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Eyes in the shadows

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Eyes in the shadows


Eyes in the shadows, always watching in the dark. Yearning, needing wishing for touch by forbidden hands. So many nights he had wished those hands upon his body, touching himself pretending it was those hands. He licked his lips while watching his father disrobe for a bath, a bath he always took at the same time of day unless something urgent happened which forced him away from his habits.


The silvery flowing gown fell from his shoulders, leaving the slim tight golden robe underneath to snug his frame and chiseled form. It was as if Illuvatar himself had created this being in front of him. Pants came undone as well as boots were taken off while the robe still lingered over his father's frame, clothes being neatly placed on the chair by the table where his wine always stood waiting for him. Slowly, the robe came undone as well, clasp by clasp it revealed the fair skin of his father's chest and he could see everything from where he stood in the shadows. His father was facing him but didn't look towards where his son stood, his head was turned towards the water, allowing Legolas to see all of him, all the beauty of his kings form.


His loins stirred when he watched his father turn to the water, the light of the sun glimmering down from a small opening in the ceiling. Soundless his father walked down the steps to merge himself in the hot spring, diving under the water with his hair flowing about him like seaweed in wave0. His skin glimmered like the stars on a clear winter night. The prince couldn't help but touch his growing bulge on top of his pants, somewhat rubbing it to at least get some of the yearning to calm. It didn't quite help of course but rather made it worse. He would have to do something about this later on but for now, he watched his king bathe and clean himself with a natural sponge slowly flowing over his perfect body. Bless Illuvatar's name how he wanted to join in that bath, to be the one to hold that sponge and wash his father's soft skin all over.


It took about twenty minutes before Thranduil was done, taking his time getting clean and simply just enjoying the warmth of the natural spring. Once he decided he was done, he swam to the steps and waded up on them as if he was the water-god himself. Legolas let out a silent sigh and rubbed his hard shaft again. He took all of his father into view, watched every detail, every movement of muscle, how his private parts looked when he moved.




The king leaned forward and moved his hair to one side, forcing the water out of his hair with his hands, still standing there in his naked, natural form before he reached for the towel and began drying his hair with that instead. It didn't bother him that he was naked even though other elves could easily see him since his personal chambers were open for view on each sides of the pool like many other elven homes, except for the fact the king had his own hot spring, others did not. Elves simply did not have the feeling of being embarrassed over their bodies like men did. They were after all a creation of Illuvatar himself.


The yearning almost became unbearable and Legolas' hand on his groin grew more and more desperate to touch himself more than only on top of his pants. he needed to leave so he could relieve himself but so far he just couldn't do it, not until Thranduil had finally gotten a new set of clothes on. The prince glanced around so no one saw him, corrected his tunic so his bulging groin didn't show then left the shadows quick but quiet.


The prince hurried off on small paths in the kingdom of the woodland realm, snaking about until he came to a small area he had used as a child when playing hide and seek. It was a hollow tree big enough for about three grown men to sit on the ground. He groaned in frustration and snuck inside, kneeling to get in. He rose to a stand and leaned against the inside of the trunk and pulled his pants down enough to get his shaft out. The head was gleaming by precum already.


As soon as he grabbed his shaft, he shuddered a breath while replaying the view of his father in his head, the pale alabaster skin, the water drops glimmering on his frame, the curves and shapes and how every muscle seemed to flow with every movement. Slowly he began to move his hand back and forth, just touching himself was a relieve in itself since he'd denied himself touch while he made his way to his old hiding place. He couldn't help a soft groan to escape while his hand worked his shaft, the head glistening while his thumb touched his slit, dreaming of his father's touch right where his hand was wishing to feel his father's mouth around him which was only one of his secret wishes.


