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Time on Our Side

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The first time you met Aradia Megido you barely paid attention to her. You only had eyes for the bag of knives in red and teal and for good fucking reason, really. You could see her tongue slowly roll out of the gaping maw of shattered glass and razors Picasso would have referred to as a mouth and lick in your general direction. Ah yeah, there was your girl. You couldn't keep your eyes (ok, and tongue) off each other.

When you finally became aware of the floating fairy troll, you noticed she was dressed pretty freaking similarly and almost felt redundant. Then she went on to describe your roles in the upcoming battle and the feeling quickly dissipated. You felt pretty silly. The scratch happened, a new game occurred and the Big Bad was beaten. Joy, hurrah, new world and everything! You argued with Terezi shortly thereafter, beginning a long line of bad relationships and worse break-ups.

It's safe to say you were hung up on your first.


The first time you met Dave Strider, he rose dripping with power from the Green Sun. It was an awesome sight, but you didn't really care. You had already achieved god tier yourself, no big deal. You were more excited that you were finally going to have a chance to talk to someone who had as intimate an understanding of death as you did! Dave Strider was probably the only person in Sburb/Sgrub to have died as many times as you.

Turned out that the Knight of Time didn't particularly want to talk about his experiences with death. His sister, on the other hand, was a veritable treasure trove of grim information and dark narratives. You became quite close over the course of the games and she was the driving force behind getting all of you trolls organized on the new Earth. Without her, you would never have gotten into college and gone on to become an archaeologist.

It's safe to say you preferred the sister to the brother.




Both of you should have bloody well known better.