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ten ways of love

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Once, he was forced to bury someone that he loved. So as to not forget, both her life and the fragilty of all lives, he started blowing bubbles, and thus earned himself the name of 'The Bubble Warrior'. He does never want to repeat that, and he often regrets getting into a predicament where it might get repeated.

Although Vaiz doesn't know much about Tejirof, he knows that the man is highly desired as a mercenary, for his skills in spellcraft and magical theory. He knows that he is a graduate from Puzzle Academy, and that he is an incomparable genius. He also knows that he is a pervert capable of turning anything into an innuendo.

It's weird, really. He never intended to fall for anyone else - after all, it would be too painful to lose someone else - but he had ended up falling badly. And for an enemy, too boot. Enemy at the moment, at least. After all, Tejirof might be hired by Ninteldo at the moment, but one day, he might be hired by Tatrand, and then, they would be allies. But even as enemies, he could be certain that Tejirof would survive; no matter what side he was on, he was rumoured to be the strongest. And he wasn't even a Killer.

Vaiz's gaze follows the trail of small bubbles heading toward the dark sky, fingers gripping the shaft of his spear, which lays lightly across his lap.

Probably, Tejirof would be the last man standing, when it all came down to it. The sole true victor, or something like that. Because he was strong, and he was clever. He also has strong hands, a muscular body, and is athletic... His eyes fall closed, but soon open again, and he blows a hard stream of bubbles into the cool night air.

Tejirof wouldn't die, and Vaiz wouldn't lose him. Rather, Tejirof would lose Vaiz... If he now felt the same way as Vaiz had found himself feeling, it really was hard to tell. After all, nothing really made the man change. No, the one who changed in the presence of the other was Vaiz. When Tejirof smiled at him or said something seductive or dirty, he felt something in his stomach turn. When Tejirof's skin touched his, he felt like he was on fire. And he liked the feeling. He didn't show it, not really, but he was sure Tejirof knew. Wondered if Tejirof was the type to take advantage of it.

No, Vaiz was not going to lose Tejirof. Because, if anything, he knew that Tejirof was strong, stronger than anyone, and Vaiz might be the strongest Killer in Tatrand, but he didn't want to be the strongest in the world. Because he'd much rather not be, just so he didn't have to see the still, unmoving body of someone else that he cared for deeply.

It wasn't an option, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

So in a way, thinking that he was sure to die before the genius mercenary, was a relief.