Legolas couldn't help but pick up the pace while fantasizing about his father's behind, the perfect shape of it, his lips and pale eyes. His heart picked up pace as well as his breathing and he grabbed an in-growing root in the dim light of the trunk's inside. His abdomen began to tighten as he worked himself with his father in his mind. The prince inhaled ragged breaths and closed his eyes. He choked his groans of pleasure and opened his mouth to let his silent moans out.


The prince leaned his head back against the trunk and felt the tensing of his abdomen becoming almost unbearable before he finally fell over the edge of pleasure, shooting his load almost to the far end of the hollow tree as three ragged moans escaped his lips while he pumped himself until there was nothing left.


He swallowed quietly, still holding his shaft, gazing at the other end of the trunk's hollow inside. How he wished this had been his father's touches instead of his own hand. Legolas had dreamed about this so many years but had never said anything to anyone about it but it was only recently his secret desires had gone so far as to shadow his father whenever he knew he'd let his robes fall.


Once his shaft was flaccid, he pulled his pants open and put himself back and pulled them up again, elves didn't wear any underwear and never had. He picked up a small piece of paper from a pocket and cleaned his hand up as well. If only dreams came true. Legolas let out a sigh and lowered his head in his shameful wish of his father's hands on him. He waited until he had gathered himself before he snuck out from the inside of the tree trunk, making sure no one saw him and went back the same way he came there. He grabbed his bow on the way past his chambers and went out to train and occupy his mind.


This went on for months and always ended up the same way, however one evening Thranduil wasn't there when Legolas came to watch him bathe. He stood in the shadows like always but the water was still and nothing as much as moved in his father's chambers. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked around to see if he was anywhere close. As far as he knew there was nothing urgent happening in the realm at the moment so his father should be there.


“Why do you linger in the shadows..?” A sudden voice behind him made him spin around on his heels and lost his balance enough to end up leaning on the rock wall behind him. At first he looked frightened but when he met eyes with his father, he swallowed and instantly felt guilty. Thranduil rose an eyebrow at him when he didn't answer and a slight smirk appeared and disappeared just as quickly. Thranduil leaned in close and in a flash movement his lower arm was on the rock by Legolas' head, blocking his way of escape, the other hand placed itself on Legolas' groin and pressed and rubbed him, causing the prince to instantly hitch a breath. “Is this what you want, aran nîn?” [my son]. He asked with a tone of voice that could be threatening but just as easily a dare. ”Ada, iesten..!”[father, please!] Legolas whimpered shamefully, pressing himself against the wall so embarrassed and ashamed that his cheeks were burning and he didn't dare to look his father in the eyes.


“Dîn..! I know you have watched me from the shadows, Legolas” [silence] He said, lightly rubbing Legolas' awakening groin on top of his clothes. The prince swallowed again, still not daring to look at his father but still didn't tell him to stop. He grew so hard in the king's hands and his heart beat so fast that he could barely breathe. “I can hear you... sense you. Do you really think I did not know you were there? Do you think I did not know? That I displayed myself unknowingly to you?” Thranduil tilted his head and watched his son intensely while Legolas himself only dared to glance up at his father from under his brows. “Im...” [I]. He lowered his head again and choked a moan from the teasing touches of his father's hand. “You should be grateful that I gave you a private show... something to fantasize about, Legolas. I know what you did in that hiding place of yours, I followed you.”


The prince's eyes fell to the floor to his side while his cheeks burned. “Shameful.” Thranduil whispered so close to Legolas' ear that he could feel his father's breath on his skin. Just as the word was out, his father let go of his son's groin and disappeared into his chambers, leaving Legolas to stew in his own shame. The prince swallowed hard and exhaled a ragged breath while looking at the floor. He gathered his thoughts for a moment and trying to understand what just happened before he hurried off to his secret place again. This time he didn't pleasure himself however but broke down in tears and leaned his head against the inside of the trunk and placed a palm on it as well, stroking it as if he pretended it was his father's chest. The agony and shame burned in his chest. He had never expected to get caught and especially not by his father. How could he be so stupid as to think the king wouldn't notice him?!


