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Never Really Alone

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The day was finally coming to an end. Scott sighed in relief. Valentine's Day was hell for him. He always spent it alone, or with his mom. No one was interested in the asthmatic bench warmer on the lacrosse team. He wanted to make first line. He wanted it more than anything else in the world. He leaned his head against his locker; let the cool metal soothe him. He turned his head to the side, saw couples exchanging cards and chocolates. He sighed again. He wouldn't mind a Valentine though, that'd be almost as good as first line.

He pulled his head back, unlocked his locker. There was a red envelope inside. He grinned; his day suddenly started looking up. He pulled out the card, hands shaking with excitement. He hadn't been expecting to get anything; maybe he had a secret admirer. He hesitated after getting his thumb under the sealed paper. He glanced left and right down the hall. He hoped it wasn't a joke. He didn't think he could deal with the pain of something like that today. He didn't see anyone watching him; no one was ever watching him.

He ran his hand along the paper, swore as it cut into his skin. He sucked his thumb into his mouth. He'd never get first line if he could get cut up by a stupid piece of paper. He shook his head. He finished opening the envelope. He was looking at the back of a Hallmark card. He flipped it over. There was a picture of Batman on the front. The superhero was drawn as though he was delivering an uppercut to an invisible bad guy. Scott flipped the card open. He wasn't sure if he should laugh or be disappointed. Inside the the card said, 'BAM! You're my Valentine, bro!'

Scott chuckled. There was a piece of paper inside the card. He pulled it out and unfolded it. There was a homemade coupon inside. It said, 'The bearer of this coupon is entitled to some pizza, a chocolate bar, and a high five from his best friend.' At the bottom in fine print it also said, 'Redeemable this Valentine's Day only, please present coupon to one Stiles's Stilinski at his place of residence because he doesn't want to spend another Valentine's Day alone.'

Scott grinned. Stiles was such a dork. Hanging out eating pizza sounded better than sitting around at home. His phone rang, he blinked as he pulled it out of his pocket. It was his mom.


"I just got your flowers," his mother said, "You didn't have to do that."

Scott smiled; he held the phone with his head and shoulder as he put his books in his locker. "I know," he said, "but I wanted to do something for you. Every pretty lady deserves flowers on Valentine's Day."

"You're such a sweet boy; you're going to be such a great boyfriend when you meet the right girl in college."

Scott rolled his eyes. He closed and locked his locker, turned to head outside, careful not to run into anyone as he continued talking on the phone. "Why when I'm in college? Why not now?"

He heard his mom scoff, it made him smile. "High School girls are dumb; trust me I used to be one. They never notice the good ones."

Scott shook his head as he opened the door. He walked over to the bike rack, kneeled down to unlock his bike. "Everyone's mom thinks they're a catch."

"Mom's are always right. If you learn nothing else from being a teenager it should be that."

Scott glanced over the parking lot. Stiles's jeep was already gone. He wanted to drop by a convenience store and pick up an ironic Valentine's card to give to his friend, maybe he'd find some small present too. He hadn't thought of getting Stiles something. Guys didn't normally give each other stuff on Valentine's Day when it wasn't required by teachers anymore.

"Hey mom, I was thinking about hanging out with Stiles tonight. We were going to get pizza and talk about how cool we aren't."

His mom laughed, he wasn't sure if he should laugh too or if he should be offended that she wasn't defending him.

"That's fine, I'm working late, are you coming home tonight or staying over there?"

"Depends on if I fall asleep while playing video games." Scott climbed onto his bike, steadied it with his feet. He pulled his backpack off, tucked the lock inside before putting it back on. "I'll be quiet when I come in if I come home, don't worry." Scott heard someone talking to his mother, couldn't make out what they were saying through the phone line.

"Yeah, they're from a secret admirer. I know I was shocked too, maybe one of the cute interns," his mother said.

Scott scrunched his face up. He did not want to think of his mother and an intern. "Mom!"

"Oh, sorry honey." His mother didn't sound all that sorry though. "I just wanted to seem not so lonely and pathetic on Valentine's Day."

Scott frowned. "You're not pathetic, mom. You're not alone either. You have me."

"I take back what I said earlier," his mom said.

Scott stared down at the ground, scratched his head with his free hand. "What?"

"You're going to find a girlfriend soon, just be nice to them the way you're nice to me."

He rolled his eyes, but couldn't help the small smile that tugged at his lips. "Thanks. You're the best."

"Don't forget your inhaler! Don't listen to the Sheriff's calls, and don't get into any trouble."

Scott sighed. "I take back what I said earlier."

There was a moment of silence from the other side of the phone. "What?"

Scott grinned. "You're not the best, but you're still pretty good."

"You're lucky I can't hit you upside the head."

He laughed. "Love you."

"Love you."

