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Growing up SHIELD

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Birthdays for Skye Coulson was always interesting affair. It always had been, ever since she came into the care of Phil and joined the little miss-matched family that SHIELD had to offer her.

Her first birthday, many SHIELD staff actually had no idea what to do. Sure, some agents had family. But none of them knew what a one-year-old actually like. They could charm a five year old, offer them candy and they would love you forever.

But a one year old?

That year, Skye received a number of things, ranging from toys and clothing to low-tech equipment and even a dagger from god-knows-who.

Her second birthday faired a bit better.

If you don’t count the near-apocalypse and a 0-8-4 deciding to make havoc.

Her third birthday, Skye caused an international incident involving the Russian government.

They didn’t talk about her fourth birthday.

Her fifth birthday, she got herself kidnapped and Phil ended up blowing up a building.

There was a trend in birthdays, and it was a trend that could keep one amused for a while.

But, out of every birthday “adventure” she ever had, Skye believed that her favorite birthday had to be her eleventh birthday. That year, her entire family was there, even the newest addition of Natasha.

It was a simple thing, just close friends of the Coulsons’. Being the eleven year old she was, she was “too old for a themed party”, as she tended to be anymore, but the cake and plates were Captain America, a choice Skye made herself.

They gathered at the Coulson house, spread through the small one-story house Coulson had bought nearly eleven years prior. Most people ended up in the yard, adult with a beer in hand and minors with juice or pop.

That day was the first time Skye saw the newly named Natasha look completely unguarded, not expecting an attack at any moment.