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    While we wait for the next book, I ponder what Petyr and Sansa might be getting up to. This is one of those ships that require a sort of double-think mode, an even balance of 'this is kind of hot' and 'this is SO fucked up and only going to get fucked further up.' Anyway obviously I hope he seduces her and teaches her to be all Machiavellian and eventually they rule Westeros together and she's the Queen of Love and Beauty and he's the Eminence Grise and they actually do a better job than anybody ever, in an utterly pragmatic and cynical way, and lemon cakes all round.

    I hope it's not necessary to say, but Robert is not involved in any of the sexual parts of this story at all.

    I also feel that I should apologise for my poor continuity. It's very difficult to write something between books for a series like ASOIAF, where what happens to one set of characters is influenced by events happening to other characters in other parts of a big, busy world. I can't work in that kind of scope. Which would be why I just write dirty stories on AO3 instead of having a series of best-selling properly published novels.