He cursed himself mentally over and over while tears of frustration and shame stained his face. He cried silently, the arousal completely gone by now. He fought to calm himself but it was hard to focus since the touch of his father's hand on his crotch still lingered in his mind no matter how shameful it was to fantasize about. Legolas didn't go to Thranduil's chambers in a month's time no matter how much he yearned to, he had avoided his father completely and once he did see him, he avoided looking at him but it didn't mean the lust and dreams had faded, quite the opposite. Rumors about them said they'd probably had a fight and had not spoken things out.


Legolas needed space, he needed to get out to the forest to clear his mind. He took his bow and quiver and headed out, telling the gate keepers he'd just get out for a while, scouting. They had simply nodded and didn't seem to think much of it when the prince headed out like so many times before. Legolas being out in the woods was nothing new.


The prince headed off with feet knowing every root and rock in the woodland realm. He had been running in these woods since he was a young elfling, running together with his father when the times were lighter, not like they were now with the darkness rising in the east. His feet moved lightly through trees and branches until he finally ended up in a small clearing with a little stream running through it. It was beautiful here and he had found himself in this place several times and sometimes even with books, just enjoying the stillness of the forest he lived in.


A light sigh escaped his lips and he removed his quiver and placed it by a nearby tree along with his bow, just looking around the clearing. The birds were chirping and clear blue skies showed here, one of few places where the trees didn't overshadow the skies. It was just as beautiful here during night time when stars appeared, sometimes even the moon. Usually you could only see them on top of the forest hills but this clearing, this was Legolas' own sanctuary.


Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him but he didn't get the time to turn around before a hand wrapped around his chest and covered his mouth and the other gripped tightly around his hip and landed on his groin, instantly Legolas' hands gripped the arm around his chest, about to defend himself. He was about to fight back but froze when he heard the voice. “Baw rhinc!” [don't move]. He didn't dare to even breathe but unwillingly swallowed, staring straight forward, his loins starting to burn by the touch as soon as he heard his father's voice.


“Carildë tana olya?” [Do you want me that much?] The hand moved away from his mouth and ended up on his throat instead. Legolas hesitated even though his shaft didn't. Just by the thought of even getting that question whispered so close to his ear by Thranduil, ran straight to his groin and into his father's groping hand. “Carildë?!” [do you] His father growled again, gripping his groin harder, tightening his hand around his throat and pulling his son closer to his chest, pressing the wind out of Legolas' lungs with a slight groan from him. The prince closed his eyes and swallowed, hesitating before he answered. “M-maer...” [yes], he breathed. His heart beat so hard in his chest that he could hear it in his head, he was sure Thranduil could feel it too but he couldn't help it.




No one moved in what seemed to be forever, frozen in their stance with Legolas' back tightly against his father's chest as if the king was contemplating on how to proceed. Then, the hand groping him began to move and slowly unbuckled his belt, moving to the buttons in his fly. Legolas didn't dare to move, was this really happening?! Thranduil's breath was warm against his ear and cheek, sending tickling sensations all over his skin while his buttons in his pants came undone and he was set free from the straining fabric.


A warm hand snaked down and gripped his hard elfhood, earning a staggering gasp from his son and a good bob from the shaft in his hands. “Mára Seldo” [good boy]. While Thranduil's hand moved up and down, teasing his son, the other hand let go of Legolas' neck and began to undo his coat and tunic, taking them off with one hand with a bit of help from his son's willing body, moving to ease the removal of clothing. The blue tunic was now the only thing between his father's hand and his bare chest and once it opened up, a soft silky hand snaked inside and stroked him softly. Once it found one of his nipples he shuddered a breath and Thranduil gently pinched and rolled the nipple in his hand at the same time soft kisses landed on Legolas' neck. The prince couldn't do much more than lean his head on his father's shoulder and allow himself to be touched, completely in his father's control, his own arms resting by his sides now.


