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The Story of Callie Ragle: The Start

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The blue lights of the portal to Terra Nova stood before me. I knew my family was on their way to Terra Nova. A new world so they called, well mroe like a 2nd chance. I quickly grapsed my dad's right hand with my small pale one. Even though I was 12 years old I still felt as if I was kid. I could feel my choclate brown eyes getting bigger as we neared the time for us to go through the portal. My dad was going to serve with the military in Terra Nova while my mom was going to be 1 of the first doctors. They were mainly sending doctors, teachers, constructors, soliders, etc. just to get things started. My little brother, Chris, who is 8, is clinging to my mom. Her shared her green eyes, tan skin, and honey blonde hair. While I was stuck with my dad's dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. I didn't mind though. I'd always adored my dad for some reason.

"ID's please?" asked one of police officers. He was pretty young, maybe 25. My father grouped all of them together and handed it to the officer. I stared as he examied them and nodded. "Your clear. Please go 1 at a time. When you get through you need to take short, even breathes. The sky is evidently suppose to be blue. And your eyes won't be used to the sun." he explained. I simply nodded and walked on. The 1st was to go was my mom, then Chris. " Your next Callie!" my dad said excitly. I shook my head in fear. " I'm scared." I said. He crouched down and smiled. "It'll be over before you know it. Mom and Chris are on the other side and I'll be behind you." my dad replied. I bit my lip and nodded. I let go of his warm head and walked forward. One step to go, I thought. And I crossed into the portal.

The 1st thing I saw were plants and a blue sky. The next was 2 men rushing towards me with air breathers. My eyes were looking everywhere trying to see my family. "CALLIE!" my mom screamed. She ran over to me with a huge grin and hugged me. I took of the air breather and stood up. All I wanted to do was run and explore. My dad and Chris joined us. "Lt. Dyan Ragle, please follow us. And its a pleasure to be serving with you." said a man who looked about 35. My dad seemed to have a very important job, one I didn't understand. We crossed over water and thick plants. I was bound to have scraps on my legs. I heard a scream, almost like a squeal and let out a yelp. "Just a Terradactoal." said a woman with long black hair. She gave me a half smile. " I'm Calle Ragle." I introudced myself. She extended her hand. "Lt. Alica Washington." she said. I shook her hand and smiled back. I stared at a huge wooden fence with outlook points and smiled. This was my new home.

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I was glued to my dad's side as we were directed to the heart of Terra Nova. There was about 75 others. There was buildings that resembled homes and some others that I sin't recinize. I heard a door swing open and turned my attetion to a hut like thing made out of bamboo. A man who looked to be 6'0 with salt n'pepper, tanish skin, and blues appeared and cleared his throat. " Citizens of 2141, I am Commander Nathanienal Taylor. You people are hear to start thsi new colony. Your one of the most important people Terra Nova will ever have. Though your also here because you screwed up our in the past but, this is the present. This is our 2nd chance. Lets not mess it up. Welcome to Terra Nova. Welcome home." Commander Taylor explained

Everyone cheered and then scattered. I watched as Commander Taylor walked towards us. He smiled at my dad. "Lt. Dylan Ragle! Good to see you." he exclaimed. "Commander Taylor, always a pleasure to see you." my dad said hugging him. "Well, aren't you going to introduce me to your family?" Commander Taylor asked. My dad laughed. "Of course! This is my wife, Allie." my dad said. My shook his hand. "Thank you for this oppatuntie." she said. Chris stepped forward. "I'm Chris! And once I'm older I'll be serving you!" Chris said excitly. Commander Taylor laughed. "He's eight." my dad whispered. "Oh, I see." Taylor said. "And who is this young woman?" Taylor asked crouching in front of me.

"This would be my oldest, Callie, shes 12." my mom explained. Commander Taylor smiled at me. "Well, Callie, do you know how to tell when someone is going to do great things?" he asked me. I shook my head shly. "The way their eye sparkles, like your does." he explained. I gave him a half smile. He stood up and directed his attention to my parents. " Well, I'm sorry to do this Mrs. Ragle but, I need to take your husband away, to talk." Taylor said. " Oh, its fine! Come on guys, lets go find our home." my mom said. I took one last look at Commander Taylor and then ran off to my mom.

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My mom scanned her ID and she put her hand on the doornob. She then opened it and we walked in. It had all stone floors and so many windows that cast light in the rooms. The living room had a coffe table, white couches, and a white shag carpet. The kitchen had white marable tops and stainless steal apliances. "Wow." I said stunned. I saw my mom smile and then headed off to my dad's and her room. Chris did the same. I walked to the last room that was kind of seprate from the others. I put my hand on the cold metal and heard the door click open. My room had light blue walls, a desk, two windows, a brown bedspread, etc. I sat on my bed in disbelif. I couldn't belive I was living in Terra Nova. This was everyones dream back in 2141.

I heard the front door open and saw my dad and Commander Taylor come in. "Is this all ours?," my mom asked. I heard Taylor laugh. "Of course!" Taylor exclaimed. I countied to sit on my bed. "Thank you Commander Taylor." I heard my mom say. I heard footsteps and looked up. "Mind if I come in?" Commander Taylor asked. I nodded and he sat on my bed. "You know, I have a son named Lucas. He's a little older than you but, I'm sure you two would be great friends." he explained. I shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't to keen on being friends with the Commander's son. It would mean being under constant watch by the guards. Maybe not, though. "Where is he?" I asked. Taylor sighed. "He'll be on the next pilgrimage." Taylor said.

I nodded and looked at the picture of my friend Heather and I and sighed. I wished she was with me but, she didn't get expected to go to Terra Nova. "So, what do you want to do when your older?" he asked. "I'm not sure. I really like the enviorment." I replied. Taylor nodded and smiled. "I know the perfect job for you. You'll like it, I promise." he stated. I sat up a little taller and smiled. "But your going to have to wait until your older." he said getting up and walking out. Maybe Terra Nova wasn't so bad. I never relized Commander Taylor would become like a second dad to me.