He hung up the phone, backed his bike out of the rack. It was Friday so he didn't need to get clothes to wear to school the next day. He figured he's go to the store, grab a last minute gift for Stiles then head straight over.

Scott dialed Stiles's number. It only rang once before his friend picked up.


"Hey, I'm planning on redeeming my coupon tonight." Scott felt a little silly saying it. He started pedaling slowly, steering with one hand as he navigated the school's parking lot.

"Awesome, my dad's working late. You know what that means?" Stiles sounded excited. Scott was immediately suspicious.

"That it's just like most nights?" Scott almost fell off his bike when a silver Porsche tore through the parking lot, it nearly clipped him. He gasped in shock, steadied his bike with his feet as he came to a stop. Panic flooded his body, the car had been close enough that he felt the wind whip through his hair. He started wheezing.

"You okay?" Stiles asked.

He whipped out his inhaler, took a steady deep breath. "Yeah, Jackson just almost hit me with his car." Scott hated Jackson so much. He was a total dick. He was probably on his way home to throw away the hundreds of extra Valentine's Day cards he'd gotten. Scott hoped he choked on all the chocolate.

"So just another day in paradise huh?"

Scott heard the sound of screeching tires. "Dude, what the hell was that?" Scott asked, concerned that his friend had just been in an accident. He didn't hear the sound of breaking glass or an explosion though.

"When did they put a stop sign at Sycamore and Kennedy?" Stiles sounded genuinely confused.

"Probably when they built the roads?" Scott started pedaling again. He watched for other cars with drivers who weren't paying attention. He wished he had a car. If he had a car he might have a girl.

"Huh… I don't think I've ever stopped here before," Stiles said.

Scott laughed. Stiles had a car, but no girl, maybe it wasn't a necessity. "Glad to see you're paying so much attention to driving." Stiles must not have taken any Adderall today.

Stiles sighed, "Whatever man, I got more important things to focus on."

Scott stopped at the red light at the corner of the school's block. He looked over at the parked car. One of the band members was making out with a girl from theater. He sighed, love was everywhere. Even the band nerds had girlfriends. Life sucked.

He headed towards the convenience store when the light turned green. He was thinking about getting Stiles a small stuffed teddy bear or maybe a cute little puppy with a heart. He hoped the stuffed animal could protect him from his own insane disregard for safety.

"What are you focused on then?" Scott asked.

"I scored a bottle of Jack. You and me, we're going to get totally wasted and forget about all the girls who aren't interested in the two finest dudes in Beacon Hills. Well, I didn't so much score a bottle of Jack as you know; I'm going to borrow it from my father."

Scott tried to think of what girls weren't interested in Jackson and whoever the other finest dude in Beacon Hills was. He wasn't sure why they'd need to forget girls like that. That would be exactly the type of girls they needed.

"Who's the other finest dude in Beacon Hills?" Scott asked. He looked both ways as he pedaled through another intersection. He didn't want someone like Stiles to run him down; he'd never even kissed a girl yet. He needed to do that and make first line before he died.

"What? What are you talking about? I'm talking about you and me. We're the finest dudes in Beacon Hills. We're the ones the girls should be burying under Valentine's cards and chocolates."

"I wonder why they aren't," Scott said.

He knew the answer though. He and Stiles were losers. He wasn't sure when it'd happened, but at some point they'd been labeled that. It wasn't the sort of thing someone could shake off. If he could make first line though, if he could just do something that made him stand out he'd be able to finally be someone. People would notice him. He'd get the girl, life would be like he saw on television and in movies.

"It's cause you're a dork," Stiles said. "Despite my best efforts, you continue to be a dork."

Scott laughed. "Dude, we've been trying to not be dorks since middle school."

"Do or do not, there is no try," Stiles said.

"Stiles…" He couldn't believe his friend had said that considering the context of their conversation. It was like he was in denial. It was sort of sad and funny at the same time. Scott wondered if this type of conversation was why they didn't have girlfriends.

"Yeah?" Stiles still sounded distracted.

He hoped Stiles didn't get into a wreck. He should probably get him off the phone so he could focus on driving. "You just quoted Star Wars during a conversation about us being not cool."


Scott laughed again. He turned into the store's parking lot, slowed his speed by dragging his shoes across the concrete. "Gotta go man, I'll be over in a little bit."

"Later," Stiles said.

Scott dropped his phone back into his pocket. His stomach grumbled. He was ready for pizza. He considered grabbing a snack to eat before heading over. He adjusted the straps of his backpack on his shoulders as he headed into the store to find something to give Stiles for Valentine's Day.

He wasn't looking forward to the hang over he knew he'd have in the morning. When Stiles wanted to get drunk he wanted to get drunk. Scott headed down the aisle that was covered in hearts and lace. Spending Valentine's Day with Stiles eating pizza and getting drunk still beat spending it alone.