Thranduil changed his grip and let go of Legolas all together, only to violently turn him around and push him stumbling until his back hit a tree and just as fast as it did, Thranduil's lips were on his, his father's hands on his shoulders, forcing his blue tunic off. The king pressed him against the trunk while the kiss deepened. It took a moment before Legolas actually realized that this wasn't a dream but once he did, he caught up on the kiss and his arms wrapped around his father's upper arms. The prince slowly drowned in his father's hunger and his knees wanted to buckle but he fought to stand for as long as he could.


“Ego” [off], Thranduil demanded against his son's lips, now tugging on Legolas' pants. His son wasn't slow to answer and got his boots and pants out of the way while Thranduil himself undid the clasps on his robes but left it on. As soon as Legolas stood naked before him with his lower parts fully awake, he glanced down at Thranduil's groin and realized he too was turned on by this moment. For the first time in a month, Legolas looked up and met his father's eyes in surprise but he didn't have a chance to say anything before his lips was yet again occupied by his father's.


Hungry hands moved all over the prince's body while earning hitches and gasps depending on where they touched. Legolas himself reached out to touch his father's chest with trembling hands while they kissed deeply, tasting each other. Thranduil's alabaster skin was as soft as it looked and just as ripped and tight as it appeared. Slowly, he dared to move his hands lower and finally reached the belt of his father's pants and in turn he earned a light buck of his father's hips as if urging him to go on.


Fumbling hands finally undid the clasp and buttons to free his father's elfhood. A light sigh of relief escaped Thranduil and fanned out over his son's cheek and a moan while still kissing. When Legolas' hands touched his shaft another soft moan escaped in the form of a light sigh. It felt like a relief for both of them to be touched by the other from what it seemed. The king leaned closer to his son, ending up chest to chest with him and in turn also leaning in close with his groin, his abdomen squeezing his son's hands away from touching him. Instead they ended up grinding their shafts together instead which caused Legolas' elfhood to bob and he himself moan into his father's mouth then gasp. “Ada...” He whispered, it came out quite more needy than he had anticipated but that couldn't be helped. The word was out.


Thranduil broke the kiss and kissed small trails of kisses from his son's jawline down over his chest, nipping at a nipple while his hands slowly ran their way down Legolas' sides until his father kneeled before him. He wasn't sure if he dared to look but he did anyway while the back of his head against the tree trunk. The king looked up at him with a smirk before he took his son into his mouth.


Legolas gasped loudly and became harder if that was even possible, he bobbed in his father's mouth as it wrapped around his length. The warmth and moist was so unbearably wonderful! His heart beat hard and fast in his chest and his breath picked up. His pale eyes looked down at his father with a glaze of pleasure in those pale gems of his. Thranduil moved his head back and forth, taking his son deeply into his mouth, watching his son in the eyes while he did so, teasing him in the right places with his tongue and earning yet more gasps from the prince. Legolas eventually closed his eyes and grabbed the tree behind him, arms resting by his sides and back. His head against the trunk still.


The prince didn't notice when his father moved one of his hands into his robe to fish something out while sucking and teasing his shaft. One of the king's hands on his son's shaft while his mouth worked in unison with the movements it made.


Thranduil shifted a bit in front of him but he didn't care, not until he felt a hand on his behind and a slick finger snaking in between his cheeks and reached his goal. His hands grasped his father's shoulders as he looked down on him. “Suiha, nastanin” [enjoy/like it, trust me]. The king said and took his son in his mouth again. Legolas nodded quietly where he stood with his feet spread to allow his father entrance to where he wanted to reach. Thranduil's robe was spread out around him, his pants open and his hard member bared.


The slick finger teased his opening and it soon made Legolas once again drown in the feeling of both getting a blow-job by his father as well as being teased like that. Sooner rather than later, that slick finger found its way inside of him and he of course tightened and clenched around the digit, his hands grabbing his father's shoulders firmly even though the king didn't seem to care.


