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If You See Something -- Say Nothing (podfic)

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7 minutes, 2 seconds.


Direct download (right-click and save) an unzipped 4 MB mp3 file from Dropbox.

Backup links: get the file(s) from a Google Drive folder.


Listen to the full podfic:

Backup links: stream at or from the Google Drive folder linked above.

Reader's notes

Recorded for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, because I love outsider-POV stories about neighborhoods with many awesome ladies. (blackglass also recorded an excellent podfic of this story for the anthology—check it out!)

Pronunciation of "Kamala" via this NPR interview with the author. Text alert beep (a simple one, which seemed appropriate to the Acme phone seen in issue 3) from

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than the ability to stare obnoxiousness out of people.

(Also announced at: my journal.)