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Thanks for loving me cause your doing it perfectly

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Tommy’s eyes looked towards Adam as he coughed again and rubbed at his throat, something which had been hurting for a few days but Adam being Adam had refused to stop the rehearsals at all since he started working on the new songs for the second tour,
‘’Adam maybe you should take a few days break, give your throat a break’’ Isaac spoke out quietly from where he sat behind the drums but still loud enough for Adam to hear him,
‘’I will be fine, lets go over this last song and then call it a day’’ Adam’s voice was a little dry sounding as he spoke, a sign that it was sore and that he was in a little pain which he refused to admit to anyone, even himself.

Tommy rolled his eyes and turned back to where he had been sat strumming at his guitar, but he wasn’t in the room anymore, well his mind wasn’t...he worried about his best friends voice and how he had been acting the last day or two, a scarf always wrapped tightly around his throat and a hot herbal tea in his hands when ever he wasn’t singing, Tommy knew that the weather was being harsh, suddenly turning nasty and throwing a massive snow storm during the night on Friday when they both had a movie night together, it had been too thick for Tommy to drive so he stayed but Adam had other plans that following morning.

‘’Come on Tommy, have a bit of fun for once’’ Adam had laughed out as he grabbed Tommy’s hand and dragged him towards the door which led out in to the vast backyard of Adam’s house which over looked most of the Valley,
‘’Baby, at least put something warmer on’’ Tommy had replied as he took in the tight jeans and short sleeved top which Adam had been wearing most of the morning after his shower, but Adam just laughed and slipped his bare feet in to his boots and grabbed a hat, tugging it over Tommy’s head, he grabbed his hand again and pushed the door open before dragging him out in to the whiteness of the yard before the warm hand left his and Tommy watched as Adam ran through the snow slightly before ducking down behind the wall.

Laughing Tommy found himself crouching down and wrapping his hands around a lump of snow as he stood again and started to shape it in to a ball, at first Tommy felt the impact on the back of his neck before the coldness started to trickle down the side of his neck and he turned to see Adam laughing brightly before his arm pulled back and Tommy threw the snowball towards Adam, hitting him square in the chest which caused him to stop laughing and pout slightly.

They stayed there for a few hours just messing around in the snow before Tommy saw Adam shiver and he sighed before pushing the taller man back towards the house.
‘’In now and I will make some hot drinks, go warm up by the fire’’ Tommy demanded and wondered off in to the kitchen before Adam could protest against his words.

‘’Fuck’’ Tommy’s head snapped up when he heard Adam’s groaned curse to see him rubbing at his throat again and he sighed before pulling the guitar over his head and placed it on the floor.
‘’Come on,  time to get you home and in to bed, you are not singing anymore today’’ Tommy told Adam and he heard Ashley’s aww in the background before he pushed Adam towards the corner where their things were piled before he grabbed both of their jackets and shrugged his on before handing the other to Adam who looked at his feet before Tommy playfully knocked his foot against Adam’s till he looked up, bright blue meeting dull brown before Adam smiled and took his jacket and pushed his long arms through the sleeves.
‘’Here, put this on to try and help protect what little your throat hasn’t already been over taken from the cold’’ Adam watched as Tommy pulled his favorite black and grey striped scarf from his back and moved up on to his toes to wrap it around Adam’s neck before tying it softly just under his chin with a smile.
‘’I don’t know why you two don’t just date already Adam, Tommy basically looks after you like your own mother does when she comes around’’ Isaac called out across the room and Adam turned to look across before Tommy laughed and flipped him off.
‘’Well you wouldn’t look after this diva, drummer boy. And I know what he likes and don’t like’’ Tommy laughed out before he grabbed his bag before pointing towards the door.
‘’Home now’’ Adam rolled his eyes before turning and headed out the room and towards the large glass doors leading towards the carpark.