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Do You Believe in Magic

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Why did God hate him?

Was it because he was gay? Or that he read comic books instead of the bible? Because, seriously, God hating him would be the only reason for this type of horrible torture. Billy Kaplan was sitting on a bus full of his classmates, who just happened to all hate him, and half of them were football players, going to some week trip to some town that Billy could really care less about.

And don't forget, Theodore Altman was on the bus too, you know, Billy's biggest crush since like, fifth grade.

The bus drove over a dip in the rode causing Billy and his stuff to raise slightly off the seat and fall with a thud. Billy just groaned and turned his I-Pod up, trying to ignore the loud chatter between his pupils.

"Hey!" Someone yelled at him and he pretended not to hear them. The person was persistent though and nudged him. Billy turned to glare at the person but froze. Theodore stood there, bus jolting him about, warm smile directed at him. Billy ripped his ear buds out and nervously mumbled a "yeah?"

"Can I sit here? They switched seats up there and there isn't enough room anymore." Billy almost died, picking up his stuff and setting it onto his lap so he could scoot over for him. Theodore fucking Altmansmiled at him again-and God help him, that smile was perfect- set his stuff under their- their- seat and then maneuvered his larger body into the small space that was left for him.

"Thanks," Another smile and Billy swore he'd go crazy. This was either pure torture or freaking heaven.

"You're welcome!" Billy squeaked. Why'd he have to squeak? Theodore chuckled and butterflies filled his stomach. As he went to put the ear buds back in, Theodore decided he want to talk. To him.

"You're names Billy Kaplan, right?" Billy could now die happy. He knew his name!

"Uh, yeah." Nice one Kaplan. Very smart.

"I'm Theodore, it's nice to actually meet you."

"I knew that." Theodore's eyebrow rose and Billy blushed, "I mean, I knew your name already. Not that it was nice to meet me. I mean, you are the most popular guy in our school, you know? How could Inot know your name?" And we've been in the same school for like, 6 years Billy wanted to add but kept his mouth shut. Theodore laughed, head thrown back and eyes sparkled with amusement.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. You can call me Teddy, if you want." And that smile. It could probably turn any guy gay.

"Okay," He really couldn't think of anything else to say, because hello! He was talking to Theodore, no Teddy Altman. It was both his worst nightmare and best dream.

"Are you excited for the trip I mean, it's our first senior class trip, everyone's excited!" Teddy was looking at him as if he would-should be as excited as he was. Billy looked down and was about to answer as his phone vibrated. His nervous fingers dug into his jacket pocket and clutched his cell. Billy gave a small, apologetic smile before taking the phone out and checking who had the most perfect timing in the world.

Of course, it was Tommy.

If those fuckers are giving you shit, tell me and I wont hesitate to drive down there and beat them to pulp, Billy let out a startled chuckle and wondered whether he should tell Tommy about what was happening.

"Your girlfriend?" Teddy asked. Billy sputtered a little and kind of gave him a look that said Have you gone nuts?

"Uh, no, Tommy's my twin." He wanted to add And have you not heard the rumors? I'm gay, but he didn't want to scare the poor lad off.

"Tommy? Does he go to our school?" Someone was yelling to Theo-Teddy now, but he ignored them, keeping his eyes trained on the brunette.

"No. Aren't you gonna answer them?" Billy muttered, pointing his head to where The-Teddy's friends sat, watching them and trying to call the blonde over.

"Nah, they can wait." He gave Billy a toothy grin that made the butterflies kick up their excitement a notch.

"Come on, Ted! Don't bother with the fag." Billy's face flushed with embarrassment and anger as he looked down at his lap, fists clenching.

"Fuck you, Kesler." Billy faintly heard Teddy say before the bus jerked to a stop, everyone going quiet. The smaller teen frowned as he looked out the window. They were in the middle of no where. Why were they stopping?

"Who said that?" The bus driver yelled, making Billy cringe a little. The bus was quiet as the man stood from his seat, glaring at the teenagers.

"Who. Said. That?" Billy held his breath. Was Teddy going to get in trouble? It wasn't like everyone else hadn't been cussing! Why should Teddy get in trouble for protecting him?

"I did!" Billy yelped out, standing up as he saw Teddy about to answer.

"You said that, really?" Billy fidgeted under the older man's gaze. Teddy was watching him with something akin to surprise and that dumb Kesler was laughing.

"Yes sir." It surprised him to hear how sure he voice sounded, even though he was panicking inside.

"Okay then. Come with me." Where were they going? The man was getting off the bus! Billy climbed over Teddy with a small apology and rushed after the bus driver. He tripped slightly as he passed Kesler, the fatter boy's leg shooting out to try and make him fall. He scrambled down the stairs, listening to the bus go up in whispers. Billy could feel dread flowing up inside him, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth and he was starting to sweat.

"What's your name, son?" Why were there two men out here? He only saw one leave. But then again, he was watching his feet the whole time. The bus driver was taller than him, but the man standing beside him was slightly taller, blonde hair cut short and blue eyes watching. Poster boy for the USA. The bus driver had dark brown wavy hair and lighter brown eyes. Billy ducked his head and wished he could just disappear like someone in his comics.

"Billy," He mumbled, shuffling his feet in the dirt. His cheeks were burning red.

"Well, Billy," The taller one was talking to him now, his voice nice and slow, "What actually happened in there?" Billy could hear his classmates getting loud, his name floating about amongst them.

"Shut up in there!" The bus driver yelled, banging on the opened bus door.

"Tony," The blonde warned and the bus driver mumbled something that could have been an apology.

"Nothing happened. Really." Billy looked up at the two men, then looked back down at his shoes. He shivered as the wind picked up and a car passed by.

"Who started it?" Tony the Bus Driver's voice was demanding, controlling, and Billy had to look up and obey.

"Nothing hap,"

"Who started it?" Tony cut him off. Billy's temper flared and he tried to push it back down. But he failed miserably.

"That fat ass decided to call me a fag so I yelled at him, okay? Happy now?" Billy glared at them, as if challenging them to tell him he was lying.

"That's all we wanted to know, son.," The blonde smiled softly and Billy kept glaring

"Can I get back on the bus now? It's cold." And if they noticed the way his shoulders slouched slightly and he lost his attitude as he got back on the bus, they didn't comment on it.