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High Grade Disaster

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            “Do you two know what you did?!” shouts can be heard from Optimus Prime’s office.

            “What the matter?  There is no harm in some High Grade, Optimus sir.”

            “Not to normal Cybertronians!  There’s a reason why Prowl doesn’t drink too much of it!”

            Now most of you are thinking, ‘What the slag is going on here?’ well that’s probably what the twins and other Autobots who were passing the out side of Optimus’ door were thinking as well.  It’s probably a good idea to start form the beginning...


- - -


Ten Hours Ago...


            Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had just coming back from betting the crap out of some Decepticons and they didn’t come back empty handed either.  “Hey Sunny,” started Sideswipe “What are we going to do with all this High Grade Energon we took from the Decepticons?”

            “Well knowing Optimus, he would probably lock this stuff up with lock and key.” said Sunstreaker “Which will be a shame to let this all go to waste...”

            “So what we are going to do?”

            Sunstreaker, the one who usably come up with the ideas, was already thinking of a plan.  “I got it.  Whose the one Autobot that needs to lighten up?”

            “Ironhide?  Ratchet?” Sideswipe started to name a list of Autobots.

            “No you silly.  I was talking about Prowl.”

            “Prowl?  Why Prowl of all people?”

            “Well he’s the one who normally punish us when ever our pranks go bad.  I’m telling you Sides that bot needs to lighten up once an awhile and have some fun.”

            “Yeah you’re right but...” Sideswipe started to say “Prowl hardly even drinks this stuff.  How are we going to give it to him?”

            “It’s elementary my dear Sides.  We are going to mix it in with Prowl’s regular Energon store cubes.”

            “But what if we get caught?  Like we usably do.”

            “You worry too much Sides.  We’re NOT going to get caught.”

            “Okay if you say so...”  With that said the two headed off to the Rec Room where the Autobots store their share of Energon.


- - -


Two Hours Ago...


            Prowl yawns tiredly as he headed towards the Rec Room.  He had a long night of night duty last night and hardly got any sleep.  Okay...All I need is a good cup of Energon then I’ll be ready for that meeting with Prime and Jazz... he thinks.  As he enters the Rec Room Bumblebee and Bluestreak was already there having some of their Energon.

            “Hey good morning Prowl.” Bumblebee happily greeted the SIC.  Prowl just gave a nod as he went to where he had his Energon stored.

            “Long night last night sir?” Bluestreak asked.  Prowl just gave another nod as he took one of his energon cubes and pure some into his favorite cup.  He leans up against the counter with a sigh and started to drink.


- - -


One Hour Ago...


            Ratchet was working in the Medical Bay when he heard his door open and was surprised to see Bumblebee and Bluestreak holding up Prowl, who to Ratchet surprised wasn’t acting like himself and his once light blue optics were now a bright yellow color.  “What in Primus happened?” asked Ratchet as the two bots help the SIC into the room.

            “We’re not sure.” said Bluestreak “One minute Prowl was just drinking his energon and the next...”

            “Hey Ratch...” Prowl spoke with a smile as he rested an arm on the med bot’s shoulder “I wove you, man.”

            Ratchet sweat drooped.  “Okay....” he started slowly “Prowl what is wrong with you?”

            “I’m a little tea pot short and stout.” Prowl started to sing with a huge smile “Here is my handle but don’t touch my spout.”

            “What you think is wrong with him?” Bumblebee asked.

            Before Ratchet could say anything, Optimus came into the room.  “Oh there you are Prowl...” he started until Prowl saw him.

            “Hey Optimus, you look much better with a new paint job.  We should let Sunscreen paint you blue with some boss red flames.” Prowl smiled.

            Optimus notice Prowl’s optics.  “Primus...” he started worried “Some one gave him a strong batch of High Grade.”

            “But how?” asked Bumblebee “Me and Bluestreak was in the Rec Room at the time.  All Prowl was drinking was his own batch of Energon.”

            “Someone must have during the night slip some in his batch.” said Ratchet.

            “Ratchet,” started Optimus “Make sure Prowl’s weapon’s systems are off.”

            “Sure.” said Ratchet.

            “Wait,” started Bumblebee confused “Why is Ratchet turning off Prowl’s weapons?  It’s just High Grade.”

            “Do you ever wonder why Prowl never drinks it that often or that much?” Ratchet said.

            “Kind of...”

            “High Grade mess up Prowl’s systems mostly his logic sensors.” said Optimus “I only saw this once when Prowl first took too much of High Grade.  If some one pisses Prowl off while the High Grade is in his systems, his battle computer will come online and do some serious damage to the bot that pissed him off.”


            “That is why Prowl’s weapon systems need to be off.” said Ratchet “We can’t have Prowl cause damage with this in his systems.”

            “Still I wonder who could have sneak High Grade into the base?”

            “There are two names I can think of.” started Bluestreak.

            ‘Optimus to Jazz.

            ‘Jazz here.  Ya found Prowl, Prime?

            ‘Yes but apparently the Twins thought it’s funny to put High Grade in with Prowl’s normal batch of Energon.

            ‘Has he...ya know...gone loopy?

            ‘Hey Jazz, you know I wove you man.’ Prowl’s voice came into the comm. system.

            ‘Dose that answer you question, Jazz?


            ‘Jazz if you see them, tell them I want to see them in my office.

            ‘Well do Prime.  Jazz out.


Sixty Seconds Ago...


            Sunstreaker and Sideswipe happily was walking down the halls that morning.  “I wonder if Prowl found our High Grade?” asked Sunstreaker.

            “Who knows.” said Sideswipe.  It wasn’t long until they ran into Jazz.

            “Sunstreaker.  Sideswipe.”

            “Morning Jazz.” Sunstreaker said happily “What’s happening?”

            “Prime wants to see the both of ya in his office ASAP.” he told them.  The two twins looked at each other confused.

            “I wonder what Prime wants with us?” Sideswipe asked.  Sunstreaker just shrugged his shoulders.


- - -


            It wasn’t long until the twin bots arrive at Optimus’s office.  Optimus was sitting in his chair behind his deck, apparently was waiting for them.  “You wanted to see us?” asked Sideswipe asked confused.

            “Yes...” Optimus said in a serious matter “Did you two happen to bring High Grade into the base last night?”

            The two twins looked at each other worriedly.  ‘Primus, how did Prime find out?’ Sunstreaker spoke through their private comm. link.

            ‘I have no clue Sunny.  But what should we do?  This was YOUR idea in the first place.

            ‘Let’s just hope Prime doesn’t find out it was Prowl’s Energon we hide the High Grade in....


Present Time


            The twins looked shock upon Optimus’ shouting.  They didn’t know their commanding officer and leader could yell.  “But Optimus sir, it’s just High Grade.  Prowl need it, he need to lighten up a laugh once in a while.” said Sunstreaker, laughing a bit and still kind of shock by Optimus’ shouting.

            Optimus looked seriously at them.  “You two don’t get it do you?  You two think it’s some kind of fun?” he asked them “What you two did to Prowl isn’t fun.”

            The twins were a bit confused still.  “I don’t get it.” said Sideswipe.

            Optimus sighed as he stood up from his chair.  “Come with me you two.” he said “You need to see this with your own optics.”