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[vid] Primadonna - A Tribute to Lina

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This vid was made for Festivids 2014. Festivids is an annual vid exchange for rare and under-vidded fandoms.

As my assigned recipient, butterfly, suggested a vid focusing on Lina Lamont, I happily complied with this idea. In "Singin' in the Rain" Lina is both the antagonist of the three main characters - Don, Kathy, and Cosmo - and the plot device that makes the whole dubbing charade necessary in the first place. Comical villain and poor anti-heroine in one, her part in the film musical is completely the opposite of what she strives to embody in the fictional story it tells us: a glamorous, irresistible, and impeccable diva who is adored and beloved not only on screen, but by simply everyone - male co-star included. The song I chose for this fanvid is meant to give us a glimpse into her mind and help us look at Lina's world from her point of view.