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Take What You Can Get (It's The End of The World)

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"A Todd-less world sucks," Jenny said. They were hiding in the boys' showers. The drain in the center of the room was clogged, and blood was seeping into Jenny's shoes. Her socks squelched every time she moved.

She'd become a pro at removing blood stains, but that would do her no good now, seeing as how Atticus had blown up her house.

God, adults sucked.

So did a Todd-less world, because that pervy jackass would have come in swinging his fucking ridiculously large sword before Atticus had even opened the Book of Pure Evil. But Todd had ditched them--up and disappeared, the fucker--and now Atticus was a genuine Evil Overlord, and Jenny had blood between her toes. Assholes, the both of them.

If Todd had been there--and if Jenny's vibrator hadn't been blown to shit with the rest of her stuff--there was no way that Curtis' hand would have been allowed anywhere near her tits. Every guy in the school was either dead, evil, or--in one particularly odorous case, both--and Jenny was not going to live the rest of her (short) life without getting laid again.

Curtis was manhandling Jenny's boobs as if they were fucking melons. His real hand was surprisingly soft. His mechanical hand was cooler, his grip almost painfully tight against Jenny's breast. He was staring at her as if he'd never seen tits before, and there were honest to God tears in his eyes.

"I'm touching these titties for you, buddy," Curtis said. "Todd! Todd, these luscious melons should have been yours!"

"Curtis," Hannah said, gently reproachful from where she knelt between Jenny's spread feet. "We agreed not to bring Todd into our desperate, post-Apocalyptic--um, encounter."

Hannah didn't seem to care that blood was soaking through the knees of her pants. She was looking at Jenny's cunt with the same detached intensity that she'd examined corpses with--or corpse pieces, considering how messily their classmates tended to die. That was sick, and fuck if Jenny wasn't turned on.

"Are we going to have desperate post-Apocalyptic sex, or are we just going to talk about it?" Jenny snapped. Of course she got stuck with the sniveling slob and the repressed nerd, and--oh holy fucking god, yes. Hannah's hand was braced against Jenny's upper thigh, and her mouth was wide and hot between Jenny's legs.

Curtis was wheezing against Jenny's ear. He was humping Jenny with all the grace of a stray dog. He groaned and jerked one last time when Hannah pulled back, her lips wet. His pants were already a mess, and Curtis didn't hesitate in falling to his knees next to Hannah.

"You're hotter than any porno, honey," Curtis said.

Jenny banged her head against the wall rather that watch them simper at one another. "Hello? Hot horny chick, right here," Jenny said. She rubbed tight, sharp circles against her clit, eyes shut tight as she listened to Curtis and Hannah kiss. They were so fucking selfish, and: "Hannah, did you equip Curtis' hand with a vibrator?"

Hannah was bright red.

"You little slut," Jenny said. "Oh, thank fuck."

Of course--and she was fucking positive that this is all Todd's fault, somehow--Jenny was teetering on the edge of orgasm when Atticus' minions found them. She was still horny and frustrated, and maybe she wasn't thinking clearly when the sword came out of Atticus' closet, and into Hannah's skull.

Turned out that Hannah made a significantly better Evil Overlord than Atticus.

But they didn't talk about that incident. Jenny would talk about--complain, really, bitterly--about the rest, though. Worst threesome ever. Worst sex ever.

And yeah, Jenny was positive of one thing: she fucking hated Todd.