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Kyle follows her home, sits outside her door for hours with his head bowed. Kendra ignores him cause he’s a dick and witches don’t forgive. Her grandmother taught her that. But eventually it starts raining and humans are so pitiful, so susceptible to cold and chill. Disgusting.

Her lip curls as she tugs him up and drags him inside. He keeps demanding that she change him back, no matter how any times she tells him that magic can’t be undone. He starts crying so she puts him to sleep. Her first curse, what a disaster.
His pretty face is all over the news for the next few weeks, blond and smug. His father has reported him missing. She tells the boy and he just cries harder.

“Be strong!” she snaps. “Your life was shit then and it’s shit now. Nothing has changed.”

“You’ve ruined everything,” he mewls, a pathetic child.

“No, you ruined everything. My curse wouldn’t find an undeserving target.”

He blinks and wipes at his eyes. “I…how does magic work?” Pleased, she touches the marks on the back of his neck. He tenses but doesn’t flinch away.

“Would you like to know, Kyle?” He shrugs, back to the sulky, petulant brat. “I could teach you,” she offers, because the boy isn’t going away and she refuses to let him be useless.

He nods slowly, the gouge marks on his face shifting, and she smiles.
It takes six months for him to be happy. She makes something explode and jumps back, startled. He laughs and she spins, pointing an accusing finger. “Hey!”

The grin across his ruined face is beautiful. “Sorry, sorry, Kendra.” She waves a hand and goes back to her spells.
He’s a quick student once he stops whining. She keeps a close watch on the things he’s allowed to learn and revels in finally having someone to talk to.
Sometimes he says things that are moral. They catch her off guard and make her smile. Humans are delightful. Kyle is becoming a good one.
She kisses him for the first time after nine months of stolen glances and nervous half smiles. Honestly, you’d think he was a virgin, she thinks as their lips touch.

“Such a pretty boy,” she murmurs, pulling back. His eyes are still closed. How sweet, he’s a romantic. She cups the side of his face. “Are you my pretty little monster, Kyle?”

He lets out a long breath and kisses her palm. “Yes.” She laughs.
She brings him to coven and introduces him to her grandmother. He’s stuttering and shy, no longer cocky Kyle Kingston. Her grandmother is proud. “He’s beautiful, Kendra. Where’d you get him?”

“I made him, Gramma.”

“You’ve always been creative, dear.” Kyle blushes nicely and ducks his head.
They watch the tree on his wrist bloom together. She sprawls out in her armchair while he sits at her feet, head resting against her knee. She’ll fuck him later, tie down all that youthful strength and make him beg.

She’s never said that she loves him, but he knows. He makes a lovely monster. She presses a kiss to his forehead as the curse solidifies. “I love you.”

The silver on his forehead hardens when he laughs. “Now you tell me.”

She takes his hand and squeezes. “Now, we have forever.”