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Love Comes From Unexpected Places

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Jealous's POV

I don't really remember when all of this started, or why. All I remember is the expression he had in his eyes when he looked at me for the first time. At first it was mere curiosity, but I soon noticed his interest when he wouldn't stop staring at me. I tried to avoid his stare, but could still feel his eyes, burning into my skin. At some point, Dunstan asked to speak with my master, Lune, alone, which gave me the opportunity to get out of the room. I had just gotten to the hall when I heard someone calling me. It was him, Milieu, Dunstan's personal douji and supposedly the only neutral of the doujis created, and also the first one. I watched as he approached me and had an inexplicable feeling of dread. Out of habit, I decided to read his heart, see what he was thinking, he didn't look like he was going to speak any time soon.

                          -"Don't think I don't know about your telepathic ability."      

I was shocked. I heard him speak to me but his mouth hadn't even opened. He was speaking to me through his thoughts.

-"I see that you are surprised. Let me explain to you how I know this. As you may already know, I was the first douji that Dr. Dunstan created and as such I helped him create the rest of you, so I know each and every one of the douji's abilities, good and evil, and also their weaknesses."

I started feeling uneasy. ‘Our weaknesses?’ I thought, ‘He may be hard to beat in a fight, I'd better be careful around him.’ He got quiet which I took as a signal that he wasn't going to speak to me again, so I started to walk away, down the hall to the front door, which is where I was going before he called me. For some reason, I felt that his little 'explanation' was more like a threat. It said: "Try to do any harm to Dr. Dunstan, and you will be destroyed."

That had happened nearly two months ago. I sometimes accompanied Lune to school and all the while felt watched. Lune apparently did not notice as he carried on with his life like nothing weird was going on. I wondered if I was getting paranoia. I am almost always plagued with feelings of anxiety, so I figured that it had finally gotten to my head. I never imagined how correct my assumptions and feelings of paranoia were.