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Chibi - 2011/2012 - The Winter Holiday Chibi Fanart Collection

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Series: Stargate Atlantis

(2012-01-01) Prompt from busaikko: SGA team: year of the dragon!

(2011-12-31) Prompt from telesilla: John/Rodney, John's surprised by his Christmas present from Rodney.

(2011-12-31) Prompt from crysothemis: SGA, John/Rodney, embarrassment and/or knitting

(2012-01-06) Prompt from mific: Rodney's all messy with chocolate after Christmas presents are opened. John has to clean him up!

(2012-01-07) Prompt from patk: Rodney has finally managed to figure out the time-traveling jumper and presents it to John as a "Christmas gift". *g*

(2012-01-07) Prompt from wanted_a_pony: I'd love to see John, or Rodney, or the Team, or other SGA character(s) blushing. Maybe because they're embarrassed; maybe because they suddenly realize they're being watched unawares; maybe from pleasure or even rosy cheeks from cold!

(2012-01-08) Prompt from lilyleia78: John/Rodney - snow angels

(2012-01-08) Prompt from squidgiepdx's prompt: Would you possibly consider Lorne/Parrish getting a Christmas tree?

(2012-01-14) syble4's prompt: John/Rodney, asleep by the tree, waiting for Santa.
mrlnpndrgn's prompt: I'm seconding the John/Rodney one, with the Xmas tree... In a log cabin. with lots of snow outside ;-/
rsharpe's prompt: John and Rodney decorating the Christmas tree with popcorn strings and cookies (which Rodney is sampling)
mischief5's prompt: How about John and Rodney kissing under mistletoe? Maybe John sneaking the kiss while Rodney's busy?

(2012-01-15) hoktauri's prompt: If I may ask for John proposing to Rodney? On their favorite Atlantean balcony?

(2012-01-15) tavabean's prompt: John and Rodney, a kitten and a puppy?

(2012-01-21) adafrog's prompt: How about SGA team or John/Rodney. Rodney is geeking out over some ancient device and the rest of the team are doing their best to not get bored

(2012-01-22) angelyuy's prompt: John massaging pregnant!Rodney (back, feet, neck, whatever, just spoiling him)

(2012-01-22) timespirt's prompt: SGA, John/Rodney. I'm stuck on the wing thing (LOL) and it would be nice if they both had wings (black wings?)with maybe a stargate or a jumper? If that is too much just them and wings?

(2012-01-22) esteefee's prompt: TEAM SNOBALL FIGHT! EVERYONE ENDS UP WITH SNOBEARDS! except John, who ends up with SNOHAIR! Rodney should have little blushy waves of FURY! Teyla should be very proud of her beard.

(2012-01-29) seikaitsukimizu's prompt: Lorne and Zelenka sharing a weary sigh watching John and Rodney make Christmas in Atlantis (and knowing they'll have to clean up after).