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Maker Take Me

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The commander of the Inquisition forces sat alone at his desk as he looked over the various reports. The sun was high in the sky and Cullen had barely made a dent in his work for the day. After he looked over the reports from Leliana and then Josephine wanted his attention on a matter. All of these things vying for his attention would have given him a headache anyway, but his withdrawals had already done that in the night and had not stopped all day. Leafing through the reports, Cullen made a note to speak with Cassandra. This day was a prime example of why he was not fit for duty. Perhaps she would see reason this time.

Cullen was frowning at the seemingly never ending stack of papers on his desk. He brought his hand up to rub at his face. Letting out a soft sign as he brought the next report to his attention.

“It is a shame to see such a handsome face with such an expression marring it’s beauty.”

The commander’s head snapped up to see Dorian in the doorway with his smirk firmly in place. The Tevinter mage was leaning against the door jamb, his hip jutting out and arms crossed over his chest. Pushing himself off and into Cullen’s room, Dorian walked up to the Commander’s desk. His voice echoed in the tower as he spoke, “Do you have time for a chess match? Or have those papers grievously offended you and you absolutely have continue glaring at them all day and have no time for the best thing to walk through the gates of Skyhold.”

Cullen’s face contorted into confusion, “I didn’t know the Inquisitor was back. I thought that she would have been in the Storm Coast for another week.” A sly grin accompanied his teasing as he denied Dorian his dramatics.

Dorian scoffed, “Look who developed sarcasm while I was away.” He smiled at the ex-templar, “I am a horrible influence on you.”

It became difficult for Cullen to swallow as his eyes dipped to Dorian’s smile. Horrible influence indeed. Clearing his throat, Cullen dragged his attention from the charismatic mage to look at the reports scattered
across his desk. He really needed to look at the report from Leliana about Venatori movements in the Emerald Graves.

Pushing off from the desk, Dorian put out his hand for Cullen to grab. “As Lord Dorian of the House of Pavus, I am ordering you to take a break by focusing all your attention on me.”

Cullen gave Dorian a dubious expression. “I will not spend my valuable time staring at you, Dorian. No matter how dashing you may look today.” He muttered the last bit under his breath as he turned back to his reports. Dorian’s robes looked so soft. Cullen was in so much pain that just imagining the relief that rubbing such soft fabric against his skin would alleviate some of his pain and tension. An afterthought that the commander would really not mind if Dorian was still in the clothes when Cullen rubbed against them made his face flush before burying the thoughts.

A put upon sigh escaped Dorian’s lips as he came around behind Cullen’s chair. He folded his arms across the top of Cullen’s chair before peering over Cullen to look at the desk.

Cullen let himself smile as Dorian could not see his amusement from behind him.

“What could possibly be so important that you can’t even take a moment out of your day to suffer defeat against me at chess?” Dorian complained. The mage’s hand played with the fur of Cullen’s coat as he spoke.
The commander failed to suppress a shiver as he felt Dorian’s fingers run through the fur of his coat.

“Cold, commander?” Dorian asked as he went from playing with the fur donning Cullen’s shoulders to rubbing the commander’s arms.

Fighting the blush that threatened to stain his face, “If you are begging to lose to me yet again then-” Cullen stopped suddenly as another wave of pain racked his body. He gasped out and gripped his desk as he tried to get through the pain.

“And here I was going to take advantage of an absolutely filthy innuendo and you have to go and make me worried. Are you alright?” Dorian breathed out.

“Just a headache,” Cullen grit out.

Dorian fell silent. Cullen could not bare to look behind him at Dorian’s expression. He felt Dorian’s eyes sear into the back of his head. The commander took a breath, attempting to stem the pain radiating from his head.

The mage cursed under his breath in a language that Cullen did not understand.

Ignoring the man behind him, Cullen tried picking up the nearest report and reading it. The mess of words on the parchment could not be deciphered by the commander. The words all mashing together in an unreadable haze as his head throbbed from pain.

“You know,” Dorian said, “As the competent mage that I am, I actually know a few cures for the headache.” Dorian whispered into Cullen’s ear. His hot breath ghosting against Cullen.

All the tension that had been coiled in his body seemed to release as he made a decision. “I welcome all the help you can give me,” Cullen said. Resigned that he would never be able to get any work done with this headache and sometimes he needed to learn to ask for help, even if help came in the form of a nosy mage with a shiny outfit and a flair for the dramatic.

Turning slightly toward Dorian, Cullen spoke, “I’ve already tried several potions previously but nothing has taken.”

Dorian was still draped over Cullen’s chair. He smirked as Cullen finally met his gaze. “There are ways outside of magic that can help,” Dorian rasped.

Cullen frowned as he tried to puzzle out what Dorian had in mind. As Cullen opened his mouth to respond another wave of pain crashed against him this time with nausea accompanying it. Sharply flinging his hand out, Cullen tried to gesture for Dorian to continue.

“The amount of pain you are under calls for extraordinary measures,” Dorian straightened up from lounging over the commander’s chair and tapped his chin in thought. “Very well. We have no other choice,” Dorian said with mock defeat.

Cullen would have smiled at Dorian if it would not have caused too much pain.

The mage tsked at Cullen and shook his head as he continued to look at the commander. “Come,” Dorian commanded as stretched his hand out for Cullen to take.

“Will I regret this?” Cullen finally got out as he clenched his jar against as he tried to control his reaction to the pain.

“Have faith, commander. After I am done with you, you will be calling out my name to the skies instead of the Maker you hold so dear.” Dorian laughed out as he shepherded Cullen to the ladder leading to his bed.

