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Sincerely, Your Pal

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How are you? Better not be still trying to enlist. And don’t be picking any fights without me there to save your sorry ass. Miracle you survived this long. Dope.

Basic’s rotten. Don’t make that face. It is. Wake up at the ass crack of dawn (shut up I can hear you laughing) and RUN and jump through hoops. Literal hoops, I’m talking about not metaphoric ones. All we do is stand in lines and they yell at us all day long. And they seem to want me naked all the time. See? You wouldn’t like it anyway.

Meet any foxy dames? Just tell 1 of them Bucky said hello and you’ll get her eating from the palm of your hand. Aint I generous?

Your friend,


January 26, 1943


If you think it’s a miracle I’ve survived it’s no thanks to you. You’re the one that wanted to go to Club Kelly and when the police came you’re the one who wanted to run even though we hadn’t done a thing. And that’s just one idiot thing we’ve done that’s your fault. Don’t make me list them all, I haven’t got the paper.

So I tried what you mentioned re dames. Remember Cindy? Such a nice old gal, told her you said hello. She spat in my face and burned your effigy and said a number of choice things I shan’t repeat lest your poor innocent eyes burn with shame & humiliation. I don’t think I’ll mention you next dame I meet, what do you think? Dumbbell.

Well I think Becca misses you but I can’t think why as you’re a moron. Guess she has to as she’s your sister. Sure glad we’re not related.


P.S. You don’t have to talk dirt about the Army. In fact I’d rather you not. Just because I’m 4F doesn’t mean I was born yesterday.