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The Twilight Remix

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I'd had good reason to contemplate my death before, but I generally tried to not be so morbid. If I had imagined how I might die, it certainly wouldn't have been like this. I would have been older, for one thing. And I would have hoped for a painless death. But it wasn't so bad to die for someone I loved. It was certainly nobler than anything else I had done in my life.

My skin crawled in revulsion as the hunter smiled at me, baring his white teeth. His clenched fist twitched. I repressed a shudder and lifted my jaw defiantly, refusing to let him see my fear. The room seemed to stretch out to infinity, though I knew it was just an illusion. I was trapped. I would die here. I had nothing with which to defend myself – and I wasn’t deluded enough to believe that I stood a chance against him.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't moved to Forks, but I couldn't bring myself to regret that. I had made friends in Washington, created a place for myself. My life might not have been very long, but I thought it had been pretty good.

The hunter took a step towards me, still smiling. I stood my ground and waited to fight for my life.