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And in the End? It's Love

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Billy Tallent was startled – really fucking startled – when Joe Dick showed up on the tour bus of Billy’s band. Seeing as how it had been years since Billy left Hard Core Logo and Joe killed himself, having Joe materialize on the band’s bus as it sped along the Trans-Canada Highway just wasn’t something that Billy could have anticipated.

“Hey, Billy, I see you made it past 40, Mr. Sold Out To Hollywood And Still Alive.”

Billy recovered quickly – the take-it-in-stride reflex of a life filled with one freaky occurrence after another. Took it in stride, and returned taunt for taunt. He picked up his guitar and messed around with a few chords – let his fellow band members and the roadies, who all were sitting further forward in the bus, think that his murmured words meant he was trying out lyrics. “Hey, Joe, got another reunion tour in mind?”

Joe dropped his mocking tone, said fiercely “Yeah, Billiam, I got a reunion in mind, but it’s a private kind.”

One ghost hand gripped Billy’s tattooed arm while the other hand stroked up the inside of Billy’s thigh -- a ghost mouth whispered to Billy : “And in the end? It’s love.”