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Let the Memories Begin!

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--ectoBiologist [EB]began pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 13:02--

EB:  hey rose!!!
TT: John.  I am glad to see you have the energy to log onto Pesterchum.
EB:  well sure why wouldn’t i?
TT:  I don’t know.  Possibly because you have been taking care of attempting to integrate a large number of borderline-sociopaths into society.
EB:  haha, rose you are always such a pessimist!!!  they aren’t sociopaths silly they are just from a different culture!!!  and vriska has already agreed not to kill anyone!
TT: In any case, John, is this merely a social call, or did you actually have a reason to contact me?
EB:  well yeah, i just had the best idea.  you are not going to believe how awesome an idea it is!!!
TT:  You have been hanging out with Vriska quite a bit, haven’t you?
EB:  i guess?  i have been spending a lot of time with all the trolls because even though they are sort of big celebrities now they think it’s kind of weird.  anyways that’s kind of what i wanted to talk to you about.  kanaya misses  you a lot!  actually the trolls mostly kind of miss you guys because they say they barely got to meet you!  and i miss you and jade and dave a lot too.  so i thought maybe we could all take a vacation together since it’s summer vacation and then I thought the trolls have never been to any of the special places that all of us humans have, right?
TT:  John, I am getting a little nervous about what you are about to propose.
EB:  let’s take them to disneyland!!!
TT: ...
EB:  you are totally stunned by the awesomeness of this plan aren't you?