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Hands off

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“Adam, darling, I need to visit my brother in fucking Maryland next week. If you need anything you have my number.”




“What is it, darling?”

“…I didn’t know you had a brother…”

“Yeah, we’re twins. It’s a real pain in the ass.”


“We look exactly alike but that’s about it. We aren’t that close.”


“Because if you think the bullshit I do is bad, then my brother is the devil himself.”

“That’s impossible, the devil isn’t a man.”

“Yeah, well, neither is my brother. He’s a pretentious asshole, plain and simple. But, I suppose I care about the fucker, which is why I’m going to visit him. If I do it now, it lessens the chances of me having to deal with him around the holidays. So, by doing this now, we can spend Christmas together.”


Nigel sighed, he knew Adam would want to meet his brother, but the fact that he would be leaving the state to stay in a strange place with new people stopped him. Nigel relied on just that to protect what was his. Hannibal had a way of stealing what was his, the fact that he was a fucking pro at gas lighting was another reason to keep him away from Adam. The sweet boy wouldn’t stand a chance.

“I’ll bring you back as many space-related things as I can, and maybe some porn to add to your collection.” Nigel said with a wink.

“Thank you.” Adam said without blinking. He stood and walked over to sit next to Nigel and tugged on his sleeve, knowing Nigel would know what he wanted.

Nigel smiled softly at Adam. When Adam stopped talking, Nigel learned it was best to keep his swearing to a minimum and to speak as gently as possible. Most of the time Adam’s silence came from anxiety and Nigel just had to wait it out. Sometimes it lasted a few hours, sometimes a few days. The longest his silence has gone on started after Nigel came home covered in blood, most of it his. Adam didn’t talked for a month.

“Darling, I promise I’ll come back. I’ll only be gone for three days. You can call me however many times you need, no matter what ok? I know you’re worried. Come here.” Nigel griped Adam and pulled the man into his lap. “What do you wanna do, hmm? I’ll take care of you today ok? Whatever you want to do just signal alright?”

Adam glanced at the wall for a while, before tugging on Nigel’s sleeve three times. Nigel’s face split into a grin. Trust Adam to want to go up to the roof and stargaze.

“I’ll get your coat, or do you want your spacesuit?”

Adam tapped on Nigel’s right hand, indicating he wanted his spacesuit.

“Alright, darling.” Nigel said before kissing Adam on the cheek. “I’ll be right back.”


That night, Nigel hauled Adam into the bed and arraigned him on his back. Come ’ere darlin’. Nigel slurred. It was freezing outside so to warm up Nigel drank half a bottle of scotch. Adam knew two things would happen to Nigel when he drank, his speech held less and less English, and more foreign languages. Adam only recognized French so far. Nigel also became extremely aroused depending on the situation. Right now, apparently, the situation was perfect, because Nigel was currently man-handling Adam’s clothes off while whispering strange words into his ear.

Once Nigel stripped Adam bare, he flipped Adam onto his back and licked a long strip up his back. Adam shuddered at the feeling of the warm wet tongue on his back. He wanted to tell Nigel what he wanted, but his tongue felt thick and heavy in his mouth. He reached back and tugged once on Nigel’s hair, hoping he would take it the correct way.
Nigel jerked up when Adam tugged his hair and he grinned at Adam before roughly grabbing the smaller man’s ass. He separated the cheeks and licked a gentle stripe across Adam’s hole, making him whine. Nigel hauled Adam a bit higher, and began to rim the squirming spaceman earnestly. Nigel grinned to himself, the first time he did this Adam’s reaction was so violent they had to stop and patch Nigel’s bloody nose. The whole time Adam kept trying to apologize, while Nigel kept laughing about the whole thing.
Adam was brought back to the present when Adam tugged on his hair, signaling that he wanted to move on. Nigel lunged up and grabbed Adam by the back of his neck with one hand and the lube with the other. Reaching down, Nigel prepped Adam before thrusting into him with a groan, Adam whined and grabbed at Nigel’s, looking for an anchor while Nigel gently fucked him. Nigel licked a strip up Adam’s neck in an attempt to calm him when Adam began to orgasm. The smaller man thrashed and clawed at Nigel’s back with blunt nails.

The two collapsed on the bed and cringed when Nigel pulled out.

“Shh, shh, baby. I’ve got you. Go to sleep. It’s alright.” Nigel murmured in Adam’s ear when the smaller man wouldn’t stop shaking. The comforting noise worked, and Nigel smiled into Adam’s hair when he felt the smaller man relax.