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Title: Emergence
Author: Jilly James
Fandoms: NCIS, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1. Minor Cross with: Criminal Minds, Magnificent 7 ATF AU, CSI: Miami
Pairings: Tony/Gibbs, Jim/Blair, Jack/Daniel, Hotch/Rossi/Reid, Chris/Vin, Buck/Ezra, Josiah/OMC, Other M/M, Other F/M
Genre: AU, Romance, Fantasy, Crossover, A/B/O dynamics
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult language and themes, canon-level violence, explicit sexual situations, minor Ds themes
Disclaimer: The characters are the property of their respective owners, I own nothing and make no money.
Timeline: Occurs mid-season 7 for NCIS, late season 8 for Stargate. Stargate canon heavily affected by the reality of dragons. Events will change.
Inspiration thanks: Thanks to Random Dispatcher. Other than terminology, there are very few similarities between our work, but I was inspired by the notion of humans who were descended from dragons.
Universe Note: This is effectively a Sentinel fusion, except instead of sentinels, they're dragon. Most alphas/betas have skills that to some degree mimic sentinel ability.
Note about Characters: Though there are a lot of fandoms and pairings, this is very much Tony-centric, meaning this story revolves around his journey. I plan to write a few side stories that zero in more on some of the other pairings and emergences, but that isn’t this story. If you don’t like Tony-centric stuff, run away!
Note: Written for NaNo 2013 on RoughTrade. Big Thanks to Keira Marcos for all her hard work on Rough Trade. I wouldn’t have gotten this done without such a great environment to work in, and the support of a truly great community. Thanks everyone!
Beta: Huge thanks, beyond what I can express, to Naelany and Elsa Kallan for their efforts on this. All remaining mistakes are mine. I don’t always take good advice.
Additional Info: Casting photos and dragon reference information is on my website. I update the information periodically. Also, if you have questions about my verse, that’s the place to leave them, and I’ll eventually put up answers to common queries. Please note, you will run into spoilers if you poke about my reference info. Even the cast tab isn't completely safe from a spoiler perspective.

Summary: Gibbs is the Alpha Dragon for the east coast Wing… and the lead for the NCIS MCRT. He has two rules above all others; No other emerged dragons on his NCIS team, and no relationships with non-dragons.

Tony has no dragon blood, so hides his feelings for Gibbs behind smiles and misdirection. Things will change drastically for Tony when he mysteriously falls ill after an investigation on an aircraft carrier.

– – – –


If Tony were going to die, these circumstances were about as far from ideal as he could imagine. On another Damned Boat, in freaking cold-ass January. And not just January, New Year’s Day. Talk about fucking up the New Year!

He and McGee had their hands in the air, in the universal gesture of surrender, trying to convey harmlessness. They were too far away to effectively communicate with the crazed Lieutenant with the big-ass gun, but even if they were closer, the noise level on the main deck of an aircraft carrier was not ideal for a heart-to-heart. They were completely out in the open, but wielding an M4, even the worst shot could nail them both before they could reach cover. Yep, they were going to die. Then Gibbs was going to kill Tony for this.

If he survived, he was personally going to look into how that man got ahold of an assault rifle on this Damned Boat.

They were called out to the USS John Stennis the day after Christmas to investigate the murder of an Ensign who was the nephew of a Congressman. Tony considered it a minor miracle that they’d gotten through Christmas Eve and Day before being called out.

After five long days, the investigation finally led them to Lieutenant Harold Chambers, who they thought was having an affair with the victim’s wife. A rather trite situation, all things considered, but you couldn’t beat a classic. Considering the weapon pointed their way, guilt seemed somewhat assured. At least the deck crew made it to cover while the Lieutenant was focused on Tony and McGee.

Tony tried to edge a little closer, indicating that he wanted to talk, but Chambers just tensed and raised the M4 higher. Tony immediately stepped back and tried to make a placating gesture while keeping his hands in the air.

Though he didn’t have Gibbs’ famous gut, Tony had his own instincts and they were screaming that this guy was going to go out in a blaze of glory and take as many people with him as he could.

The Lieutenant suddenly gave him a cold crazy smile, and Tony knew this was it. Just as the realization sank in that Chambers was going to pull the trigger, he was seeing a wall of black. It took his panicked brain a few seconds to realize he was seeing matte black scales. Lots of them.

Tony hadn’t even realized Gibbs was nearby. And now he had transformed right in front of them. Though his mind registered the faint report of weapon’s fire, he was primarily focused on the sight in front of him.

Without much conscious thought, Tony reached out to touch the scales less than a foot away. They were warm, which he didn’t expect. He stroked them carefully, wanting to keep touching, he’d never been this close to Gibbs in his dragon form. But abruptly he brought himself back to the reality of the situation and dropped his hand. Gibbs had to have taken the shots meant for Tony and McGee. Maybe he had been hurt?

A quick assessment showed McGee getting back to his feet, wincing slightly, sans bullet holes; likely knocked over by Gibbs transforming in front of them. Tony looked the other way just in time for a massive black dragon head to swivel around and nail him with an icy blue gaze. Tony was trapped in that gaze for a few seconds and it felt like his stomach flipped over.

Gibbs jerked his head in a clear indication for Tony to get moving. Shaking off the unsettled feeling, Tony jogged around Gibbs’ large frame, ducking under the tail to take a cautious look. He found Ziva already had Lieutenant Chambers in cuffs. So why hadn’t Gibbs shifted back?

A quick perusal of Gibbs showed a small amount of blood pooled on the deck. The M4 must pack enough punch to penetrate dragon scales. “You got him, Ziva?” Tony called out as he moved closer to Gibbs to search for the source of the injury.

“Of course, Tony.” She realized what Tony was doing and quickly queried, “Is Gibbs injured?”

“There’s some blood. Still looking for the source.” Hearing a rather loud huff, Tony looked up to find Gibbs staring down at him with pretty clear exasperation in his eyes. “Hey, you’re injured!” Tony called up. “You can suck it up and let me find it, or point me in the right direction, but we are not just ignoring it!”

Another huff of breath, then Tony had to jump back as Gibbs’ head was suddenly close. He gave Tony a small glare, then nosed a section of his scales. When Gibbs’ head was back out of the way, Tony looked closer and saw the area seeping deep red blood.

McGee appeared at his shoulder. “Looks like a round slipped between a couple of scales.”

“Thank you, McObvious. Gibbs had just pointed that out.” Tony felt completely out of his depth. “So what do we do?”

Flashing Tony a slightly smug look, McGee replied, “He won’t shift back until the bullet is out. The round is likely very close to the surface. It should have lost most of its velocity penetrating the scales and dragonhide. The ship’s doctor should be able to get it out in couple of minutes. And he’ll heal quickly as long as he’s shifted.”

“Tony,” Ziva called, “you should take care of securing the prisoner and let McGee and me handle Gibbs. We both have the requisite experience.”

“And yet, that’s not what’s going to happen.” He turned to McGee. “Go with Ziva to take Chambers to the brig. Log the M4 into evidence.” Without waiting for a response, Tony turned to one of the Masters at Arms, several of which had shown up in the last couple minutes. “Would one of you go with them, and another of you summon the ship’s doctor?”

Ziva looked like she was going to argue, but seemed to catch herself. He was glad she had enough sense not to get in a pissing match in front of several dozen Navy men. Tim didn’t look happy either, but at a raised brow from Tony, and an annoyed huff from Gibbs, he left with Ziva and the Master at Arms.

Tony moved to stand closer to Gibbs’ head, which Gibbs lowered when it became clear Tony had something to say. He quickly discarded several things, finally only saying, “Thanks, Gibbs.”