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We Fell In Love Under The Sun: A Band Camp Romance

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“Brendon are you sure that’s going to work?” Spencer prodded.

“Of course it will Spence. It’s fool proof.” Brendon huffed.

“Whatever.” Spencer rolled his eyes at his friend.

He led Brendon to the band room, which was still busy with people despite the fact that it was summer. Spencer brought him to the office of the band director and knocked on the door frame. Mr. Stump looked up from his phone and smiled at Spencer.

“Spencer! How are you?”

“Great, how about you?”

“Doing great as well. What brings you here? Drum line doesn’t meet until Wednesday.”

“Yeah, well my friend Brendon here wanted to ask something.” Spencer said, nudging Brendon forward.

“Hi, uh. I’m Brendon Urie and uh I’m interested in joining the competition marching band.”

“Wonderful! What do you play?”

“Oh um, I play a lot of things but I’m actually interested in joining the color guard.”

Mr. Stump widened his eyes a little. “Hm. Well alright then. Let me just get all your information and I’ll give you all the papers.”

Brendon listed off all the necessary information and Mr. Stump gave him all the contracts and info sheets. His first practice was Wednesday, same time as Spencer’s drum line practice. Brendon smiled to himself when Spencer dropped him off. His plan was so going to work.

Wednesday finally came around and Spencer picked Brendon up an hour early for practice. Brendon complained about it. Spencer pre-warned Brendon to dress in short and a t-shirt. The color guard was constantly working and Brendon wouldn’t last in his jeans. Loose shorts would be good for him, he joked. Once at the high school Spencer walked with Brendon until they reached the band room.

“I have to go get my harness and drum. You should probably go introduce yourself to the guard coach or something.”

Brendon nodded, scanning the room for someone that could resemble the instructor. Spencer caught his confused look and pointed at the door.

“I saw him outside talking to Mr. Stump.”

“Thanks Spence.” Brendon called as he began walking towards the field.

Sure enough Brendon saw Mr. Stump by the fifty yard line talking to a guy with straight black hair. Mr. Stump caught sight of him and waved him over. Brendon jogged over to the pair and greeted Mr. Stump.

“Brendon this is your guard instructor, Pete Wentz.”

“Great to meet you, Brendon.” Pete smiled, extending his hand.

Brendon shook it and returned the smile.

“This will be great eh Patrick—er Mr. Stump? Now Ryan won’t be so lonely as the only guy.” Pete remarked. “So Brendon what made you want to join guard?”

“Oh!” Brendon replied, caught off guard. “Oh, um. I uh, well I figure it’s my junior year and uh, why not? It looks really fun and uh, I could make friends. Not that I don’t already have friends. My friend Spencer is on the drum line and uh, yeah.” He laughed nervously.

Pete laughed in response. “I like you. You’ll fit in, kid.” Pete said, patting Brendon’s back.

Mr. Stump bid them farewell, leaving Brendon alone with Pete, who went on and on about color guard. From practice etiquette to performing. As Pete talked, Brendon watched the drum line and pit walk onto the field and begin to stretch. What really caught his attention was all of the girls in tank tops and short shorts with six foot black bags slung over their shoulders. Pete noticed his sudden lack of interest and frowned. Pete scanned throughout the guard for a minute before finding who he was looking for.

“Audrey! Ryan! Could you two come here please?” Pete called.

A girl who appeared to have bathed in pink bounded over, followed by a tall boy with soft brown hair.

“Alright Brendon, these are you captains Audrey Kitching and Ryan Ross. Guys this is Brendon Urie, the newest member to our guard family.”

Audrey smiled at him and giggled lightly. Audrey’s hair was bright pink and cast a pink glow around her from the summer sun. Her outfit matched entirely, with hot pink short shorts, bubblegum pink Converse sneakers and a white tank top that left little to the imagination. Her soft pale face was covered in different shades of pink make up. Brendon did not even look at Ryan. His name sounded familiar though. He might have been in Brendon’s math class last year.

“Alright,” Pete said clapping his hands together. “Audrey I want you to go warm everyone up with body and flag. Review the warm up exercises. And Ryan I want you to take Brendon and teach him basics. Okay? Alright let’s go!”

Brendon’s playful smirk he had been directing at Audrey fell. She waved goodbye at Brendon as she and Pete walked towards the rest of the girls. His eyes watched her as she walked away, staying trained on the curve of her ass that stuck out of the bottom of her shorts. Brendon finally looked at Ryan, his chocolate brown eyes making contact with hazel ones.

“Hi.” Ryan said quietly.

“Hi.” Brendon replied just as quiet.

“So uh. I have a flag you could use. So um, yeah.” Ryan began walking, a signal for Brendon to follow.

Brendon watched Ryan bend over to pick up the big black bag. Noticed the way the cure of his spine stuck out through the thin material of his grey t-shirt. Noticed how his shirt slid up his body so he could see a thin slice of smooth looking skin on his lower back. Brendon squeezed his eyes shut. He wasn’t doing this to gaze at Ryan. He didn’t even know him. He didn’t even like boys. No, he was doing this to get with girls. Girls like Audrey and the rest of the color guard. Ryan handed Brendon the six foot pole with the three foot silk. Brendon twisted the pole around in his hands as he followed Ryan to an open area on the field, away from the rest of the guard and the drum line.

“Okay so, hold the flag up like this,” Ryan said, positioning himself at right shoulder.

Brendon copied his action and Ryan nodded approvingly.

“Then you just turn it like this to your left. Bring it down to about your belly button. Yeah so the flag’s upside down. Okay then keep the motion going. Bring it back upright but still at your belly button. Good.”

Brendon followed all of Ryan’s instructions, taking critique and any advice he had. After about forty-five minutes Brendon had gotten drop spins, peggy spins, pole hits, money-hand tosses and the concept of a 45 toss. He was actually quite proud of himself. He didn’t expect to actually pick up on it that quickly. Maybe the girls will be impressed with his new skill. He smiled happily to himself until he noticed Ryan looking at him. Once Ryan had been caught staring he quickly averted his gaze, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

“So um. You can take a water break now if you want to.” Ryan mumbled.

Brendon jogged over to where Spencer was currently taking a water break of his own. He snatched the bottle from Spencer’s hands and gulped the rest of it down.

“Dude. Not cool.” Spencer glared.

“I was thirsty.”

“Ass. Anyways how goes the spinning?”

“I’m actually not doing too badly. That Ryan kid is so weird though. It’s just really awkward. When he was showing me how to do one of the tosses he stood behind me and guided my hands through the motions. I have a personal bubble and he invaded it.”

“You do not have a personal bubble whatsoever. But I guess your plan isn’t working out so far, eh?”

“Well, it has yet to be put into motion. Right now I’m just stuck with Ryan. Do you know him or anything?”

Spencer nodded. “Yeah, he’s in my grade. He also lives next door to me. You sure you haven’t seen him before when you’ve been over?”

“Guess not.” Brendon shrugged.

“Brendon!” Ryan called.

Brendon turned his head to see Ryan back at their little practice spot waving him over. Sighing, Brendon stood up.

“Have fun.” Spencer laughed.

Brendon flipped him off as he walked back to Ryan.

The rest of practice ran rather smoothly. Ryan worked alone with Brendon for a little longer before the two joined the girls. Pete ran some dance exercises and Brendon found he couldn’t stretch that far. All the girls, and even Ryan, giggled at his attempts. After practice when Spencer dropped him off at his house, Brendon collapsed on couch and passed out.