Another digit found its way inside and they moved to let him get used to the feeling. A third finger was added and slowly moved back and forth slicking him up on the inside. All of a sudden Legolas gasped violently and bucked, white specks appeared in the corner of his vision and his father grinned when looking up at him. A striking wave of pleasure washed over him in a second but disappeared just as fast. Thranduil did the same thing again and once more his son bucked and moaned.


“Glaer dad” [lay down]. Thranduil removed the fingers and Legolas didn't hesitate, his knees were weak as it was by this treatment and he instantly fell to his knees only to get pushed to his back by his king until he fell to his back in the moss bed by the little stream. The king was over him in a second and dove down to hungrily kiss him, his hands landing just by Legolas' shoulders before he leaned down to let their chests touched. The king's robe once again fanning out this time around them both.


The prince still had a hard time realizing that this was really happening, it all felt like a dream. A very vivid dream of course but still, was it a dream? Or perhaps it was the fact that he felt drunk of desire and a wish that seemed to be coming true. His father kissed him deeply then traced kisses down to his neck, nipping the skin there while one of his hands snuck down to tease one of his nipples. Legolas groaned quietly and gasped once Thranduil's shaft touched his in a mere second.


“Pedigiest nin..?” [do you want me] Legolas moaned softly and looked up at his father with glazed eyes, his hands snaking in under his father's open robe to hold his sides. He pulled his father down towards him “Maer” [yes] the prince breathed. It seemed to be the only thing Thranduil needed to take over completely. He reached down and pulled Legolas' legs up so he could place himself between them better and to get into position.


The king met eyes with his son a few seconds before he moved his hips correctly in position and his head placed itself by Legolas' entrance. He watched the prince's face and slowly moved forward with an already slick shaft which he had covered in the same oil as he had used on Legolas' opening a few minutes earlier. The vial now rested beside them on the moss-bed. The king slowly pushed himself inside without asking, telling his son to relax as much as he could. Legolas grabbed his father's upper arms and Thranduil took hold of his son's shoulders to still him as he pushed inside, filling the prince to his limit. Legolas groaned and closed his eyes for a moment a slight face of pain appeared but Thranduil hushed him. Once he had pushed himself to the root, he remained still for a moment, allowing Legolas to get used to the feeling and get a bit more control over his body's muscles. Both of them moaned by the feeling of both filling and being filled, coming as close as anyone can with another.


The prince of the woodland realm opened his eyes and lazily gazed up on his father, taking ragged breaths just as his father did. The king began to move inside of him as soon as he felt the tension ease around his shaft, slowly pushing out only to thrust again, yet again earning soft moans from both of them. “A-adah..!” Legolas moaned in pleasure. He had never guessed it would be this pleasing to have his father entering him like this, once you got used to the feeling it was rather good. It was far better than what he had fantasized about in his most vivid dreams.


The pace quickened and the both of them moaned and grunted into each others mouths while kissing deeply, needingly; while the passion was thick in the air in the private clearing of Legolas' choosing. He arched his back and broke the kiss to get air. Light sweat pearls had appeared on both of them by now and the Prince pulled his legs up towards his sides even more so he allowed Thranduil to go even deeper which his father also did, earning a loud grunt from his son along with a gasp of pleasure. The prince arched his back even more when he hit that special spot and his elfhood bobbed against his father's abdomen along with a rather loud moan from his son. Thranduil grabbed a tighter hold of Legolas' shoulders from the back, the back of his hands against the moss underneath his son. The king picked up the place even more, slamming into his heir. Both of them gasped for air as they felt their abdomens tighten, preparing for release. Legolas' toes curled and he clawed his father's upper arms, grunting, gasping, getting lost in the feeling of being penetrated so deep, the feeling of being so full and stretched as he could possibly get by the only person he'd ever yearned for.


