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Set Fire to the Rain

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Danny glanced at his watch for what had to be the hundredth time, yet only seconds or minutes had passed. Time it seemed was going slower.

A watched pot never boils.

He looked from his watched to the board in front of him. That too hadn’t changed it’s message.

American Airlines Flight 237 Los Angeles to Honolulu------Delayed

Sighing, he attempted to get comfortable on the hard chair, and fight the urge to fidget. He didn’t want to piss off his companion, but he couldn’t stand waiting.

“If you move your arm again, I’m going to cut it off,” came the grumpy reply as he moved his arm to check his watch for the time. “Not even a minute has passed since the last time you looked.”

“Sorry,” Danny replied, suitably chastised. But he really wasn’t. Grace’s flight back from visiting with her grandparents was now two hours delayed and he didn’t want to risk not being here for when the plane landed.

“We can go back to the house, if you want?” Steve offered as he looked at Danny. “You know Mary or Matt will call us first thing when they find out when exactly they’ll be arriving.”

Danny bit his lip and looked back at his watch. “Just 30 more minutes. We’ll wait 30 more minutes and if the damned arrivals board hasn’t changed, we’ll go home.”