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Codename: Prom Queen

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On the first of May, 2012, Burt and Carole Hummel invested their entire savings in a reputable fund which came highly recommended by their friends, including both the Fabrays and the Andersons.  

Many of their acquaintances did the same, desiring the high rate of return in the bad economy.

On May 15, the investment firm(and all their money) disappeared.  When Burt Hummel went to track down the conman, he walked in on a cleanup job and got a double-shot in the head for his efforts.

On May, 31, an apologetic detective told Kurt that the case was cold, that there were no more leads.

On June first, a week before graduation, Kurt Hummel left a stack of final term papers and a request to send his diploma home with Finn on the desk of Principal Figgins (he was running after the perpetrators of the senior prank, and left the office unlocked).

On June first, a week before graduation, Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Noah Puckerman, Finn Hudson, and Blaine Anderson found packages on their doorsteps- a CD tower topped with a gold star, a favorite scarf, a folder of songs they'd written and a plea to make sure his piano didn't get dusty, a photo album of the Hudmel family, a note.  

I love you

I'll miss you

you've forever ruined the GAP for me, I hope you know

And Candles.  Gaga, what were we thinking, singing a breakup song for our first duet?

Thank you for the courage and prom night and for always being there for me.

You were the best thing that ever happened to me,  

You'll always be my teenage dream

(Somehow, the scratch-outs of things unsaid ring truer than any hallmark card sentiments that make the final cut.  Blaine thinks so, at least.)

On June first, a week before graduation, Kurt Hummel disappears.