”polnin manwa?” [are you ready] Thranduil grunted in his ear, his warm breath fanned over Legola's cheek. The prince only managed to groan and nod his head. As soon as he did his father slammed harder into him without mercy, hitting just the right spot every time. The prince hitched his breath, his heart's pulse was ringing in his ears. His back arched and he lost his breath, hearing his father's passionate grunts and groans in his ear while the warm breath still tickled his skin, both of them close to release.


“A...Ad...aah!” He couldn't breathe, couldn't see, his eyes were completely glazed over by the bliss of this dream coming true. Legolas's stomach tightened and his head pulled up against his father's robe clad shoulder when his abdominal muscles tightened as if he was making a situp. The second later he came so hard that his elfhood bobbed by each pulse of release, reaching him to his chin, not until several pulsates released his seed did he manage to breathe by pressing the air out of his lungs only to gasp against his father's shoulder again while the pulses continued a while longer.


His entrance clenched over and over while he lost himself completely in the overwhelming passionate feeling of coming so hard he lost all matter of thought. Stars glimmered in his vision. “mára seldo... mára” [good boy] The king breathed heavily. The moment Thranduil felt Legolas' clenching around him, he lost his rhythm for a few thrusts before he slammed into his son three more times before he shot his load into that beautiful body he'd once helped to create. He too held his breath but then bit down on his son's shoulder and caused Legolas to call out in pain, making him spurt a few more pulses of release out over his stomach, while his father filled him by pulsating inside of him.


Once they came down from the release, Thranduil was now resting his head against Legolas' bitten shoulder, catching his breath while having his son's heaving breaths in his ear. Their hearts raced still by the moment they found themselves in, the king still being inside his son as if he wanted to linger in the feeling inside as long as he could. Not until his flaccid member made its way out of his son on its own with a sticky sound, did he raise his head while Legolas felt an instant loss feeling filled. He however felt his entrance being slick and became even more so when his father's release made its way out on the moss beneath him.


“This...” Thranduil breathed and looked into his son's glazed eyes. “Can never happen again, Legolas.” He said quietly and made his way up to his clad knees. He still wore his open robe and pants since he had only gotten his elfhood out to get to Legolas' entrance when he couldn't hold himself from penetrating him any longer. The king rose to a stand and pulled his pants hem and fly out a bit so his member could fall back into his pants before he buttoned his fly up again. Elves didn't wear underwear and never had. He started to button his robe while watching his son, naked, glimmering in little pearls of sweat while his son's spent lay over his stomach up to his chin and over his throat. The prince had only put his feet down on the ground, feet pulled against his behind with legs bent up towards the sky while laying on his back, still spread to let Thrandul's gaze travel over his stunning form. The king looked over his child, looking at his spent member still resting upwards towards his bellybutton, his own release slowly trickling out of his child's used entrance, staining the moss with white.


“Why..?” The prince asked, still stuck in the bliss of what had occurred. “Because it's wrong, it is shameful and it is something that should not occur.” The king said, finishing his last clasp and stood straight and proud like he always did in his kingly manner. “Forgive me for having shameful thoughts about your, father.” The prince said and instantly got a look of shame on his face and swallowed, glancing up at his father from under his brows while raising his upper body to rest on his lower arms. His father's spent had trickled out of him now and he sat up. Thranduil shook his head. “It does not matter now... I decided to give you what you wished for in the hopes of stilling your need of thought”.


Those words... did this mean it was only a one time thing? Legolas looked down at the moss as his heart sank in his chest. “At least you will have a memory instead of only dreams to keep you company at night or in hollow old trunks.” Thranduil said, took two steps backwards then turned around and disappeared from his son's view. He probably went back to the kingdom while leaving his son with confused thoughts.


What Legolas didn't see, was that Thranduil had left because he knew he had done something forbidden even for him, something shameful but yet, deep in his heart he wished more, he wanted more of this than just one time but he could not tell his son that, things would get... complicated... more complicated than they already were.