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Soul Of The Matter

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Harry watches Abrany tease Alex, a half smile forming on his face. Dudley's dæmon Alexandra settled as a micro-pig while Harry was away at school and the wizard's two-year-settled Husky dæmon has been enjoying scaring the smaller soul.

'Ran!' He shouts, seeing his uncle approaching. 'Let's go do homework.'

She yips, bounding over Alex and heading up to their room. Harry sees Dudley shaking as they pass. Harry is torn between rolling his eyes and apologising. They weren't doing anything worse than Alex had done in the past but that doesn't mean they can be rude.

'Don't start.' Ran says from his bed and he closes the door.

'Wasn't going to.' Harry says, getting his homework from under the floorboards, despite planning to say something.

She yips. 'Yeah right. I know you and your little hero complex.'

He throws his textbook at the bed next to her. Abrany jumps, growling. Harry sits next to her, stroking her head and opening the textbook. Abrany's eyes follow the writing as Harry moves his hand, pretending he has his wand. They whisper the incantation together, having learnt long ago that Ran could help the magic.

They work better together, anyway.

'We shouldn't've left.'

Amiko looks across the room at Ron, who sighs. They've been at Bill and Fleur's for several weeks now and spent most of the time in the guest suite. She lays in the chair while he sits on the bed, watching each other.

'No, we shouldn't've but it's too late now. Besides, what good can I do?'

She scowls, the ape equivalent, anyway. 'Nothing with that attitude. Grow up, Ronald.'

He scowls back. 'You just miss Aklatan.'

Amiko hisses, sitting up in her seat. 'Like you don't miss Hermione.'

The two of them glare at each other, human and dæmon not saying a sound.


Their eyes instantly goes to the radio but the voice isn't coming from there. Ron fishes in his pocket, pulling out the Deluminator.

'...broke his wand, crashing...'

Amiko wonders over, taking the put-outer from her human and clicking it. The lamp goes out and, outside his room, pulses a bright blue portkey-like light.

They look at each other before moving as one. They pack in lightening speed, Amiko's humanoid hands helping a great deal.

'This is it?' She questions, swing up onto his back.

'This is it.' Ron replies, smiling.

Aklatan, no matter what Harry is teaching, always scuttles to the side during DA meetings. He does this in class as well, if they are sat near a window. Hermione usually finishes before her classmates and watching through the squirrel's eyes provides them with some entertainment.

A silver otter passes by his eyes and he laughed, jumping over to his human. She scoops him up, resting him on her shoulder.

'See anything interesting, Ak?' Hermione speaks out of the corner of her mouth.

Ak leans into her ear to whisper. 'Neville almost got it. It was solid for just a second.'

'And?' She says, waving her wand to make her otter fly around said boys head for a moment. He smiles at her and she smiles back. Tentara, still unsettled, and turns into a bird to wave a wing.

'A mongoose. Maybe Tara will be one too.'

The otter patronus knocks into the squirrel. 'Not likely.'

Aklatan bites her ear, crawling down her arm. Hermione bends, letting him reach the floor and run off. He jumps onto the windowsill, watching again. Amiko lopes past, running next to a silver terrier. They smile at each other.

Hermione glares and Ak laughs.

Ginny pushes her broom, not a very fast model but good enough for her, around the bend, trying to outfly her own dæmon. Doiteain flutters in front of her face, his wings crooking mockingly. She ducks her head, flying underneath him and the falcon twists. To no avail, he flies after her, screeching as she crosses the line.

'Sore loser.' Ginny says as they land. Doiteain flies to her shoulder, resting against her head and looking upwards. Harry flies above them, instructing the rest of the team, Abrany nestled against his chest.

'Stop looking.' She whispers, pulling his head down. He nips at her fingers and she flicks his beak.

'I'll stop when you stop.' He mutters back and she chuckles, turning away from the pitch. Harry's focusing on the beater's so she isn't needed at this practice. She only turn up to race Doiteain and, subtly, watch Harry.

'You're not very subtle, you know.' Her dæmon says, chuckling.

'Neither are you.' Ginny laughs back, shrugging her shoulder to throw him into the air. He hovers next to her.

'We'll get them, Gin. Don't worry.'

She smirks at him and winks. 'Oh, I'm not worried. I know I'll get him.'

Luna sits in the forest, watching Yuniku play with the Thestrals. The small red panda jumps from skeletal horse to skeletal horse, pulling faces at the calves and making sure to fuss the pregnant mothers. Every so often, she will hop over to her human, take some food from Luna's bag and jump away, offering meat or apples to the younger Thestrals.

'Nik?' She calls, watching the sun set. 'I think we need to go.'

The dæmon pouts, a pure representation of Luna's disappointment. The girl laughs slightly, turning to walk back to castle. Nik follows, bouncing off a tree and onto Luna's back.

'D'you ever wonder why we don't have friends?' The red panda mutters, one paw slung over her human's shoulder.

Luna shrugs. 'I don't know. Maybe we unnerve them.'

Nik laughs. 'We definitely do that.'

The two of them are still laughing as they enter the great table, sitting down at the end of Ravenclaw table. They both notice the growing space between them and the next person over but choose not to say anything.

