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Career Advice For Wood

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Oliver Wood stood outside Professor McGonagall's office, silently waiting for his turn. He was a fifth year, and after the Gryffindor student with a last name proceeding his left the office, Oliver was to head in and begin his career advice session with Professor McGonagall. He hadn't been waiting long, and didn't have to wait much longer. Moments later, Elizabeth Wilkinson exited McGonagall's office, beaming, and holding several large brochures about accounting.

Oliver shook his head. Who would want to be an accountant?

"Wood!" McGonagall called from inside her office.

Oliver entered obediently, his hand holding gently onto the shoulder strap of his Quidditch gear bag. He had been ready to head down to the pitch when Angelina reminded him he had to go for his career advice session. He'd hurried over and luckily wasn't late. He was ready to head to practice the moment the meeting was over.

McGonagall's eyes looked at the bag as Oliver set it on the floor and took a seat. She cracked a very small smile before turning her face very serious again. She ruffled the brochures and papers spread out in front of her importantly into a very neat pile and then slowly set her hands on top of the very neat pile.

She looked down her nose right into Oliver's eyes, then gestured with one of her hands towards Oliver's Quidditch things and said sternly, "Going to play professionally, Wood?"

Oliver nodded. "Of course."

"Good." McGonagall clacked the papers upright and drew her gaze away, trying not to smirk. "Dismissed."

Oliver grinned. "Thanks." He gathered up his things and left.