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Chibi - 2011/2012 - The Winter Holiday Chibi Fanart Collection

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(2011-12-30) burnishedvictory: Sherlock/John or John/Rodney - decorating a tree or a kiss at New Year's Eve. (either pairing, either prompt)
reginagiraffe: Sherlock/John under the mistletoe
rilestar: I'd like to know whether John & Sherlock decorate for the season. Or does Mrs Hudson do it for them?

(2012-01-02) winter_elf: BBC Sherlock: I'd love to see John & Sherlock cuddling on the couch with hearts :)

(2012-01-29) bunbunevil: John&Sherlock w/ skull with a santa hat on, bemused Lestrade

(2012-01-29) Lavvyan: Sherlock BBC; Sherlock and John investigating a dead Santa? ;)