'Screw 'em.' Nik says, after the sixth person walks the length of the hall, just to be away from them. 'We're perfect.'

Neville glares across at Voldemort as the dæmon-less man smirks, having won. He looks down at Tentara, silently asking permission to step forward. He would never do something to endanger her, unless she was happy with it. A small nod on her part and he's moving forward. He feels her, still unsettled, shift behind him, but doesn't look back to see her form.

'And who is this?' Snake Face taunts him, Lestrange laughing along. He ignores Voldemort's invitation to join the Death Eaters and turns to shout, hearing the answering cry. He sees a mass of fur, which must be Tara but doesn't stop to look.

He's being dragged forward and he knows Tara must have the DE's dæmons on her but he keeps a brave face. Even when the hat is placed on his head, he does nothing. When it sets on fire, he does something.

As he turns to the snake, sword in hand, he hears a roar from behind him. Several DEs go down, their dæmons killed. His dæmon jumps around, her claws slashing through many foes.

Later, after the battles, he really looks at her. 'Is this us?'

His lion dæmon smiles. 'This is us.'

Draco tries not to stare at Weasley, only a day out of the hospital. He looks fine and you wouldn't know anything was wrong if it wasn't for his dæmon, fur drooping, movement slow. Ahankara, perched on the bench beside him, digs her small claws into his arm. He shakes, turning back to his breakfast as the cat dæmon turns back to Pansy's pug, Narcissus. Narc likes fawning over Kara and Draco's soul has to fawn back, or else Pansy will write to her mother, who will write to his father, who will write to him. Arranged marriages shouldn't be broken after all.

'So, Draco.' Pansy says, leaning over their dæmons to tug on his arms. He has to stop himself flinching as she brushes Kara's fur lightly. Pansy thinks they're soul mates so thinks touching is fine but Draco still gets freaked out when she does it. 'Where are you taking me later?'

Draco's mind goes blank before he remembers; Hogsmeade. He hadn't planned anything so he gives Pansy the usual rubbish. 'Oh, wherever you want to go, Pans. I just need to go to the Three Broomsticks later.'

She giggles, running a hand over both dæmons.

Draco shudders.

Bijaksanus watches the student leave, his pitch black feathers ruffling slightly. He turns to Albus, letting out a soft croon. He flutters over to Fawkes' post, looking down at his human's pet. The phoenix raised his head to the dæmon and Sanus shakes his feathers, flames lighting along them until the phoenix-dæmon is recognisable as it's species.

'Showing off again, Sanus?'

The dæmons head tilts, laughing at Albus' raised eyebrow. 'Like you don't enjoy showing off, Al. Talk about pot and kettle.'

The flames extinguished to prove his point, just as one of the portraits ran into his frame. 'Headmaster! There's been another attack.'

Sanus is on Albus' shoulder in an instant, the two of them sweeping out of the office and half-running down the corridors, guided by the portraits lining the wall. Sanus flies ahead, small flames on his wing-tips lighting the way.

They reach the boys body and Sanus flies down to rest next to his dæmon. She was a mouse when they were petrified, a shape she will hold for some time. As Albus, glancing at a quickly arriving Minerva, levitates the boy, Sanus picks the mouse up softly.

Headmaster and dæmon move together.

Snape watches Potter leave his classroom, the Weasley boy and the Granger girl following. The boy's dæmon has recently settled, in the form of a husky dog. Severus watching the dog's white and grey fur, his mind going back to the arctic fox that used to bound along next to him and the german shepard that would pull on Daima's feathers.

'Like father, like son, eh, Sev?' Daima says from across the room, from her perch in the shadows. She hides to unnerve people, except for Slytherins, who all see the raven dæmon on their first night. They need some advantage against the school that hate them.

'Of course, Dai but there is some of his mother there.'

She flies over, landing on the back of his chair. 'Not enough, though.'

'No, not enough.'

They sigh in unison, turning to mark the homework. Granger's is, of course, perfect as are Weasley and Potters. He marks the girl down for writing to much and the boys down for obviously copying her.

'Do you think we're to harsh?' Daima says, looking at Malfoy's error-filled homework that is still getting an E.

'Of course not. Have you seen the house counters recently?'

Sometimes, when no one is around and Nagini is sleeping, Tom misses Abadi. The great snake that would slither at his side, terrifying his followers into submission and sinking her fang's into his enemies' necks. She was beautiful.

Abadi had settled when she and Tom were fourteen and had finally discovered they were the child of a muggle. She had at first scared teachers, who worried for Tom's mental state but, of course, he convinced them nothing was wrong and that it was just a very dramatic show of house pride.

Then he killed that girl- Mavis or whatever- and Abadi had screamed. Not out load but in his head, a horrific, gut-wrenching scream. Overnight, her emerald scales faded to a dull bottle green, her golden eyes fading to a lifeless yellow.

Every time he creates a horcrux, this happened. She slowly faded but still tried to fight, still was powerful.

Then he went to Godric's Hollow and the curse backfired. She broke into Dust but not gold. Her Dust was dull grey.

He expected her to be there when he came back. But, when he emerged from the cauldron, she's no where.

Abadi's gone. Voldemort's dæmon is gone.