from the man’s groin.

Zephyrus stowed away his soap and shampoo on the little alcove meant for it. He walked over to Apollo, careful not to slip lest he find himself in the same situation minus the erection.

Zephyrus was about to say something when the tattoo emblazoned on Apollo’s chest, a crest of the radiant sun, drew his eye. He smiled. “Ben Nephilim,” he said, fingers tracing over the enchanted ink that was embedded in Apollo’s skin.

From the way that Apollo’s eyes fluttered open and his lips parted in a quiet moan, just barely loud enough for Zephyrus to hear, but definitely too soft for the rest of the men in the showers, there was no doubt for Zephyrus that the man’s erection was for him. Disdain quickly turned to amusement as he allowed his fingers to drift from Apollo’s chest, down to the blond’s abdomen.

Zephyrus could feel the muscles tighten underneath his gentle touch. He could hear Apollo’s breath quickening. He could see Apollo tense like a coiled spring. Zephyrus smirked, plying his soft touch over Apollo’s pubic mound, but drawing his hand away from the quivering stiffness of Apollo’s manhood. “My name is Zephyrus,” he said, moving his fingers tantalizingly close to Apollo’s hardness. “Yours?”

Apollo gulped audibly. Zephyrus could not help but smirk even more. “Apollo,” he said, after struggling to even get the syllables out. Apollo watched as Zephyrus’ eyes glowed briefly and the bar of soap that had slipped from his hand slid over to the two of them.

“You dropped your soap,” said Zephyrus. Zephyrus rose to his feet and walked over to the shower he’d abandoned. He didn’t think Apollo needed his help. After all, Apollo had the blood of the Nephilim. A small slip would not have hurt. Too much.

Apollo lay there on the wet floor, stunned. He could do naught but watch as Zephyrus continued to shower as though nothing had happened. Well, seemingly as though nothing had happened. In truth, Apollo was beginning to suspect that Zephyrus was teasing him.

Zephyrus lathered up his short black hair with shampoo. That in itself was not very notable, but Zephyrus was moving from side to side as he did. His muscles rippled with his motions, and the wings tattooed into his back seemed to come to life. Apollo’s eyes were riveted to the streams of water that flowed down Zephyrus’ back and down the crack of his ass.

Zephyrus took the bar of soap from the alcove. He lathered the bar across his arms and his chest, then surreptitiously dropped it. Normally, Apollo would have rolled his eyes at the artifice of the whole damn thing, but Zephyrus made it seem so natural that Apollo’s breath hitched in his throat when he got a sneak peek at Zephyrus’ perk buttocks framing a tight, pink, hairless pucker.

Apollo’s eyes wandered up for a moment. Zephyrus was looking at him with amusement. The other Nephilim winked at him and turned away so fast that Apollo was left wondering if he had been hallucinating.

Zephyrus distracted Apollo by turning around and making a show of cleaning his groin. Apollo couldn’t help but notice that Zephyrus was about as well-endowed as he was. His eyes followed the movement of the surprisingly-flaccid member.

No one had ever done this for Apollo before. He was so stunned that he had entirely forgotten he was still on the floor of the communal shower room. He was whisked away from his thoughts almost immediately by Zephyrus turning back around and bending over to lather soap over his legs.

Apollo’s cock throbbed between his legs, but the thought of grabbing on and giving himself a couple of strokes never occurred to him. His attention was wholly and solely commanded by Zephyrus.

Then things kicked up a notch. Just when Apollo thought things could not get any hotter in the already hot and steam-filled gym showers, Zephyrus blew him away. Soap slicked fingers traced a trail up Zephyrus’ thigh that enraptured Apollo. He could not take his eyes away from the fingers as they slowly and sensuously glided across Zephyrus’ skin.

Zephyrus’ lips parted in a soft moan that sent a shock of pleasure coursing through Apollo. Zephyrus’ fingers found his tight entrance. Zephyrus kneaded his own most private place, making Apollo’s breath hitch in his throat.

Zephyrus pushed against his pucker insistently, then slipped a finger inside. Apollo groaned in harmony with Zephyrus. Apollo did not think his cock could get any harder, but Zephyrus keened with pleasure and shot a load onto the shower wall.

Apollo’s cock got harder.

So caught up was he in his lust that Apollo did not even notice that Zephyrus had turned off the shower and had already walked off wordlessly. Apollo was drawn back to reality by a sharp jab at his back where a man had kicked him and had sneered “fag.”

Suddenly self-conscious about his erection, Apollo covered up, rushed to the shower, and turned it on to its coldest. Despite shivering, thoughts of Zephyrus’ little ‘show’ plagued Apollo and nullified whatever benefit he might have hoped to gain from showering in the cold water.

Apollo shook his head and rushed off, not even bothering to take his shampoo and soap. He could buy some more later. He wanted to at least save some of his dignity.

Apollo grabbed his towel from a nearby hook and dried himself off as best he could. He turned the corner to go to his locker and was stopped in his tracks by the sight that greeted him. No doubt Zephyrus had found him by the gym bag that was emblazoned with the very same sun that was on his chest.

Whatever choice words he’d had for Zephyrus melted away on his tongue as soon as he saw toned butt-cheeks framed by a russet-coloured jockstrap. “Oh,” said Zephyrus, with a smirk on his face. “I didn’t see you there. Anyway. I have to go. See you around, sunshine.”

Apollo stood by the bench, stunned for the second time in less than an hour, as Zephyrus walked by and dropped a gold-coloured jockstrap in Apollo’s hands.

Apollo blinked. He had just realized that perhaps this was his one chance to act like he’d always wanted to act. Since Zephyrus seemed to be taking his sweet time leaving Apollo’s lockers to get to his own, Apollo hurriedly put on his jockstrap and blocked Zephyrus’ way.

Apollo winked at Zephyrus. Zephyrus smirked. “What do you mean see me around?” said Apollo. He pinned Zephyrus against the nearest locker and rubbed their groins together. “Don’t you want to…” he said, then turned around and rubbed his ass-crack against Zephyrus’ rapidly-stiffening member. “Give me a taste?”

Zephyrus laughed. Apollo’s heart raced in his chest. “Maybe some other time, sunshine,” he said. He spun Apollo back around and wrapped his arms around Apollo’s waist. He pulled Apollo closer and looked deeply into those beautiful blue eyes. “I really do have to go. I promised Samantha I wouldn’t leave her alone on the sales floor tonight.”

Zephyrus turned the tables on Apollo and pinned the other Nephilim to the locker. “Here,” said Zephyrus, suckling on Apollo’s neck until a hickey formed, “Something to remember me by, sunshine.”

Apollo traced his fingers over the spot and felt the heat rise to his face.

Zephyrus smirked again and tried to hide the blush on his own face. He turned around to leave, but at the last moment, Apollo blurted out, “You could at least give me your number!”

Zephyrus laughed and winked at Apollo. “Don’t have one. Try a scrying bowl.”