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Memory Lane.

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My eyes opened, but I closed them quickly when the bright white light made my head spin and my stomach churn, or was that because I was trying to move? Something was broken, a rib or two, I could feel it. I groaned as I undid the seat belt and managed to crawl out of the window. It hurt to move, it hurt to breathe but I had to find him, I had to.

People started gathering as it started raining and I tried so hard to ignore the warm sticky feeling in my hair, I had to find him. Somehow I managed to crawl around the car, to his side and I found him lying on the cold, hard, shattered glass covered road. My heart caught in my throat as I crawled to him, he was too tired to move and I was in too much pain to breathe. With shaking hands I carefully lifted his head and his tired eyes opened to see me, they clouded with tears as the rain pounded unceasingly down on us.

"K-kiss me..." he begged, his voice cracked and broken, I pulled him, oh so carefully, to my chest and I bent my head and kissed him...

"Jesus! Slow down, you're going to get us killed. Oh God..."

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, we were both crying, in pain, in fear, in anguish, we were both crying and he was dying. I could feel it, he was slipping away as I held him in my arms. I could feel him fading away.

"You were the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you." he whispered and then he fell limp in my arms. I couldn't let him go, I couldn't move. I held him so tight as I broke down. Someone called 999, it was too late, ambulances and policemen started appearing, they tried to pull me away from him but I couldn't let him go. I couldn't let them take him away, how could I let them take him away?

"Bah, I'm a fun driver, you on the other hand spend your time trying to see if snails can go faster than you."

Eventually I passed out and they took him away, rushing me to the hospital. They didn't understand, I didn't want to live without him by my side but they didn't understand. He was dead because of me, because I had something to prove, because I needed him to believe that I could be reckless too and now he was dead.

"Oh really?" I slammed my foot down on the accelerator and gave him a smug smile as the car sped forwards...

I took my eyes off the road for one moment and in the moments that followed, I killed him. He's dead because of me, because I just had to prove that I was better than him and now he's gone.

"Ohhh Jimmy! We're never gonna get there on time if you keep driving so slowly. Let me drive."

"No, David, I have no intention of dying tonight. You're a crazy driver, you spend the time playing with the tiptronic and trying to see how much air the car can get at different speeds."

"Bah, I'm a fun driver, you on the other hand spend your time trying to see if snails can go faster than you."

"Oh really?"

"Jesus! Slow down, you're going to get us killed. Oh god..." The cool, silent night air was rent with the sound of screeching tires, shattering glass and terrified, pain-filled screaming. I heard him cry my name as it all went dark...

"David, I'm sorry. Forgive me..." the gun is warm in my hands and the barrel is cold against my head as I pull the trigger...