The mage did not hurry the commander, and in fact made sure that Cullen was going at a comfortable pace so as to not cause anymore unnecessary pain.

As they reached the ladder, Dorian let Cullen go up first and the mage followed diligently. Cullen was used to having to scale this ladder when he could not see straight from all the pain. He could climb it with his eyes shut if he needed to, which was sometimes called for.

Dorian continued speaking as they climbed up to Cullen’s room, “From now on it will be ‘Dorian’s Breath’ and ‘Dorian take me’. Though both of those sayings will have completely different reactions from me.”
Cullen’s foot slipped slightly as he imagined several situations in which he would call out ‘Dorian take me’.

“Everything all right up there?” Dorian asked as he caught the commander’s eyes.

“Fine,” Cullen got out as he turned back to his task.

“Not that I would not mind a break, commander,” Dorian’s voice called up to Cullen as the commander finally came to the top of the ladder. “It was an excellent view while it lasted.”

Cullen extended his arm to help the mage up the last of the way up. Yanking Dorian up, Cullen stumbled back as he was knocked slightly off balance.

“Steady now,” Dorian said as he wrapped his arm around Cullen’s waist and led him towards the bed. “Why don’t you lie down? That’s it.”

Cullen grunted as he plopped back onto the bed. His feet dangled over the edge as he lied down. Propping himself up on his elbows, Cullen looked at Dorian in wait for the headache cure that did not need magic and needed a bed. Suddenly finding it hot, Cullen tried to adjust his collar. “Dorian, Wha-” Cullen started to ask.

“Hush. None of that now,” Dorian interrupted as he got down on his knees before Cullen. “I know that my appearance is more enjoyable to view, but lie back down and stare at you dreadful ceiling. Maybe now you will have the giant hole repaired.” Dorian said flippantly as he waited.

Sighing out, Cullen trusted that Dorian would not harm him horribly. He was in too much pain to argue with the mage anyway. Stretching out onto the bed, the commander did what Dorian asked of him and contemplated the hole in his ceiling. It was a beautiful day out. The sunlight filtered into the room, giving it a golden hue.

A slight tug on his trousers caused to Cullen to sharply looked down.

Dorian avoided Cullen’s gaze as he set to work on untying the commander’s breaches. The mage was smirking and Cullen would have thought the man confident in his actions if Dorian’s hands did not have a slight tremor as they did their task.

Cullen sharply inhaled as Dorian’s fingers lightly grazed his crotch as they untied his pants.

“Dorian?” The need to gaze into Dorian’s eyes overtook Cullen.

Quickly glancing up, Dorian shook his head as he admonished the commander, “You should be resting. This will all be for naught if you end up getting a strained neck.”

Cullen frowned as Dorian finished getting his trousers undone and took out his half-hard member. Reaching out slowly, Cullen grasped Dorian’s hand as it encircled his length. “Shouldn’t we talk before we-” Cullen tried again.

Dorian brought his unoccupied hand up and placed a finger against Cullen’s mouth. “Just enjoy this. You can stammer out how men have never caught your eye and this is never meant to be at a later date,” Dorian
said. He pumped Cullen’s length a few times, hoping to distract the man.

“Dorian-” Cullen persisted but as soon as the commander even uttered the word, Dorian took Cullen’s member into his mouth completely. Cullen could feel his dick hit the back of the mage’s throat.

“Maker’s breath,” Cullen hissed out between his teeth.

A little choking sound erupted from Dorian’s mouth as he tried to laugh with Cullen’s length in his mouth.

Dorian continued to suck Cullen even as the commander brought his hand down to the mage’s head and pulled on his hair. Cullen felt as if he was on fire as he watched Dorian hollow his cheeks around Cullen’s length.

He tried to speak again but was cut off by his moaning. His hand went from trying to yank Dorian away from him to trying to get the mage to take even more. His mind could only focus on the pleasure and everything but Dorian fell to the back of his mind.

Cullen’s release hit him and all he could do to warn Dorian was gasp out.

Dorian swallowed all the cum he could as Cullen jerked his hips as he hit the pinnacle of his orgasm. Streaks of white spilled out of Dorian’s mouth as he raised his mouth from

“Not to sound disappointed, but that was too quick. You really need to seek your pleasures more often then every few decades, commander,” Dorian teased.

Cullen would have felt shame if it was not true. He gazed down at Dorian and took in the state of the man before him. His hair looked as if someone had raked their fingers through it and his face still had Cullen’s spendings on it. The commander felt his face flush as he lowered his eyes away from the enticing sight, but he could not look away for long.

“Your hair’s a mess,” Cullen said quietly, as if speaking any louder would shatter the moment.

Dorian smirked as he glanced up to meet Cullen’s eyes, “It’s not the only thing that is a mess.” The corner of the mage’s eyes crinkled in his amusement. Keeping his gaze locked with the commander, Dorian dipped his head back down to Cullen and licked up stray spendings that he had not been able to swallow completely.

Cullen’s breathing quickened as he focused on the man before him. Cullen laid back down on the bed as he moaned out, “You will be the death of me.”

The mage hummed in agreement before replying, “But do you still have a headache.”

Cullen tried to glare at the mage but Dorian just threw his head back and laughed at the expression.

After the mage calmed down, Dorian picked himself of his knees and crawled like a predator on the prowl on top of Cullen until their heads were level. “If not,” Dorian breathed out. Cullen shivered involuntarily as he brought his hands up to hold onto the man’s waist.

The mage continued with a wicked grin, “There are other things that we can do to try and alleviate your pain.”