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You Are My True North

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I got no idea how to say this & the card I got is way too small anyway, sorry, but I saw it and I just had to. I've been staring at the stupid pink hearts & cards that are in all the stores now and I want to be somewhere without stores. Do they have cards and things in the stores up where you are? Seems like it'd be a waste of

This is stupid. I really miss you and I saw this card that wasn't pink and it said what I was thinking so I got it and I did stupid stick figures on the front because sometimes words don't work so good, and this is all I got. -->

I figure it's now or never. I love you. And, you, know, what the card says:

Happy Valentine's Day


PS say hi to Dief for me.
PPS if this is stupid just don't say anything, I'd die if stuff got awkward & we didn't talk on the phone.
PPPS what does PS stand for anyway?
PPPPS I love you.