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Legolas and Robin

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It is summer and Robin has come with her parents to their summer house - an old soldier cottage. She is twelve years old and she thinks that she has grown from her childhoods games. It is time to get changed. So one evening she went out to the big forest behind the cottage.
Walking there she is thinking of ghost, faires, suddenly she fell and discover a different world.


Chapter 1/49
The wicket gate opened easily. An Owl hollered, not far away. She closed the gate. The moonlight fell on a rocky outcrop, casting pale light on the moss that covered it, and flickered through a pair of aspen. She turned into the road and followed it for a bit along the high pine trees, that grow in the edge of the forest. She didn’t dare to walk further than to the first forest glade, because beyond it the forest much thicker.

Over the grass was a light fog, which made her think of fairies. A night like this, you had to believe in them. She wondered if the fairies and ghosts get on well together. For a moment in her mind she saw the face of Jesus from the church and she shivered. Ordinarily she would pray to God to protect her from ghost but this time, she does not pray.

In the middle of the glade she stopped and picked up the green hat and put it on. It felt like a little more safety. Then she held the little bottle up to the moonlight. It chilled her whole hand. As she took off the lid, a queasy, sour sweet smell emanated from it, and it turned her stomach around. She closed her eyes, lifted the bottle to her lips, but she couldn’t bring herself to drink. She stood there with the bottle lifted and her eyes closed, until a sudden sound from the brush made her twitch. She took a step to begin to run, but tripped on a tuft and fell head first, in the wet grass. Now it had happened. She had known it would happen sometime. One day, the spirits would find her.